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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2011, pt. 5: 30-21

30. Courtney Cox (new)- Let me start by saying I hate Friends with a fucking passion. I hate most of the cast, as well. But, I do love Courtney Cox! And, she was and is still fuckin hot!, a MILF, if I do say so myself. She had her own TV show, which I never bothered to watch. But, much more cool with me was her being in the new Scream sequel. She has great legs and beautiful eyes, and I was happy as hell to see her on the big screen. Her last name is awesome, too. Seriously, this babe should be doing porn!

29. Karen Kougar (new)- Another MILF hits the top 30, this one, though, does do porn! Yay! She, too, has beautiful eyes, plus an amazing God-given rack! Her performances are really hot and, having interviewed her at last month's Exxxotica NJ, I can tell you she's really fun to be around and a total sweetheart. I love me some Kougar!

28. Layla Lu (new)- This gorgeous model is one of THE hottest to ever step in front of the camera. She was this month's Hot Asian Girl of the Month and gave me a cool as hell interview at Exxxotica NJ. Try not fall in love just from looking at those beautiful eyes of hers!

27. Riley Steele (new)- Last year she graced one of the the year's best horror films, Piranha 3D, and got lots of mainstream attention. This year, she drew a lot of attention from the media and fans at the AEE. Her line was one of the longest. But, as her appearances at that event and Exxxotica NJ proved, despite her huge popularity she is a sweetheart and very down-to-earth. Of course, she also happens to be hot as fuck!!!

26. Alex Sim-Wise (new)- My God whenever this goddess is on Attack of the Show my pants are so grateful to G4! Those eyes! That accent! And most of all those boobs!!! Damn!! She also happens to do a lot of sexy news segments. No doubt about it, Alex is one of THE hottest red-heads, ever!!!!

25. Milynn Sarley (last year- 23)- Speaking of G4, can you guys please get Ms. Sarley back on AOTS? Seriously, man, I need some more of her in my life! She can still be found geeking out on the net, thank God. She was also on Chiller TV's countdown of the creepiest kids in horror. The program itself was pretty forgettable, but her mere presence was anything but!

24. Alexandra Deddario (new)- I greatly enjoyed Bereavement, the superior prequel to the writer/ director's own Malevolence, because of how well it was made, how nasty it got, and how good the cast was. Also, cause of how hot Ms. Deddario was. And, how distracting her chest was. She never bared them, sadly, but good God, they still looked amazing. She'll return to give more woodies to horror fans next year in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D. While, that may well suck, and 3D does, indeed suck, seeing those knockers in 3D will probably be awesome!

23. Candace Bailey (last year- same)- Olivia who? is what Candace fans are saying. This Southern belle really came into her own, this year, in particular. And, I have to say, she might just be a better host than you know was! Candace is cute, funny, and bubbly. And, she has great chemistry with her co-host Kevin Pereria. She honestly makes that show more fun that it already is!

22. Linda Le (last year- same)- Cos-player, metalhead, anime & horror fan, blogger, and all around goddess, this stunning babe rules. She is my personal favorite cos-player. She always posts the sexiest pics and is a true fellow geek. I'm a long time fan and supporter of hers, and she seems to have gotten even bigger this year. She recently announced that she will be featured in legendary horror mag Fangoria, a publication that she, like many other horror fans, grew up reading. She made many con appearances this year, and I think she will be even more popular next year!

21. London Keyes (new)- This naturally beautiful goddess makes her long overdue debut on this list at quite an impressive ranking. But, if you have seen her smoldering performances in releases like Asa Akira Is Insatiable and The Spit and the Speculum it will come as no surprise to you. As gorgeous as she is nasty, and vice-a-versa, this vision of perfection is one that will make you waste a ton of tissues!

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