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Five Points Festival 2018, Pt. 3

POP Prolific and plushPLAY were right to next to each other. The former did nostalgia/ parody toys and the awesome and hilarious tees above. Their figures (below), which are done in the 5.5 inch size, are really cool!
Meanwhile, the product from plush PLAY was cute and very pretty (below).

It was hot as fuck on this Saturday, so everyone was in need of some refreshment. Thank God, then for Brooklyn's own Three Brewing, who had a booth set-up with some delicious beer! Below is one of the lovely bartenders on-hand to serve our thirsty needs.

Matt Lineham had some of the coolest shit at the entire event, especially if you love cult, horror, and/ or David Bowie.

The gorgeous attendee below had some of the most beautiful ink I have seen quite sometime.

I bought a Transformer (Insecticon Kickbak, if you must know) off of Allycat's booth.

We talked metal with those two working The Cotton Candy Machine booth.

Let's end this part with a visit to one of my favorite companies, Super7, where I finally picked up an Iron Maiden ReAction figure, the Trooper one.

Five Point Festival 2018, Pt. 1
Five Point Festival 2018, Pt. 2


Whitechapel/ The Black Dahlia Murder Live at Stage 48 in NYC- 6/15/18

On June 15, 2018, I had the fucking awesome pleasure of attending and covering a truly brutal concert. That of co-headliners Whitechapel (pic above) and The Black Dahlia Murder playing at Stage 48 in NYC.

The first band, I got see at the show was Aversions Crown. A viciously heavy and groove laden deathcore act from Australia, these guys bought full blown carnage onstage. The music is pummeling and really wants to get moshing and moving around. As a live act, they have a shit ton of energy and aggression, which makes for a great experience. They can count on a new fan in me after experiencing this!

Next up was Italian tech-death metal masters Fleshgod Apocalypse. As soon as they get onstage, they will catch your interest. Dressed in frilly costumes, they look like something out of a period piece, but they combine the look with ghostly make-up. It gives them an otherworldly look and feel. This combines perfectly with their sound. The playing is complex and heavy as fuck, and it rounds off nicely with the female backing vocals. She and their look gives them a gothic look, feel, and sound which counterplays with the viciousness. It makes them distinct in a sea of other acts from this sub-genre.

Then, it was time for the first of the two-headliners, the mighty The Black Dahlia Murder. These guys are not only one of the finest melo-death acts, ever, but they are also absolutely KILLER live. They have such a fucking amazing amount of energy and are utterly crushing in their performances.
They always have sick pits, and this was no different. The fact that fans could get onstage and could stage-dive (something that was also done during in the following Whitechapel set) insured this further!
On this tour, they are playing their entire latest album, the absolutely KILLER Nightbringers, which I had picked as the best release of 2017. As such, hearing all of it live is a true treat. They also threw a couple of classic TBDM songs.


Of God and Serpent, of Spectre and Snake
Kings of the Nightworld
What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
Catacomb Hecatomb
As Good as Dead
The Lonely Deceased
Everything Went Black
Statutory Ape
Deathmask Divine

Up next were Whitechapel, my asbolute favorite deathcore act. And, holy fuck did they ever put on one hell of a fucking live show! They have energy to spare live and are absolutely merciless and truly destroy. Their pummeling music resulted in a sick as fuck pit that threatened to swallow the whole venue! Not even the fact that they had stop roughly midway through when singer Phil Bozeman's mic went out could stop them or the crowd!

This year marks the tenth anniversary of their second album the classic, This Is Exile. As such, they are playing the punishing album in its entirety, during this tour.


 Father of Lies
This Is Exile
To All that Are Dead
Somatically Incorrect
(Abbreviated thanks to loss of mic sound)
Death Becomes Him
Daemon (The Procreated)
Eternal Refuge
Of Legions

This was one of fuck of a brutal and ass kicking show. If you can catch this tour, be sure to do just that!


WoodRocket is Proud to Present the Roast of April O’Neil

Pic courtesy of Wood Rocket.

From the official press release:

(Woodland Hills, CA) June 13th, 2018 – Do you love adult movies and celebrity roasts? Wish that you could combine the two into one giant sex comedy where horniness meets hilariousness? Well, you are about to get lucky! WoodRocket is proud to present the roast of popular Porn Star, April O’Neil.
Like a cross between a roast and Mystery Science Theater 3000 and pornography, The Porn Roast of April O’Neil premieres Wednesday, June 13th exclusively on WoodRocket and Pornhub, with an XXXtra Mean Bonus Scene available only on PornHub Premium.
The Porn Roast of April O’Neil is a filthy comedy event starring Comedy Central's “Roast Battle” roasters, Keith Carey and Connor McSpadden, as well as comedian and adult starlet, Missy Martinez, and the Porn Star of Honor, April O'Neil.
“Aside from being a top porn star, April was also such a great sport. They really went hard on her. And then they started telling jokes about her. But she was able to take it all,” says WoodRocket Producer, Lee Roy Myers.
The Porn Roast of April O’Neil was written by the hosts of the very popular Mean Boys Podcast on Starburns Audio, Keith Carey, Connor McSpadden , and Tom Goss, and features clips from April O'Neil's sexiest cinema like, Gnardians of the Galaxy, C*ckraiser, Fap To The Future, Pron, Ten Inch Mutant Ninja Turtles, and even Busty Lesbian Workout!
Get ready to laugh so hard that milk will come out of your genitals!
The full uncensored The Porn Roast of April O’Neil is free to watch on WoodRocket.com and Pornhub.
Catch the XXXtra Mean Bonus Scene exclusively on PornhubPremium.com.
WoodRocket mixes porn, comedy, pop culture, and it redefines adult entertainment. Creating popular high-quality stuff like Ask A Porn Star,  Topless Girls Reading Books, Porn Stars Reading Hate Mail, and porn parodies like Dick & Morty, Hamiltoe, Dragon Boob Z, Ten Inch Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fap To The Future, Strok√©mon, and Bob's Boners, WoodRocket isthe future of porn. WoodRocket's content has been featured on Buzzfeed, Uproxx, Gizmodo, Maxim, Complex, AV Club, Spin, Rolling Stone, The Howard Stern Show, GQ, Vice, Esquire, The Hollywood Reporter, @Midnight, Bon Appetit, and even Saturday Night Live.  

Five Points Festival 2018, Pt. 2

FYE has their own booth at Five Points Festival, where they were selling their exclusives. A signing by the legendary Ron English was also going on there. I shop a lot at FYE, so it was cool to see them here. Even cooler, is that two of the workers at the booth were from the store that I shop at on Myrtle Ave, here in Queens, NY.

Gabriel Pinto and his cool artwork:

 Joseph Schmalke's awesome art and kick ass comics made the horror fan in me VERY happy! As did the fact that he was a rocking a fucking George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead tee!

Speaking of cool art, I loved the work of Lux Nova Studio!

 It was great to see Matt Miner (who I interviewed last year at this very same event long with members of GWAR) have a booth again. His stuff is so fucking cool, and, of course, he had GWAR comics, among them!

Five Point Festival 2018, Pt. 1