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Toy Fair 2011 Report- EMCE Zombie Toys

I've got another Toy Fair 2011 report up on the Gorezone. This one is about the awesome EMCE zombie toys. You will find it under the March 27, 2011 news here http://www.gorezone.net/news.html. After that it will move to the archives section where it will stay for three months.

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Random Hotness XIII: All Hotties Day

Truth be told this March day is far from being hot, here in NY. But, I hope this makes your day considerably hotter!

Adrianne Palicki- Last time I mentioned that Liz Hurley, and her incredible cleavage, would be playing the villianess in the Wonder Woman TV series. Well, it's Ms. Palicki that plays DC's Amazon. I honestly don't know much about this chick. And, yeah she's a babe, but I think Hurley's hotter. Not sure she's a the right choice for WW. I guess only time will tell. That said, she looks good in the outfit. But, I think she should have worn the shorts. I am a firm believer in more skin! Honest to God, though, I think this show will be probably be crap.

Dana Delany- And speaking of new TV shows, the always MILFy Dana Delany will be starring in some new medical drama called Body of Proof. It premieres March 29, 2011. Will it be good? Beats the fuck out of me. Will I watch it? Uh, maybe. I don't know. If I do, it will only because of the hotness of Ms. Delany. I've long liked her, and I think she still looks gorgeous. She definitely looks delicious in the ads:

Jamie Chung- One of this blog's most beloved girls is starring in what is easily the biggest release of the month, in particular as far as fellow geeks go: Sucker Punch!!!!! This is one of my most anticipated movies, this year. Now, I think she's the hottest babe in the whole movie. I, personally, think she's one of the most beautiful women in all of Hollywood. Anyways, she plays Amber in the movie. Aside, form her being in the movie, it does genuinely look ass kicking and cool. That and I like the director. His Dawn of the Dead remake was OK, at best, but 3oo was badass! But, it's his Watchmen that fucking rules. If it turns out good, this one could be a classic. Regardless, Chung is living perfection and a true goddess!

Tori Black- Now, let's talk about Tori Black. Last night, I started watching my blu-ray of Pornstar Superheroes, which I promise to review when, I'm done; and I was taken (AGAIN!) by her stunning beauty. I actually don't have anything new to really add to what I have said countless of times about her in past. Mostly, this is just an excuse to post more pics of her. I'm sure you are not complaining about that, right? Wait actually, I can say one more thing. She played Catwoman in the Batman XXX movie and Wonder Woman in that porn parody. Which ties her into the first girl I talked about, here! Score! Actually, I think she is hotter than Adrianne, and looks better in the outfit. Plus, the outfit is sexier. See, how much the shorts help? When, in doubt always go with the classic look, I say!Alexandra Daddario- I never really knew much about this babe, until I saw her this Saturday in Bereavement the superior prequel to the director's own, enjoyable Malevolence. This prequel is just merciless and mean-spirited to the bone. Speaking of bones, Ms. Daddario might just give you a boner in this movie. She has a very impressive rack. And, while she ain't nude, you can still stare in awe of them in the movie. They are a very special effect, in their own right!

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Songs With the Band's Own Name In the Title

This is one of those blogs, that came birthed out of pure boredom, but I think it's a fun one, nonetheless.

I was listening to some song, truthfully, I forget what it was. When, I asked what other bands have their name in the song title. I asked this some time back on my Twitter, but got no reaction. It was when I asked again last week, that I got some answers, and so here we go! The songs are in no particular order whatsoever. They are followed by my random thoughts on them. Enjoy!

Actually this is one of my fav Deicide songs. And, it comes form their self-titled debut album. Which is too say Deicide Deicide, Deicide!

Here Joey signs the Neil Turbin era song Anthrax. It's a cool song, but it's sadly no longer part of their set, at least not to my knowledge. The original version can be found on Fistful of Metal, the debut by Anthrax.

I fucking LOVE this Exodus song!!! Which is why I can't believe I forgot about this one! Thankfully one of my friend's reminded me over on Twitter. It's from their classic debut (hmm, noticing a trend here?) Bonded by Blood. That's still their best album, me thinks. Oh, yeah the lyrics on this one, might be the best of this batch of songs!

A friend/ follower on Twitter reminded me about this one. It's from, yep you guessed it, their debut album, entitled... wait for it... Kiss!!! A decent and catchy little track.

