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Five Points Festival 2018, Pt. 2

FYE has their own booth at Five Points Festival, where they were selling their exclusives. A signing by the legendary Ron English was also going on there. I shop a lot at FYE, so it was cool to see them here. Even cooler, is that two of the workers at the booth were from the store that I shop at on Myrtle Ave, here in Queens, NY.

Gabriel Pinto and his cool artwork:

 Joseph Schmalke's awesome art and kick ass comics made the horror fan in me VERY happy! As did the fact that he was a rocking a fucking George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead tee!

Speaking of cool art, I loved the work of Lux Nova Studio!

 It was great to see Matt Miner (who I interviewed last year at this very same event long with members of GWAR) have a booth again. His stuff is so fucking cool, and, of course, he had GWAR comics, among them!

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