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ANGELA WHITE Stars In New Showcase DVD "Angela Loves Gonzo"

All pictures come courtesy of Star Factory PR and AngelaWhite.com.

I am gonna go an record and say that Angela White is one of the hottest and most beautiful women currently walking God's green Earth (yes, that means not just in porn!). Thus any porno she is in is always a must watch. And, with this being a showcase flick of hers, well, that means that I am even more excited than usual! And, that is saying a lot! The trailer (there is a link to it in the press release, below) looks so fucking hot! I mean my eyes were gonna pop out of my socket like something out of the original Total Recall from watching it! It's been getting great reviews and one can easily see why that is the case:

From the Star Factory PR press release:

The award winning actress / director delivers another critically acclaimed video and is showcased as XBIZ.com's "Editor's Choice."

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) The 2016 XBIZ Foreign Female performer of the Year, Angela White (http://angelawhite.com), stars in a new showcase DVD entitled Angela Loves Gonzo. The movie features White in four gonzo scenes that do away with camera crews and professional lighting to focus on real, raw hardcore action. The double-disc set is over three hours in length and includes a threesome with Anikka Albrite and Mick Blue, 3 boy/girl scenes starring Manuel Ferrara, Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar, plus a bonus solo scene.

Angela Loves Gonzo is shot on a handycam and GoPro with White and her co-stars taking turns holding the camera. The movie gives the viewer a POV and voyeur’s eye view of White as a woman who enjoys exploring the breadth of sexual expression; from the most tender and romantic to the rough and raw.

“I’m really excited about the release of Angela Loves Gonzo not just because I think that the scenes will be really popular and resonate with many fans but also because of the timing of the release,” said Angela. “As a genre, gonzo has had an onslaught of attacks from conservative and anti-porn feminist campaigners for being the most degrading and misogynistic type of pornography. I wanted to release a gonzo DVD that challenges the assumption that women cannot or should not enjoy rough sex.”

“Releasing Angela Loves Gonzo is a political statement as well as being another step in my sexual exploration through porn. But another thing I wanted to make clear with this release, and what I think most critics of the genre miss, is that gonzo can also be one of the most intimate and authentic genres. By removing the crew and the artifice of scripts and storylines, gonzo allows performers to focus on connecting with each other. I always find that authentic chemistry is showcased most effectively in gonzo porn and while Angela Loves Gonzo features consensual rough sex it includes an equal amount of genuine intimacy, light hearted jokes, tenderness and mutual affection between performers."

Angela Loves Gonzo is produced by AGW Entertainment and distributed by Girlfriends Films. The trailer can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/AWALG.

With the movie’s release, critics have hailed the video as another triumph for the celebrated performer. Don Houston from Xcritic.com (http://bit.ly/ALGXC16) gave Angela Loves Gonzo a "Highly Recommended" rating stating that "Angela Loves Gonzo is almost certainly a ‘sure thing’ at awards time later this year for a variety of categories and for very good reason, so I expect another wave of fans joining her legions of followers as she continues to impress.”

"...the varied pace and angles — not to mention the unbridled passion — will keep viewers firmly glued to their screens," writes A.F. Lovecraft for XBIZ.com (http://bit.ly/ALGXBIZ). "White has truly delivered a knockout gonzo title." Angela Loves Gonzo was also chose as Editor's Choice by the publication.

Captain Jack of AdultDVDTalk.com (http://bit.ly/ALGADT) presented Angela Loves Gonzo a 5 star rating and described the movie as "a magical slice of adult movie making" that is "Volcanic from beginning to end!"

Similarly, Art Koch of Nightmoves Magazine and AAN.XXX (http://bit.ly/ALGAAN) raved "When you talk about sex queens, Angela White has to be at the top of the list. She has the body, the look and some amazing talents with a natural sexual capacity that has no limits," and "Angela, the awesome Aussie, is in a class by herself."

Over at Die-Screaming.com (http://bit.ly/ALGDS16), reviewer Dan C gave Angela Loves Gonzo a 5 star review stating "If you can only buy one Angela White porn movie, make it this one" and "If there was any doubts anywhere that Angela White was anything short of one of the most talented directors currently working in smut, this film should erase them entirely.”

White graduated from the University of Melbourne with First Class Honours after conducting qualitative research on the Australian pornography industry in 2010. White identifies as a feminist and actively promotes sexual exploration through her performances. Her advocacy and feminist approach to filming pornography were recently spotlighted in the article "Porn Star Feminism and the Ownership of Pleasure" by Z Ivan Miller for medium.com. The feature can be found here: http://bit.ly/AWPSF.

