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You May Not Want to be Part of "The Client List

 Oh Lifetime, how I loathe thee. The first time that I even heard about this godforsaken network, cause my mom used to watch it. A lot. Still, I know it's not for guys, so it is what it is. Hey, we have lots of stuff aimed at us, the ladies deserve their stuff to. The true issue arose when they decided to cast one of my favorite babes Jennifer Love Hewitt in their new show. And, I watched it. And, well now I'm here to answer the question of should I, meaning you guys who usually read my blog, be watching it? 

The Client List was first a TV movie inspired by true events. I now remember the poster ads for it. Admit ably, they caught my eye, after all, I've liked Ms. Hewitt since she was in I Know What You Did Last Summer. She's always been gorgeous and has only gotten more so with the passing of time. In it she plays the mom of two kids who takes up escorting to care for her two kids. Anyway, I guess it was a hit, cause it inspired this new show of the same name! 

Anyway, when the time came to advertise the series, they had poster up on NYC (the one that's at the top of this blog), featuring Hewitt's amazing cleavage on full display. I had to stop and look at it. Wow!! Thank you God for giving her such a killer rack! Next thing you know, she's also on the cover of Maxim. The shoot inside is pretty fucking hot. She talks to the popular men's mag about the new series. Soon, I'm thinking, "Hey are they trying to advertise this series to us guys?" It sure seemed that way.
Well, I wasn't about to watch the series premiere on Sunday night three weeks ago. I mean to choose this over The Borgias?! I think not. But, they reaired (still do) at 11PM on Tues. And, I gave it a look. She's still a mom with two kids that has Sybil Shepard as a mom. But, this time her hubby leaves her. When she sees her hottie friend make money at a massage parlor, she wants in. She soon sees she needs to give happy endings. And, so the Hewitt cleavage and handie-job hour commences!!
Actually the first episode was not that bad. I was admit ably entertained. I mean it mostly had to do with looking at her rack but hey that works for me. The fact that she gave advice to clients was a stupid bit of storyline that says hey, this girl gives you a happy-ending and love advice does your massage chick do that?! I think not. Still, I found it hard to believe most of her clients are hunky guys. Why the fuck would they need to pay a chick to pull it for them?! Clearly this is more of Lifetime's shit. But, I was willing to overlook that, cause I would just look at her tits.The acting ranges from fair to whatever, but it's not like was looking for Oscar (Emmy?) Award winning performances here.
But, by the second episode a bunch of shitty melodrama was added all of which annoyed the fuck out of me. And, I found it hard watch. Worse even, it had less Hewitt cleavage. In fact, the best scene was towards the end, when it finally got interesting. And, bam! It's a fucking dream!! Epic fail. I gave it one more chance, last night. I admit it was better. By better I mean I didn't want to kill myself. That and her friend turned rival is a hottie Selena, played by Italian/ British babe Alicia Lagano, looked very delicious. And, was a total bitch. Which only makes her hotter. Not hotter than Hewitt but not many are.
I guess I'll watch next week. But, I think it safe to say that most of you guys need not ever watch this. But, I won't hold it against you. I mean I'm still watching. But, with Hewitt's beautiful face, hot God-given cleavage, killer legs, and nice ass, I'm finding it hard to say no. *sigh*


The Vampire Lovers

I continue my review of Hammer horror films for best-horror-films.com with one of the finest lesbian vampire films ever made The Vampire Lovers starring the gorgeous Ingrid Pitt. You can read the review here: http://www.best-horror-movies.com/the-vampire-lovers-1970-review.html



The Cabin in the Woods

Title: The Cabin in the Woods
Director: Drew Goddard
Writers: Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard
Cast: Kristin Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz, Jesse Williams, Richard Jenkins

Five teens go to a cabin, that's in thew woods. Bad shit happens.

That's all I can tell you about the movie. To reveal anything else is to ruin it. And, I have no desire to do that. That's all I knew going in, plot wise, and am glad it was that way.

I can say that script is awesome. Buffy creator Whedon and Goddard have given us the best self-referential, homage to horror films, ever. This movie is better than any of the Scream flicks, this coming from a fan of the franchise.

The acting is good. Fellow comic-book fans will love seeing Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, doing double Whedon duty, here, as we all know he's also in The Avengers, next month, as well. The gore is pretty damn good. The FX are excellent. The girls are pretty, and yes we do get some boobs.

In all this is THE must see horror film of the year, so far. And, it is also my 2nd favorite movie I have seen so far.  My fav you ask? The Raid Redemption. Anyways, get your ass to the movies and see Cabin in the Woods. NOW!!!!!!!

**** out of ****


The Pretty Reckless- Live in NYC 4/13/12

One of my favorite hard rock acts, The Pretty Reckless, played a great show this past Friday the 13th at Irving Plaza, and I had the pleasure of attending with two of my best friends, Alan and Kristin.

There were a few opening acts, though, we missed at least one of them. One opening act we did see that we liked a lot was The Indecent. This punk/ grunge female fronted band had some cool tunes. Though I do think they need a little more stage presence. Regardless, I liked them a lot. That would be only opening act we saw that we liked.

The Pretty Reckless came on stage and killed it!!! They played practically every song from their debut album, Light Me Up and stuff off their new EP Hit Me Like a Man. In fact, I think the only song they didn't play off their full length album was the sad but beautiful track You. They also did a killer cover of System of a Down's classic track Aerials.