One of the most controversial bands on this list, this kick ass song is from their, yep, debut album. The title of that one? Body Count, of course!!! Yes kiddies, another triple namer (is that even word?) Great song, by the way, from one of my fav albums of the 90s.

Another song from the first Body Count album. I like this one even more. Great vid too, with footage from one of my fav Van Damme movies the ultra-violent, sci-fi/ actioner Universal Solider.

This one was bought up by another one of my friends on Twitter. Cool song from my fav power metal act.

Yes, another song from a debut album! And, another one where the name can be said thrice! Metal Church Metal Church, Metal Church! Whatever the case might be this is very cool song by a great thrash band, that also had some power metal mixed in, for good measure.

From their first album Iron Maiden, this classic was original sang, of course, by Paul DiAnno. In this live footage it's sung by Dickinson. Regardless, it's always part of their setg. And, it's a fun song to hear and sign. By the way, if your looking for a cool cover of this song check out the one done by Trivium.

Definitely my fav song from this band, this song makes me wanna shake my booty. But, I would prefer said booty shaking was done by a hot girl, extra points if said girl is Asian!

This most recent of these songs, and the one of the few ones with an actual video. Plus, I think it's the only that does NOT come from a debut album! I am not a big fan of this album, but this is song is OK I suppose. Still, Dimmu Borgir is one of my fav bands, so...

P.S. I was thinking of including Suicidal Maniac by Suicidal Tendencies, but not sure that counts, really, as only part of the name is in the title. So, let's give it an honorable mention.

Any other songs that I am missing? If so let me know!

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Vamplets Review

This is my review of the actual Vamplet dolls for the Gorezone.net. You'll find it under the March 20, 2011 news. It will then move to the archives pages, where it will remain, under that date for 3 months. Read it here: http://www.gorezone.net/news.html

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Exclusive Misti Dawn Interview- Miko Lee Vampire Flick

I recently got to conduct a brand new Misti Dawn interview, focused mainly on the new Miko Lee produced vampire porn flick. We talked about some other cool stuff, too.

  1. Tell me about this new vampire flick that you are shooting.
Well it is a high class feature about a vampire queen of sorts and her minions that help her feed. She decides who to save and who to change.

  1. How did you get involved with this project?
Miko is a friend of mine and when she had the project she thought a tattooed red head fit perfect.

  1. What’s the coolest thing about shooting a vampire porno?
Hanging out in a crazy, huge mansion and getting to have sex in it everywhere! It was insanely beautiful, reminded me a bit of the first resident evil mansion ha.

  1. What can you tell me about your sex scene(s)?
I had a 3 way with Ash Hollywood and Michael Vegas. He and I were vampires changing her, and it was great complete with fake blood and fangs! The other scene was a mass orgy that I spent the majority of my time with Lexington Steele, who was amazing. So many people were in the orgy I cant remember who all was there ha! Miko, Lenington, Michael Vegas, Faith Lean, Brooke Haven and more!

  1. What can you tell me about working on a Miko Lee production?
Was amazing. Easy. Professional. I wish every set what like hers! And, she has awesome catering by Marcus London.
  1. What was it like working with the rest of the cast?
They were all great mostly people I already knew, so it was just like hanging out and banging.

  1. What are some of your fav vampire films?
Dude, laugh as I'm sure you all will. I love the Full Moon Subspecies series.
  1. I know you’ve commented that you are not happy with the route the recently announced Spider-Man porno parody has taken, what would you do with a Spidey porno?
Well, they did what they had to do considering its a mainstream company and still on the fence about tattooed girls.

  1. Is there any other geek related thing that you love to see done correctly, of course, into a porno?
Oh, I have plenty of ideas and some in the works, but I don't want o give my secrets away just yet.

  1. What other updates do you have for us since I last interviewed back in June of last year?
I've been signed with LA Direct Models, and I've been shooting none stop!

  1. Do you have any other upcoming projects that you are working on or would like to promote?
My site of course, www.meowmistidawn.com and Revenge of the Nerds XXX & all my Penthouse work that is coming out now! twitter/meowmistidawn facebook/mistimeowdawn

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Music Mix: Darkness Is Visiting Me

So, this month, I was inspired to make two mixes. The first one was more of a badass mix, this one is decidedly different. It's definitely one that is darker, but no less heavy. I aimed to make one that you could listen to when you are mood for something that is much more bleak. Perhaps you are not feeling so hot. I find that these songs are great for just that time. Or maybe it's just that you are in a good mood, but wanna hear some darker shit, regardless.