Angela White debuts one of the most critically acclaimed videos of 2016 with Angela Loves Gonzo. The popular performer / director once again invites viewers on a journey as she delves into the depths of her sexuality.

About Angela White:

In 2003, Angela was still in high school when she entered the adult industry, seeking a safe space where her explosive sexuality would be accepted. Angela’s all-natural 32GG cup breasts and bright blue eyes earn her a lot of attention. However, it’s her insatiable sexual appetite, passion, and business savvy that made her an international porn icon. Angela graduated from the University of Melbourne with First Class Honours in Gender Studies, and she spent a year studying at the Institute of Political Science in Paris. Angela also ran as a political candidate for the Australian Sex Party in the 2010 Victorian state election, in which she publicly fought for the rights of sex workers. In 2007, Angela made her mainstream television debut on the comedy series ”Pizza”; the highest-rated Australian series on the SBS television network at the time. In 2011, Angela shot her first boy/girl hardcore scene for the showcase: “Angela White Finally Fucks.” She now runs her own production company, AGW Entertainment, for which she produces, directs, and stars in content exclusively for her website and DVD lines. In 2014, she released her showcase “Angela,” which included her first anal, first interracial, first double penetration and first all-anal threesome scenes. In her 2015 showcase, “Angela Vol 2,” Angela performed her first air-tight, first blow bang and first interracial double penetration sex scenes. In 2016, Angela Loves Gonzo was released, showcasing Angela in scenes that do away with camera crews and professional lighting to focus on real, raw action. Angela also runs AngelaWhite.com, which won the 2015 and 2016 XBIZ award for “Adult Site of the Year – Performer.” This year she racked up 19 nominations at the 2016 AVN and XBIZ Awards. At XBIZ she won “Foreign Female Performer of the Year” and “All-Sex Series of the Year” for “Angela.”  At the 2016 AVN Awards, “ Angela 2” won for “Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene” and “Best Oral Sex Scene,” while “Angela Loves Women” was named the “Best All-Girl Movie.” Angela is also the first Australian Fleshlight Girl. Angela appeared in the mainstream documentary, "Australians on Porn," which aired on ABC2 and featured Angela’s relationship with a cam fan. Angela White has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Penthouse, Beat, Time Out and on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald.


Entheos- The Infinite Nothing (Album Review)

Musician: Entheos
Album Title: The Infinite Nothing
Genre/ Subgenre: Progressive death metal
Label: Artery Recordings
Release Date: April 1, 2016

The Infinite Nothing is the debut album from progressive death metal band Entheos. Birthed from former members of various other bands, this is one of the most original and exciting death albums of the year. 

The music is complex and full tempo changes, but it never comes off as boring or pretentious. Instead there is a feeling of a continuous attack of technically superior death metal. Everyone in this band just exceeds at being extremely proficient and talented in their respective roles. Frank Costa's soaring and ripping guitars give a deep and wondrous variety to their sound. While the pounding drum and bass, by Navene Koperweis and Evan Brewer, receptively, make for a driving and thundering force. They are accompanied by the brutal vocals of Chaney Crabb. She sounds vicious but still manages to keep a feel that goes perfectly with the accompanying music. To only say she is one of the best female vocalists in extreme metal would be an understatement. 

This all adds to give birth to music that goes from pounding, to fast, to crunching, to groove filled, to melodic, many times within the span of just one song. Thus the album is always exciting to listen to. It makes you want to hear songs again and again. And, each listen will reveal a new and exciting part of the music, one you may not have noticed before.

While every song here is excellent; there are a couple that really standout. "New Light" (the first video off of the album) is filled with a driving and jazzy tempo, and is highlighted by one super-cool bass break that gives it a very fresh sound. The thundering title track pummels from the very beginning and only seams to gain more vicious strength. An almost industrial sounding opening to the killer "An Ever-Expanding Human" leads to a song that is sure to have you and the pit moving. While, the speedy "Mind Alone" will pummel you, as if someone took your head and smashed against concrete repeatedly.

Unquestionably original and complex, this is a must have for fans of technically superior death metal or those looking for something fresh, heavy, and different.. The Infinite Nothing is, in actuality, everything!

