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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2011, pt. 6: 20-11

20. Jen & Sylvia Soska (new)- Two of the most multi-talented (writers/ directors/ producers/ actors!!) and beautiful women in horror, today, the Soska twins really kicked the genre's ass with the awesome and fun Dead Hooker in a Trunk, a movie I really think is one of the coolest low budget genre films in quite some time. Next year these stunners will see this movie hit DVD and blu-ray, here in the US, and, hopefully the release of their brand new terror flick the highly anticipated American Mary starring Ginger Snaps lovely Katherine Isabelle.

19. Misti Dawn (last year 50)- One of the greatest geek goddesses in the history of the world, Misti remains one of the most beautiful and fun people to follow on the net. Her honest to god love for all things geeky makes her stand out in a sea of wanna-bes. Plus, she bestowed yours truly with three, count 'em THREE, kick ass interviews this year! While, she recently declared her retirement from the skin industry, she has promised to remain a constant figure in geek culture. And, that's good news, cause an internet without some Misti would suck!

18. Tanya Tate (last year 32)- One of the hottest porn stars also happens to be one of the best cos-players out there. Want proof? Do a Google search for her as She-Ra. Fucking hot, I tell you!! Beyond that she's been doing comic-book con appearances, as well as comic book and blu-ray reviews making her one of the yummiest geek babes out there. And, in person, she remains a sweet and down-to-earth babe with a hell of a sexy accent!

17. Jada Cheng (last year 16)- Still one of my favorite models and clearly this is the same case with many other people. She did lots of public appearances and most of awesome of all, had a very naughty and sexy T-shirt released by the always awesome guys from TITS (Two In the Shirt)!!

16. Courtney Cummz (last year 18)- She is one of THE sexiest, friendliest, most bubbly, and down-right delicious porn babes out there. And, is it me or does she get sexier at every con appearance?

15. Grace Helbig (new)- I will make no bones about this, Grace is THE funniest woman alive. There is also no doubt that she is the hottest looking comedian in the history of the world. And, after meeting her at NYCC, I can tell you that she is as sweet in person as she is beautiful. Truly one of my favorite internet celebs.

14. Joanna Angel (last year 5)- She remains THE one true queen of alt-porn, of course if you run Burning Angel, that goes without saying. Combine her beauty with her sweetheart personality and you have a woman, who will probably NEVER lose that crown!

13. Gail Kim (last year 21)- After the WWE shitted all over her, the single most beautiful woman in all of pro-wrestling, returned to TNA (or Impact or whatever the fuck they wish to call each other this wk), and soon got the Knockouts tag-belt (along with mega-cutie Madison Rayne) and the world's title soon followed!! Last night, she defended that title in a main event match! A solid, twenty minute match at that! This has to be one of the few things TNA has done right, so take that WWE!!!

12. Adrenalynn (last year- same) This long time favorite of mine remains one of the sexiest, most beautiful, and truly awesome babes on the net. And, she is still cool as hell to follow on any of her accounts. It is is pretty much impossible not to love her. And, that, dear friends and readers, is a fact!

11. Natasha Nice (new)- One of the highest debuting newcomers to this list this naturally busty and jaw dropping gorgeous babe managed to give me one of the most fun interviews that I have ever had the pleasure of conducting. It was sexy and funny, and bonus: she flashed me and my camera!! Good God, I love you Natasha. And, I greatly thank you, cause that lead to one of my most popular posts of this entire year!!!

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