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The Rambo Film Series

I have been a fan of the Rambo film series since I was a kid. To this day i am a huge fan of them and being that the latest just one just hit DVD I thought it would be perfect time to play tribute to them.
- From a critic's standpoint this might be the best film in the series. The acting is great and so is the action. Dennehy is great as the asshole cop. The movie is the most realistic of the series and is further helped by Jerry Goldsmith's excellent score. The fight scene in the police station is one of the best fights in cinema history and my fav scene in the film. In all one of my fav films around.

- I have seen this sequel a shitload of times since i was a kid. And, i owned the toys, the headband, everything. i would pretend I was Rambo, kicking bad-guy ass. But, the film itself has been a fav of mine since I was a kid. It is by and far the best of save the guys in Vietnam films. It also has some great, bloody squib work and racks up a massive body count. The hottie Asian babe played by Julia Nickson-Soul is easy on the eyes and a stunner. i wish she had done more films I like, but alas, she has done video game voices and appeared nude. Albeit in a piece of shit like Amityville Horror: The New Generation. Said film maybe the WORST in the series. But, hey she is nude.
Anways, getting back tot the film, I LOVE it when Sly mows down the bad guys in this film, and it never fails to get me pumped up. A personal fav of mine!

Somewhere, someone thought that a violent R-rated film would make for awesome toys. They were right! i had a bunch of them and loved them:

I remember little of the cartoon, and can't find non-parodies on youtube. But, i did find this:

- easily the worst in the series, it is not a horrid film, but rather one that feels inferior to the others. The plot of him helping the Afghans is dated and seems weird in todays world. An overall disappointment.

- the latest film is my absolute fav in the series, and my fav film of the year, so far. In fact, i think it is one of the best American action films, ever. The violence is bloody and brutal.

One of the things i liked about this film is that it made me think of the Burma people and their plight. Truth be told I had no idea about it. With the recent disaster over there, this bought back to my head. When, Rambo takes out the bad guys, they really get what they deserve, and boy do they!
I recently picked up the DVD and it is great! Ont only does the film look and sound amazing, but the extra features are awesome. Hearing how Stallone was Rambo while making this film was great. Plus, there is stuff on the weapons, the shoot, the real problems in Burma, etc. are all excellent. One of the best DVD releases, so far, this year!


My 5 Favorite Bars

this is my list my 5 fav bars in NYC, and why they are my fav bars. I have been to many a bar (in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and even some in Jersey), but these stand head and drunken shoulders above the rest. Drink up and enjoy!

5. Antarctica Bar- 287 Hudson Street (at Spring), New York, NY 10013
The main reason I like this bar is cause they have name night. IE, the name on the bar gets free drinks for a few hrs in the night. Sadly, they did not hook me this yr, so their stock has dropped in my eyes, but they have a decent jukebox made better by down loadable songs by bands like Slayer, Lacuna Coil, avenged Sevenfold, and Evanescence.

4. The Boulevard Tavern- 579 Meeker Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11222 nr. N. Henry St. 718-389-3252
My friends have DJed here and I (used to?) hang out around here, so this place has a special place on the list. Plus, they have metal nights every so often where the DJ has spinned stuff by Six Feet Under, Deicide, iron Maiden, Motorhead, etc. The hamburgers and BBQ are a special highlight!

3. Desmond's Tavern-433 Park Ave SNew York, NY 10016-8002Phone: (212) 684-9472
I really like this joint. After work, this place just hits the spot. the buffalo wings are great, as are the mozzarella strips. extra bonus: the little Irish, blond waitress is a cutie and after only two visits memorized my drink (in this bar it is Stella, by the way). Very relaxing atmosphere.

2. Red Bar & Lounge- 51 W. 35th St.(5th & 6th Aves.) Koreatown 212.244.4090
This where the list gets AWESOME!!!!!!!! I just hit this one last night and I LOVED it!!!!!! It is expensive and classy, but it was GREAT!!!! It was my b-day so i the WHOLE bar got hooked up with shots!! Oh, and bartenders are GORGEOUS!!!! A truly awesome bar, i will return!!!!! Extra points: they remembered our name as we left!!!! I LOVE this place!!!!!!!! GO TO THIS BAR, NOW!!!!!!!!!!