* * * * 1/2 out of  * * * * * 

I hope that you are all enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend. And, remember amidst all the barbecues, drinking, and fun to take time to remember those who have given their lives for our freedom. Also, this is my birthday today, and I am just taking it chill, for now. Take care and stay safe, my friends. 


Kiss Rocks Vegas (Review)

Kiss and Vegas go perfectly together. Their merging is basically a no-brainer. So, hence when they did a residency back in 2014 at the Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, it made perfect sense. One of those nights was capture for a new concert film called Kiss Rocks Vegas. It played one night only at the movies on May 25, 2016, and I got a chance to catch it.

At the beginning if the film, we have the band members talking about the show, what went into it, their ideas, etc for roughly fifteen minutes. Then we go right into concert. The band sounds great and the stage is huge,  filled with fire, explosions, hydraulics, etc. Everything is just spectacular!

All the classic live Kiss moments are here. Band members rising, guitars shooting fire, etc. Of course, there is also Simmons' breathing fire and spitting blood. This all accompanied by huge screens playing various images that go with the songs and shots of the band.

The concert, itself, was shot with excellent camera work, getting you right into the action, with some kick ass and exciting close-ups. This is all intercut with audience reaction shots including male Kiss fans, hot girls, and cute kids. Some audience members are, if course, wearing Kiss makeup!

The setlist represents a good variety of the different eras in the bands decades long career. They even pick three songs off of Creatures of the Night, my second favorite Kiss album of all time. Said setlist consists of:

1. Detroit Rock City
2. Creatures of the Night
3. Psycho Circus
4. Parasite
5. War Machine
(Gene breathes fire)
6. Tears Are Falling
7. Deuce
8. Lick It Up
(with "Won't Get Fooled Again"… more )
9. I Love It Loud
10. Hell or Hallelujah
11. Bass Solo
(Gene spits blood and flies)
12. God of Thunder
13. Do You Love Me
14. Love Gun
(Paul flies out to audience… more )
15. Black Diamond

1. Shout It Out Loud
2. Rock and Roll All Nite

God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You II (Over end credits)

I cannot wait for this concert to hit blu-ray!! I will definitely be getting it. And, if you're a fellow Kiss you'll want to do the same! !

* * * * out of * * * * 


Conquer Divide- Conquer Divide (Album Review)

Musician: Conquer Divide
Album Title: Conquer Divide
Genre/ Subgenre: Metalcore
Label: Artery Recordings 
Release Date: June 16, 2015

The self-titled debut album from all female metalcore group Conquer Divide is a catchy little bit of groove laden music. They worked with producer/ engineer Joey (Asking Alexandria, Blessthefall, Of Mice & Men) Sturgis, who really helped them catch a great sound on the album. The result is that it ranked in at #13 on the Billboard’s HeatSeeker charts.

The band does the duel vocal thing quite well. The melody filled signing parts are handled excellently by Kiarely Castillo. She has a great voice that is filled with emotion and not only recalls but rival's that of Paremore's Haley Williams. While, the screaming bits are aggressive and play a nice counterpart. The music is filled with hooks and rolling breakdowns which help to make the music really enjoyable and fun to listen to. 

In fact, I think the band is great at playing the melodic and more soothing against the heavier and more pounding parts. I do wish the bass was mixed in a little thicker but the do guitars sound great. They soar and crunch quite nicely. The catchy songs definitely make you wanna move and bang your head, and sometimes that's all one can ask for. 

Highlight songs including the rolling and melodic "Self Destruct" which plays the melody versus heavy aspect of the band excellently. The breakdowns are particularity kick ass on this one. "Nightmares" has a great and soaring intro that goes full steam in pounding heaviness. I love how Castillo's beautiful vocals play so well against the overall crunch of the song. Throw in some chainsaw guitar sounds and you have a real winner. Proving that the band is also quite good at keeping melodic throughout one song, the beautiful and emotion filled "What's Left Inside" (the latest single from the band) really ranks as one the best tracks on the entire album. The catchy chorus will be stuck in your head for days on end.

Conquer Divide's debut does not not break any real ground. But, what they do, they do quite well. Great signing and an awesome heavy vs. melodic sound, will makes this an album you'll want to listen to a lot. And, more than probably you'll also end up signing along to it. I know I have been both since I heard it. 

