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Supernatural: Season Finale

Last night was the season finale to one of the best shows on TV: Supernatural. Since i have already told you guys about my love for the show; I will just jump into my thoughts on the season finale.


So, Dean's time was up last night. His deal with the demon meant it was time to pay up. The hellhounds were coming to collect. Our heroes went to find the demon Lilith. She is the one who was gonna get his soul. Lilith has been in the body of a little girl and has been an ubber-bitch since she first appeared this season.

In any event, there was so much in this episode!

The action and suspense were great. I loved seeing Ruby back, but alas she now joins Bella in the dead SN babe land.

The attack by the hellhound on Dean was bloody and shocking, more so for TV! The fact that Lilith could not hurt Sam ruled! As, did the end, with Dean in a Hellraiser like hell! Awesome stuff! Cannot wait for the next season!