1. Duff's Bar- 28 N 3rd StBrooklyn, NY 11211Phone: (718) 302-0411
This is it. the holy grail of bars. No bar can touch it. All hail the metal mecca, not just of NY, but of the world. Bartenders Tracy and LA are THE greatest bartenders anywhere. Colin is cool, too. Owner Jimmy Duff is the man. The bar looks awesome! No hipsters! the GREATEST jukebox: Judas Priest, (old) Metallica, megadeth, Slayer, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Nile, Lamb of God, Behemoth, Venom, Shadows Fall, Machine Head, Fear Factory, Kiss, Sepultura, Heaven and Hell, etc. You never who will show up: Kerry King, Mistress Juilya, Peter Steele. Everyone is friendly that goes there. The drinks have great prices. THE FUCKING GREATEST BAR EVER!!!!!!! ALL HAIL!!!! HAIL!!!!!! HAIL!!!!!!


A Little More Love for Keani Lei

I really hope that since I last posted about her and made her the second official Hot Asian Girl of the Month, more of you have become fans of the lovely Keani Lei. If so, awesome! I did my job! If not, then, man! What are you waiting for?! Go check out her work!

Anyways, either way I found a great facebook group about her. It very much THE place to talk about her amongst her fellow fans. Check it out!

Why Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Lost Skull Disappointed Me So Much

Before I start this, let me tell you that I am a huge fan of the Indiana Jones trilogy. Raiders of the Lost Ark is one my absolute fav films ever. It also has one of the greatest endings ever!

Sadly, the same can never be said about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. While, not a bad film, it is not worth the twenty year wait. The following reasons explain it all:


1. It tries to be too cute. For example, the monkey scene is terrible. really. It ain't funny. Just lame. The movie aims to be too kid friendly. And that just sux. I guess selling toys at KB and BK Kids Meals are too important for Spielberg and Lucas....

2. The CGI suck ass. For example the flesh eating ant scene could have been really intense and cool, but instead it is robbed of all it's power, by the shitty looking CGI. No excuse in a film with this budget.

3. The boring parts suck. The film slows to a halt when Indy gets captured b the villains. I fought to stay awake during this moment. At least, the following chase scene woke me up. But, really is being held prisoner by Cate Blanchett is boring, then you know the film is fucking up! by the way, Cate can hold me prisoner any time she wants!

4. Finally, the number 1 reason is aliens! I think going the sci-fi route is not interesting as the supernatural stuff from the earlier films. In fact, I think it outright sux! Hey, I like aliens and all, but not my Indy film. With cooler mysteries out there, why did they go with this crap?!

The more I think about this film, the less I like it...


The Latest Episode of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.


Last time i told you guys, that Samantha (aka Glitter Girl) was one of my fav contestants on the show. Sadly, she is now eliminated. The thing is cried. a lot. I mean she was too nice. If there is such a thing. She is too emotional. Which was her downfall on the show, but i found that to be endearing. Oh, well.

At the same time, Scotty was let go. He was told that she never sees herself crossing that friend line. This is perhaps the most dreaded thing a girl you like can tell you. I don't really care for the dude, but i kind of felt sorry for him. As a dude, if you have heard this, you just have, too.

Finally, why the hell is Jay (aka Jersey) still on there? While, all the guys are d-bags (minus George), he is the biggest tool that is still (note I said STILL) on the show. girls love assholes, I guess. and, this guys is a HUGE asshole. Oh, well. I am sure he won't win.

BTW, i still think Brittany should win, but me thinks Lisa (aka Rizzo) will win. Only time,s hall tell...

Oh, and tila is working on a relationship book. Go to her myspace and read her blog on Hooking Up with Tila. she talks about it there. I am actaully curious to read it. then again I am a huge fan so...