***1/2 out of *****


Conquer Divide Premiere new Music Video/Single on Revolver Magazine

I just watched the new video, "What's Left Behind" from all female metalcore group Conquer Divide from their self-titled, debut album released by Artery Recordings. And, I gotta say I love the song and video! The track is emotional, catchy, and driving and the video is powerful. It made it's premiere today at Revolver Magazine's website (the link to the video is below)

From the Artery Recordings Press Release:

Conquer Divide

Conquer Divide
Artery Recordings
16 June 2015

  Conquer Divide release new single "What's left Inside" on Artery Recordings, premiering the new music video on Revolver Magazine here. Based in the United States and England, Conquer Divide (For Fans of Asking Alexandra, Flyleaf, Pvris) have made a name for themselves with their catchy hooks, and their ability to quickly embarrass guys who don't think girls can play.

The six-member all female band (consisting of Kiarely Castillo, Janel Duarte, Kristen Woutersz, Isabel “Izzy” Johnson, Tamara Tadic and Ashley Colby) has managed to capture the attention and gain the respect from their ever growing fan base and critics alike. Over the past three years, the band have toured with Alesana, Slaves, Iwrestledabearonce, Upon A Burning Body with multiple featured showcases at SXSW.

In their recently released self-titled album, Conquer Divide was pushed to their limits and thought outside the box as they worked with gold record producer/engineer Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, Blessthefall, Of Mice & Men). As a result of a stellar album and allot of hardwork, Their debut album “Conquer Divide” ranked #13 on Billboard’s HeatSeeker charts.

To date, the band have released videos for “At War” and “Nightmare” acquiring a million plus views, along side single "Sink Your Teeth Into This" featuring Denis Stoff of Asking Alexandria which garnished praise from critics and skeptics alike.

Conquer Divide is set to hit the air waves with a very personal single “What’s Left Inside.” Kristen describe the song to be “cathartic,” and hopes to motivate fans to turn a negative situation into something positive.

Conquer Divide is excited to release their new single/music video and ready to prove they can hang with the best of them. Be sure to keep your eye on Conquer Divide as they are primed and ready to take the music industry by storm.
And, keep your eyes here, as my review of this album will be up soon!


The One:12 Collective - Punisher

All pics courtesy of Mezco Toyz.

One of the toys that I saw at this year's Toy Fair that I want to own most badly has to be Mezo Toyz badass 12" Punisher figure. It is an amazing figure of my all time comic-book hero. The features and detail look fucking incredible. With his increased popularity thanks the amazing second season of Netflix/ Marvel's Daredevil, this action figure promises to be hot as hell!  I swear if I don't make it part of my collection, I may lose what little sanity I have left! Read on for more info on it:

From the Mezco Toyz press release:

When veteran war hero Frank Castle's family is slain in front of him during a mob related shootout he vows vengeance becoming the Punisher.

waging a one man war on crime the Punisher utilizes his vast military skills to brutally serve justice to those he deems deserving. an expert in hand to hand and weapon based combat he is an unstoppable force.
Meticulously developed to capture the intensity of the character and outfitted on a newly designed One:12 Collective body, the figure has impressive details. The final product creates a "real world" look reflecting the characters severity .
The One:12 Collective Punisher features:
-1:12 scaled, accurate real fabric uniform with Death's head insignia
-Hyper-realistic portraits
-Super articulated body with over 32 points of articulation
-Intricately detailed weapons
Included with this figure:
-Standard head
- Alternate head 1
- Alternate head2
- Fists (L&R)
- Holding hands (L&R)
- Grappling hands (L&R)
- Posing hand (L)
- Karate strike hand (R)
- Armored skull load bearing vest with belt and knife sheath
- Combat knife
- 9mm automatic pistol with extra clip
- Machine gun with extra clip
- Grenade launcher with six grenades
- Submachine gun with extra clip
- Display base with posing post
Packaged in a deluxe, fifth panel window box with a character specific slipcover. Designed for collector convenience, the packaging allows for both maximum protection as well as ease of removal for display.
The Punisher joins the Collective in November/ December and is available for pre-order at


All pics courtesy of Mile High Media and Sweetheart Video:

Nica Noelle returns to direct her first film for Sweetheart Video in four years! It looks hot as hell and has a beautiful and sexy cast. Read on to learn more:

From the Mile High Media press release:

Starring Elexis Monroe, ‘A Mother’s Secret’ Is Nica Noelle’s 1st Film for All-Girl Studio Sweetheart Video Since 2012



MONTREAL, Quebec (May 18, 2016) – “A Mother’s Secret” is now available on DVD from Mile High Media. Written and directed by Nica Noelle, it is her first movie for all-girl erotica studio Sweetheart Video since 2012. “A Mother’s Secret” stars Elexis Monroe, Kasey Warner, Ingrid Mouth, and Jelena Jensen.

