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Five Points Festival 2018, Pt. 3

POP Prolific and plushPLAY were right to next to each other. The former did nostalgia/ parody toys and the awesome and hilarious tees above. Their figures (below), which are done in the 5.5 inch size, are really cool!
Meanwhile, the product from plush PLAY was cute and very pretty (below).

It was hot as fuck on this Saturday, so everyone was in need of some refreshment. Thank God, then for Brooklyn's own Three Brewing, who had a booth set-up with some delicious beer! Below is one of the lovely bartenders on-hand to serve our thirsty needs.

Matt Lineham had some of the coolest shit at the entire event, especially if you love cult, horror, and/ or David Bowie.

The gorgeous attendee below had some of the most beautiful ink I have seen quite sometime.

I bought a Transformer (Insecticon Kickbak, if you must know) off of Allycat's booth.

We talked metal with those two working The Cotton Candy Machine booth.

Let's end this part with a visit to one of my favorite companies, Super7, where I finally picked up an Iron Maiden ReAction figure, the Trooper one.

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