With songs about death, Satan, evil, darkness, werewolves, and evil seductresses, I think you'll definitely like what I got in store for you this one. There is A LOT of black and thrash metal!!!

As for the cover, it's from Blood Hunter, and enjoyable vampire movie, starring the delicious Lucy Liu. I picked her as one of the hottest vampire babes, a long time ago.

Anyways, you can download the mix here: http://www.4shared.com/file/smMaKfkr/Darkness_Is_Visiting_Me.html

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Jayden Jaymes Unleashed

Title: Jayden Jaymes Unleashed
Studio: Elegant Angel
Cast: Jayden Jaymes, Pheonix Marie, Bobbi Starr, Tori Black

The shapely and gorgeous Jayden Jaymes stars in every scene in this hot, recent porn release from Elegant Angel.

The first one has her and one of my top personal favs, Tori Black. The opening tease (they all start with a tease scene, by the way) has some nice lesbian action. They start next to a pool, then move on to a sofa. Both of them look simply spectacular. They have truly amazing asses! Tori comes off as so beautiful and nasty as she eats Jayden's yummy ass. Then, a dude joins in and things get really HOT! Tori comes off as insatiable! I really like the way she dominates Jayden in the scene. Another hot moment in the movie has to be when they go for 69. The money shot sees them sharing the load as they kiss. In all, a killer scene that is the movie's second best moment.

Jayden is in bed by herself in a tease that is really sexy and has some nice editing. It leads to some dude fucking her. She proves to be an energetic cock sucker in a pretty good little scene, which turns great once the anal action starts. He goes back to fucking her snatch, next. Ultimately, he splooges on her tits. I am now offically a Jayden fan! And that ending is just HOT!

For the third scene Jayden is dressed in leather and lace. She looks HOT and seeing her like this drove me bonkers! Especially, when a butt plug goes in her delicious ass! Bobbi Starr appears. They have a nice lesbo tease which leads to hot lesbian sex! I simply love it when Bobbi slaps Jayden's face. She does this again later in the scene, as well. A lucky guy joins in on the fun. Bobbi is the first to suck his dick. Then, Jayden gets a "taste" of it as well. Lots of major heat, here! As a matter of fact, the whole scene has insane amounts of heat. Both of them take it in the butt. Bobbi is so sexy and dominate of Jayden. And now, dear readers, I am a Bobbi fan, as well! But, it's the anal action that will melt your player! I fucking love seeing Bobbi's yummy and hairy snatch has she takes it in the butt! I was soon thinking how lucky this dude is to have Jayden suck his balls and Bobbi his dick. They jerk him off. After, he blows his load, they lick and suck his cum. Then they make out for a while. It's an AMAZING ending to the BEST scene in the entire movie. Bobbi Starr is my future ex-wife, for sure!

The next outfit that Jayden wears reminds us what an amazing butt she has. It leads to an interracial scene. In this good scene, the dude gets to eat her ass, and what an ass it is! There is some good cocksucking. He shoots his load in her mouth, and uses her finger to push the extra cum into her mouth. Great way to end it!

In the final scene, Jayden and Phoenix Marie start things off nicely, as they make-out. Phoenix, who is ever so cute, makes Jayden suck on a dildo in a sexy moment. There is lots of anal action in the form of licking and sticking in of toys. Usually toy play can be somewhat of a turn-off, but that is not the case, here! And, of course, there is lots of ass fucking, as a dude joins the party. Phoenix is one nasty and sexy chick. Jayden takes an anal cream pie. Pheonix swallows it. Then, they proceed to make-out. It's a totally awesome ending to a damn good porno!!!

This film makes Jayden a star!! It's a great porno, that is well shot, and where the sex is nasty and sexy. As I said before, this movie made me a fan of the lovely Ms. Jaymes. If you already are a fan, then you would be insane NOT to buy this movie! And, if you wanna be introduced to her, or to a truly beautiful and shapely babe, then you also NEED to own this movie. It's another fine production form one of my fav studios, Elegant Angel.

The picture looks stunning. The colors are nice and vivid. Meanwhile, the sound is also flawless. As far as extras go we get an entertaining, little behind the scenes, where we see that Jayden is a fun and silly babe. Another extra is a really good interview with her. The part where she talks about the movie's interracial scene is really interesting. I loved it when she revealed that she, like me, has lots of love for Tori Black. Honestly, this interview made me love her even more. Also, included is a good still gallery.