The band rocked hard and Taylor Momsen sounded amazing! She has such a beautiful voice. And, she looked hot as hell as well. Her gyrations on stage were very sexy. She is truly one of rock/ metal's hottest chicks. The set and night ended with a performance of the album's best ballad Nothing Left to Lose to which they changed the closing part and made it more metal. In all a great concert!!!


Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Jessey Meng

April has a lot of things going for it, not the least of it, being that it's the first full month of spring! As we wait for the weather to get more and more beautiful, I give to you this month's pick for Hot Asian Girl of the Month, the truly beautiful Jessey Meng!

Jessey Meng is actually her English name. Her Chinese name is Meng Guangmei. She was born on August 17, 1967 in Taiwan, where she grew up.

She got into acting and modeling early in Hong Kong and had a very successful career. She starred in the Chinese TV drama, Swinging Girl.

Her first American role was in the Richard Gere flick, Red Corner. I saw this movie years ago and remember very little of it, other than it was good, starred Gere, and some hot Asian chicks were in it. Bai Ling, a former Hot Asian Girl of the Month, was in it, as well.

Since, that was years ago it's hard for me to remember much more of it, so the next movie I saw her in was The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, which also featured, yet another former Hot Asian Girl of the Month in the form of the stunning Isabella Leong and Maria Bello, as well. It is the one I mostly closely relate to her. The movie was a further piece of mediocre crap like the rest in this stupid series, but she looked hot and sexy, even with a scar on her face, as an evil solider. Honest to God, all I could think of watching her was how I would love to be held captive by her. Note to all readers: if Ms. Meng ever captures me and makes me her prisoner, I beg of you. DO NOT rescue me. Thank you.

Sadly, I have not seen the rest of her filmography, but I have seen her modeling pics. And, she is a goddess. I really liked seeing her on the cover of an Asian FHM.

Here is a fan made video featuring more stunning pics of this exquisite beauty.

With a flawlessly beautiful face, her gorgeous long, black hair, and hot body this woman is a vision of supreme perfection. Her sexy legs further to ensure that you will end up falling in love. And, then there is her sexy cleavage. You just have no hope to stand against the gorgeousness of this talented and underrated, here in the states anyway, babe.


Best-Horror-Movies.com Exclusive Interview with Chanel Ryan

In my first interview for Best-Horror-movies, I talk to the lovely Chanel Ryan. She is such a sweetheart that it made it an immense pleasure to conduct this. Go here to read it and learn about all of her upcoming projects: http://ossuary.best-horror-movies.com/m/news/view/76955/Best-Horror-Movies-com-Exclusive-Interview-with-Chanel-Ryan


The Hunger Games

Title: The Hunger Games
Director: Gary Ross
Writer: Gary Ross, Suzanne Collins, and Billy Ray
Jennifer Lawrence, Stanley Tucci, Wes Bentley, Willow Shields, Liam Hensworth, Elizabeth Banks

In a distant future, the Capital must choose a boy and a girl, between the ages of 12 and 18, from each of the twelve districts to compete in a televised competition to the death. When Katniss Evergreen's (Jennifer Lawrence) little sister is chosen, she volunteers to take her place. Also, chosen is Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), a boy whom Katniss knows and who, we soon learn, has feelings for the young beauty. Katniss' expertise with the bow and arrow and her appearance covered in fake flames, earns her the title of "the girl on fire". The odds are most definitely in her favor, but can even she overcome the difficulties of the competition, win, and, most importantly survive?

Based on worldwide bestselling young adult novel, the first in a series, this movie has come in with a lot of hype. It's also rocking it at the box office. But, older genre and horror fans are pointing out that this is little more than a teeny bopper ripoff of the Arnie classic The Running Man, based on a Stephen King novella, and even moreso and most infuriating to horror fans, the controversial and classic Battle Royale, it too based on a book which inspired a graphic novel, as well. But, is that really the case?

Well, the author, and co-script writer, Suzanne Collins, said she never even seen or heard of the ultra-violent and amazing Japanese classic. While, it's impossible to know for sure, whether or not this is true, I can assure that while there are similarities, The Hunger Games are sufficiently different to warrant its existence. It also happens to be a damn good movie.

One major difference is the film's theme(s). The Running Man is more about the media's exploitation of real life violence on the screen. Battle Royale has more to do with the control adults have over the youth due to the fear of their violence (as well as the actual violence kids commit against each other). Finally, The Hunger Games has much more political stance. As it is the goverment and the control that it has over it's people that is at the heart of the story.

One of the first things that will catch your eyes is the film's amazing production value. Of course, it should be so considering it's a big budget, major studio release. But, it would be unfair of me not to point that out.

The other major attribute here is the excellent acting. Everyone in the cast is great, I particularly enjoyed Wood Harrelson's role in the film, it's quirky, funny, and likeable. But, let's be honest here. This is Lawrence's show all the way.

She gives a powerhouse performance and gives the character a lot of empathy and weight. She is also astoundingly beautiful. While this is the rare time I like girl more as a blonde, witness her in X-Men: First Class, she, nonetheless, is a truly breathtaking sight to behold throughout this film.

There is not a ton of action in the film, but that which is present is well done. The violence is subdued mostly shown off screen, with only splattering blood as the most graphic imagery. I guess you gotta keep that PG-13 rating, after all, as I have heard the darker aspects of the book are missing.

Still, there are few complaints to be had with the film. I am not sure if the romance works all the time, but the leads are likable and do have some chemistry making the whole affair something that one can accept. It also might be a teensy bit over long. But, overall, this solid, smart, and well acted sci-fi. Don't let your preconceived ideas of it not allow you to see it. But, see The Running Man and Battle Royale, first of course, if you never have.

*** out of ****