Whatever Happened to: Kimona Wanalaya?

Every once in a while, I will pick a hot babe and wonder what she is up to. Sometimes, i will be able to answer it myself, sometimes, as in this case, i will not be able to. Anyways, my first babe to get this treatment is ECW/ WCW valet, the gorgeous Kimona Wanalaya.

Born Kristina Laum , in Seoul, South Korea on Nov. 23, 1976, she had a short but memorable career in the world of pro-wrestling.

She began her career as valet to Raven in ECW. There she had two memorable moments. One she danced atop of the ECW
arena and stripped. And, the other being the classically controversial lesbo angle with her and Beulah.

She would then go to Jersey All Pro Wrestling, but then return to TV in WCW valeting for the Varsity Club (Kevin Sullivan, mike Rutundo, and Rock Steiner) as the cheerleader Leia Meow. She would do stuff like jump on a trampoline, which was a total rip-off of the Man Show. But, she looked so fucking that no one, in their right mind could be complaining!

After, this she would manage the Jung Dragons(Jamie-San, Yun Yang, and Kaz Hayazhi). Shewore a dominatrix outfit and carried a riding crop! She looked so YUMMY in this outfit!!!!!! Spank me, please!!

This match has her a bunch of other WCW hotties involved:

But, alas, WCW was bought by the WWF, and Vince McMahon let her go, cause he sux! She then went to X Wrestling Federation, but when XFW was done, so was she with pro-wrestling.

According to one website she lives in Maple Shade Township, Jersey. I have no clue what she is up to, but I would love to see her return to wrestling and/ or do a Chiller convention. Either way I miss this beautiful, sexy, exotic goddess!


Supernatural: Season Finale

Last night was the season finale to one of the best shows on TV: Supernatural. Since i have already told you guys about my love for the show; I will just jump into my thoughts on the season finale.


So, Dean's time was up last night. His deal with the demon meant it was time to pay up. The hellhounds were coming to collect. Our heroes went to find the demon Lilith. She is the one who was gonna get his soul. Lilith has been in the body of a little girl and has been an ubber-bitch since she first appeared this season.

In any event, there was so much in this episode!

The action and suspense were great. I loved seeing Ruby back, but alas she now joins Bella in the dead SN babe land.

The attack by the hellhound on Dean was bloody and shocking, more so for TV! The fact that Lilith could not hurt Sam ruled! As, did the end, with Dean in a Hellraiser like hell! Awesome stuff! Cannot wait for the next season!



Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Gail Kim

This past May 3rd, a Saturday, I met Gail Kim for the second time at the Chiller Theater Convention in New Jersey. She is truly one of the most beautiful and talented female wrestlers, ever. She is also one of the sweetest and most down-to-earth people who could ever be lucky enough to meet.

Born on Feb. 20, 1976 (32 years old), this Korean Canadian beauty is a wrestler and valet. Like most in the wrestling biz, she began her career in the indies. In 2002, she made her WWE debut, and won the belt in her first appearance, a battle royale. She spent most of her WWE career as a heel, honing her skills, and becoming better and better , as time progressed. I loved her submission moves. If, only I had been put in one of them! But, because the WWE suck ass, they released her on November 2, 2004.

She did some indie work and some topless modeling for cell phone adds (note to cell phone companies: hot, nude chicks will get me to buy your phones!).

On Septmber 6, 2006 she made her debuet on TNA, then valeting for America's Most Wanted and Jeff Jarrett. Man, she cam back hotter than ever!

Her best work, though, would be as she becoming a full-time wrestler. Playing face, she fucking owned that ring. And, soon, TNA woman's wrestling was light-years ahead of the filth that WWE shits all over our TV screens. And, Gail was/ is one of the main reasons for this.

At Bound for Glory 2007, she won the first woman's TNA woman's title. while, she since lost the belt to Awesome Kong, she still kicks ass in that ring.

Gail is a great athlete. She has a amazing body and sexy skin tone. Combine this and you have the true queen of TNA!