Nica Noelle, who currently directs for Mile High Media studios Icon Male and TransSensual, helped create Sweetheart Video in 2008.

“This film is so special to me because not only is it my first Sweetheart film in four years, but Elexis Monroe stars in it,” says Noelle. “She's always been an inspiration to me as a director because her artistry as a sex performer is second to none. It was wonderful to capture her magic on film again.”

In “A Mother’s Secret,” Elexis Monroe plays a newly-divorced mother struggling to forge a new life after her daughter (Kasey Warner) goes away to college. When the slender blonde teen comes home for winter break, she brings a new friend with her – mysterious brunette Sevilla (Ingrid Mouth). As Mom's suspicions about her daughter's relationship with Sevilla grow, the lonely older woman fights her own disturbing attraction to the sexy, young student.

“Ingrid is so compelling,” adds Noelle. “She just oozes sexuality, and that voice of hers - you melt into a puddle. But even though she has a very strong presence, there's an underlying vulnerability, and that contrast is part of what makes her so intriguing. I wrote the role of Sevilla especially for her.

“Kasey was the heart of the production - she kept us all laughing on the late nights we worked. She's beautiful, whip smart, has a fantastic attitude, and her sex scenes were perfect. I can't wait to work with her again, and to just be around her and her amazing energy.”

“A Mother’s Love” also features Max Sargent and Tommy Regan in non-sex cameos. To view the trailer, visit https://milehighmovies.wordpress.com/2016/04/27/director-nica-noelle-returns-to-sweetheart-video-first-look/.

“To be able to shoot a girl/girl feature in New England was so gratifying -- having this backdrop of late autumn imagery,” explains Noelle. “I had never considered how weather and different seasons could enhance the overall feeling of a film. Now I can't wait to shoot a summer romance… and spring and winter ones too.”

Sweetheart Video’s goal is to create original, innovative girl / girl erotica for the discerning viewer. Sweetheart films are storyline-driven, carefully cast, and always containing real sexual encounters between women who truly want to be together.

Mile High Media hosts membership sites for its acclaimed studios.  SweetheartVideo.com provides consumers with all the passionate girl / girl scenes Sweetheart Video is known for, direct on their computer.

Fans of Sweetheart Video can now find information about their favorite studio at www.Twitter.com/SweetheartVids and https://www.facebook.com/pages/SweetHeartVideo/281107658619389.


About Mile High Media:
Mile High Media has been a pillar of the adult industry for over 25 years.  The Canadian managed company began as a Canadian licensee for American adult movies, ensuring it distributed only the highest quality content.  Understanding the diverse and ever changing needs of its consumer base, Mile High determined the best way to provide a wide array of superior entertainment was to produce its own.  In 2003, Mile High launched Doghouse Digital, the first of its acclaimed lines catering to specific niches.  Growing market trends and demand led Mile High to create Sweetheart Video (lesbian line), Sweet Sinner (couple line), Reality Junkies (reality gonzo line), Male Reality (gay reality gonzo line), Icon Male (Gay romance line) and recently launched TransSensual (TS erotica line).  With over 2500 titles, Mile High’s studios yield some of the most viewed adult movies in the world, available on all platforms, including broadcast, IPTV, VOD and mobile applications.  Mile High is committed to evolve alongside consumers tastes, reflecting new developments in technology and entertainment.  This philosophy led AEBN to name Mile High the 2012 Studio of the Year and most recently the receipt of FSC 2016 Production Company of the Year award.  For more information, visit www.MileHighOnline.com, www.Facebook.com/MileHighMedia or www.Twitter.com/MileHighMovies.

You can also watch the movie here: http://www.adultdvdempire.com/1791935/mothers-secret-a-porn-videos.html?qs=Mother&partner_id=42272314


Keith Buckley and Scott Ian Book Reading at St. Vitus, Brooklyn, NY 5/11/16

Last night, May 11, 2016, I got to attend a Keith Buckley and Scott Ian book reading at Saint Vitus, as press. I had a great time, as both of them are cool as fucking hell!