3 1/2 out of 4 Woodies

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Toy Fair 2011 Report- Vamplets Edition

My latest Toy Fair 2011 report the Gorezone.net is centered around the adorable Vamplet dolls. You can find under the March 13, 2011 news at this link: http://www.gorezone.net/news.html. After a few days you will have to go to the archives section and look for it under that same date. It will remain there for three months.

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RIP Fromer Alice In Chanis Bassist Mike Starr

Just wrote this little blog/ tribute on Mike Starr over on Altpornstar.com.

As I said before today, separate links are not working over there, so just read it on my main blog page: http://mastergio.altpornstar.com/ If and when individual links are working over it will be found at: http://altpornstar.com/2011/03/rip-fromer-alice-in-chanis-bassist-mike-starr/

UPDATE: The permalink is not working! :D

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Random Hotness XII: Hotness, Sweet Hotness

It's been roughly a year since I did one of these, but I know my long time readers love them. And, my readers who have never seen me post one of these are sure to enjoy them, too.

Liz Hurley- It's recently been revealed that the breath-taking Ms. Hurley will play the Wonder Woman villain Veronica Cale in the new TV series. The show will have some chick named Adrianne Palicki play the title heroine. The series sounds like it will be crap. But, I do heart Hurley. I first remember her from Passenger 57 where she played a plane hijacking terrorist. While, that movie is certainly not good; she looked REALLY good, in it. She can hold me hostage any time she wants to. She has an absolutely amazing rack, that my pants simply cannot get enough of. Truth be told, it will be hard to cheer for the heroine in this one. Score one for the bad girls of TV land!Tia Ling- I have professed my love for this Korean goddess before here. She even made it to number eight in my Top 70 Hottest Babes of 2010 and is a former Hot Asian Girl of the Month. I really cannot get enough of her or her pornos!!! I think I might be in love. Do you think Tia would marry me? :) Anyways, I can assure you that Ms. Ling will continue to get LOTS of love here!Bai Ling- Speaking of smoking hot Asians whose last name is Ling, the smoldering and sexy Bai Ling will be at Chiller this April/ May!!!! Dude and dudettes, when my friend Pat told me this news on my Facebook, I fucking flipped!!! Meeting her is gonna be epic!!! Honest, to God I been a fan of hers since I saw her play the bad chick in the classic action/ horror/ revenge flick The Crow. She is also gonna be in the new season of Celebrity Rehab. Since Amy Fisher will be on that, too, I'm gonna have to watch it. But, for now, I just want it to be Chiller time, so I can have the pleasure of meeting her!!!Candace Bailey- It's official, I'm greatly enjoying Ms. Bailey on Attack of the Show. Now, admit ably, I think Olivia Munn is more beautiful, but Candace is so damn cute! With Olivia gone seemingly from the geek world, I think Candace is the NEW geek goddess! To cement this she shot a Maxim layout not so long ago. Candace comes off so cute and sweet on TV, and she really tries to understand/ get into geek culture, so it is impossible not to love her. But, if you think that she is just cute, then you ain't seen her in her dom outfit. I mean DAMN!!!Sunny- Finally, last night on WWE Raw it was revealed that the gorgeous Sunny, aka Tammy Lynn Sytch, will be inducted into the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame! I gotta say her induction is the one I most excited about, at least so far. While, it can be argued that Medusa and/ or Miss Elizabeth should have been inducted first, there is no arguing the fact that DESERVES to be inducted! She was the first Diva, and even the most downloaded woman back, in the day.
Sunny worked in the WWF/E in the mid to late 90s. I twas during this time, while I was in college, that I had THE BIGGEST crush on her. I even had her Raw T-shirt and I currently own her Legends action figure (based on her Legion of Doom look). She then went on to work for WCW and ECW.
While, there were tough times for her, she looks stunning once again. And, when I met her last year at the Big Apple Con, she was a total sweetie. She told me she liked my spike bracelets. She even waved hi to me later in the day, when I was walking around with my friend Kristie. Sunny days are back! So, all hail the WWE's first, and of the greatest wrestling divas in ANY organization!! And, congrats to her for getting inducted. I will always love Sunny, and thus, so will my blog! :D

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