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The American Pornstar Experience Volume 1

Title: The American Pornstar Experience
Director: Tom Kougar Melonhead
Cast: Karen Kougar
Studio: ILBT/ Kougar Mountain Production

This hot little all-Karen Kougar MILF smut flick opens up with the beautiful Ms. Kougar in bondage. She has a blindfold on and a ball gag in her mouth. She then precedes to suck off Carlo Carrera, rather nicely. He fucks her while she is cuffed. He then pulls out and blows his load on her belly, and then gets back to fucking her some more! As Darth Vader would say, "Impressive! Most Impressive!". Then comes some doggie style action. After, he gets to play with her amazing boobs, which I just love. He then, fucks her reverse cowgirl style and takes the gag out of her mouth. He keeps doing her until he is done for good this time. She then wakes up, and her pussy is all wet!

In the next scene, she walks in on Ethan Hunt showering. This is a very playful moment that leads to them heading to the bedroom. There is some awesome titty-fucking here, as well as some hot BJ action. In all, there is some real hot screwing here with doggie style and reverse cowgirl getting major points. There is some more HOT titty-fucking which leads to more fucking and back again. Those awesome knockers of hers make him cum, and the same will happen to you!

She comes over to see a young guy (D'Nothing) who wants to get into the business. Karen looks simply gorgeous in this scene! The sex starts with her sucking his dick. He then eats her pussy, after he fucks her on the couch. So HOT!!! Then it turns into some nice doggie-style screwing. After some more fucking her sprays his load on her pretty facing, ending what is a fun, sexy scene and my favorite in the movie!

Next up is a scene where she's ready to do Brandon Longwood, whose big, black cock was recommended by both Totally Tabitha and Sara Jay, she tells us. When he whips it out, it's fucking huge! But, she sucks it like a champion. Then we get some reverse cow-girl style fucking. The real hot stuff comes when she lies on her side, and he porks her from behind. Another highlight, for me, would have to be when she takes his huge schlong cowgirl style. He fucks her some more until he sprays between her wondrous tits. She scoops up a little of his cum with her finger and puts it on her tongue. This is a truly awesome ending!

The final scene has Karen looking delicious in her bikini, as she gets ready to fuck Patrick J. Knight. She sucks his cock, and then titty-fucks it. He pours some oil on her and does her while they are on a slippery mat. I must say I fucking love the way her juggs jiggle here! The following doggie style is really hot! But, it only gets hotter from there as he gets on a cot, and she rides him, she even reverses herself, while his cock is still inside her! After fucking her some more on the mat, he splooges on her beautiful face. She then licks his cock and nutsack, ending what is my second favorite scene.

This is a solid and sexy movie that fans of beautiful older women will surely love. Karen Kougar is one of the hottest MILFs in the biz right now, and her fucking scenes, as evident by this release, are charismatic, sexy, and fun. The disc looks great with beautiful vivid colors and nice clear sound. You can, and most definitely should, order it here: http://www.karenkougar.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=30

***1/2 woodies out of ****

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Steel Rod said...

This is one of the better produced "indy" (I guess it can be called that) porn films I've seen in a long time. It's well produced. I wouldn't use the word smut to describe it though. It's very sensual as Karen's a gorgeous woman with a great personality. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone who enjoys the MILF genre, or wants to try something new that is straight up sex.

Giovanni Deldio said...

I agree with your views, and think that this is great "indy" porn.

Unknown said...

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