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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Jessey Meng

April has a lot of things going for it, not the least of it, being that it's the first full month of spring! As we wait for the weather to get more and more beautiful, I give to you this month's pick for Hot Asian Girl of the Month, the truly beautiful Jessey Meng!

Jessey Meng is actually her English name. Her Chinese name is Meng Guangmei. She was born on August 17, 1967 in Taiwan, where she grew up.

She got into acting and modeling early in Hong Kong and had a very successful career. She starred in the Chinese TV drama, Swinging Girl.

Her first American role was in the Richard Gere flick, Red Corner. I saw this movie years ago and remember very little of it, other than it was good, starred Gere, and some hot Asian chicks were in it. Bai Ling, a former Hot Asian Girl of the Month, was in it, as well.

Since, that was years ago it's hard for me to remember much more of it, so the next movie I saw her in was The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, which also featured, yet another former Hot Asian Girl of the Month in the form of the stunning Isabella Leong and Maria Bello, as well. It is the one I mostly closely relate to her. The movie was a further piece of mediocre crap like the rest in this stupid series, but she looked hot and sexy, even with a scar on her face, as an evil solider. Honest to God, all I could think of watching her was how I would love to be held captive by her. Note to all readers: if Ms. Meng ever captures me and makes me her prisoner, I beg of you. DO NOT rescue me. Thank you.

Sadly, I have not seen the rest of her filmography, but I have seen her modeling pics. And, she is a goddess. I really liked seeing her on the cover of an Asian FHM.

Here is a fan made video featuring more stunning pics of this exquisite beauty.

With a flawlessly beautiful face, her gorgeous long, black hair, and hot body this woman is a vision of supreme perfection. Her sexy legs further to ensure that you will end up falling in love. And, then there is her sexy cleavage. You just have no hope to stand against the gorgeousness of this talented and underrated, here in the states anyway, babe.


Fred [The Wolf] said...

I just gave you an award: http://www.fullmoonreviews.net/2012/04/full-moon-reviews-is-now-4-years-old.html

Nat said...

Oh, so she's the woman behind the Asian villain, nice. She's really hot too.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Bad girls are hot. Asian girls are hot. Hence bad Asian girls are the hottest. lol!
Glad you you like her. She's a beautiful and under-appreciated beauty.