Keith is the front-man of Every Time I Die and The Damned Things (a super-band that Scott is also in) and was the first to read. He read from his novel Scale: A Novel. It was quite entertaining and sounds like it is a very cool book about a musician. He did admit, later on, that parts of the book are inspired by real life, not surprisingly.

Then it was Scott's turn to come and do a little bit of reading/ talking of his own. The last time I saw the legendary rhythm guitarist of one of The Big Four of thrash metal, Anthrax, was at a book reading tour of his autobiography I'm the Man back in 2014. He said that he had done so many of these book readings and this was gonna be shorter, so he opted for something a little different. So, first he told some condensed stories.

But, he also gave a sneak peak into his next book with a little more added extra. This led to some great stuff involving Al Jougensen of Ministry, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, and Steven Spielberg! The later involves a great moment where the Ministry front-man told Spielberg that he thought he and his band were gonna be in a movie called AI, Anal Intrusion, not Artificial Intelligence as it was actually known. I would tell you more, but hey, you had to be there. Still, I figured I would share that much, cause it somehow mixes metal, porn, and Spielberg, and just felt perfect for this site!
They, of course, did a Q&A afterwards. The event actually ran over time. But, who is gonna complain with two legends as awesome as these two?! It was a fun, funny, and informative night, capped off by me finally buying the book and getting it signed, along with my copy of The Big 4 blu-ray (which had already been signed by fellow Anthrax member Frank Bello at NYCC some years back). Anyway, I can't wait to start reading Scott's book.


Sick Puppies Live at Gramercy Theater, NYC 5/09/16

On May 3, 2016 there was a Sick Puppies concert at Gramercy Theater in NYC, that I attended. I had won tickets via a contest ran on the Instagram of Do The Pit. The last time I saw Sick Puppies was back in 2014 on The Hottest Chicks of Hard Rock tour. Since then, though, their former signer Shim Moore is gone. The new signer's name is Bryan Scott. How is he? Well, I am happy to say that he is amazing and more than fills up the big shoes that Moore left behind! Anyway, more on them later.

Let's kick things off with the first band, I saw last night: Hudson. They are a hard rock act from LA and played a good set. Their music is very bluesy and has some good hooks. All, of the band members are extremely talented. This was my first time hearing them, and I quite enjoyed them.
Up next was Stitched Up Heart. I was super excited to see them again. The last I saw them was last year for a One-Eyed Doll show. Like last time, they played such a kick ass set! They opened up with the hard rocking single "Finally Free" and then preceded to play more songs off of their upcoming album Never Alone. They closed off with their latest single, from that album, "Monster". The band have such an exciting presence onstage that combined with their music really gets an audience pumped. Signer Mixi is not only gorgeous but an awesome, awesome front-woman. 
By the way, it was the guitarist, Merritt's (left) birthday!

After they played, they told their fans to meet them by their merch booth. Though, I had met them before, I wanted to stop by and say hi. Mixi is quite honestly one of the sweetest girls anywhere. She is incredibly friendly and down-to-earth. It's awesome the way she treats and talks to her fans. She really cares about them and makes them feel loved. Also, awesome is that she gives a portion of proceeds to help kittens. I decided to get a download of their upcoming album. You should too, and show support for this amazing band. They deserve so much success! Go here to get it: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/stitchedupheart 

Then came Red Sun Rising, and they were fucking awesome!! I had never heard of them before, but holy fuck did these guys ever rock!!! They play some really fucking good and driving music. I kept thinking to myself, "Goddamn! These guys are so fuckin good!" They definitely got themselves a new fan in me!

And, finally it was time for some motherfucking Sick Puppies!!! They opened their most excellent set with "War". From they played some great tunes from all their albums, including "Riptide", "Odd One", and "Gunfight". They, of course, played tracks off of their upcoming release, Fury. These included songs like "Stick To Your Guns" and "Let Me Live". And, let me tell, the new songs fuckin rock!! 

They are so fucking amazing live, so full of energy, vigor, and charisma! As I said earlier, Bryan is a great front-man. He has awesome voice and did a great job at signing the classic and new tracks. I am really pumped for this release! My fears are long fucking gone. The absolutely beautiful Emma Anzai remains a true goddess. She is an incredible bass player and rocks so fucking hard! I love how bangs her head like a maniac onsatge!

After the show, the band graciously met their fans. This was a perfect ending to a great and truly fun rock show. All the acts that I caught were awesome. And, Sick Puppies are truly one of the best live bands around!