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Songs With the Band's Own Name In the Title

This is one of those blogs, that came birthed out of pure boredom, but I think it's a fun one, nonetheless.

I was listening to some song, truthfully, I forget what it was. When, I asked what other bands have their name in the song title. I asked this some time back on my Twitter, but got no reaction. It was when I asked again last week, that I got some answers, and so here we go! The songs are in no particular order whatsoever. They are followed by my random thoughts on them. Enjoy!

Actually this is one of my fav Deicide songs. And, it comes form their self-titled debut album. Which is too say Deicide Deicide, Deicide!

Here Joey signs the Neil Turbin era song Anthrax. It's a cool song, but it's sadly no longer part of their set, at least not to my knowledge. The original version can be found on Fistful of Metal, the debut by Anthrax.

I fucking LOVE this Exodus song!!! Which is why I can't believe I forgot about this one! Thankfully one of my friend's reminded me over on Twitter. It's from their classic debut (hmm, noticing a trend here?) Bonded by Blood. That's still their best album, me thinks. Oh, yeah the lyrics on this one, might be the best of this batch of songs!

A friend/ follower on Twitter reminded me about this one. It's from, yep you guessed it, their debut album, entitled... wait for it... Kiss!!! A decent and catchy little track.

One of the most controversial bands on this list, this kick ass song is from their, yep, debut album. The title of that one? Body Count, of course!!! Yes kiddies, another triple namer (is that even word?) Great song, by the way, from one of my fav albums of the 90s.

Another song from the first Body Count album. I like this one even more. Great vid too, with footage from one of my fav Van Damme movies the ultra-violent, sci-fi/ actioner Universal Solider.

This one was bought up by another one of my friends on Twitter. Cool song from my fav power metal act.

Yes, another song from a debut album! And, another one where the name can be said thrice! Metal Church Metal Church, Metal Church! Whatever the case might be this is very cool song by a great thrash band, that also had some power metal mixed in, for good measure.

From their first album Iron Maiden, this classic was original sang, of course, by Paul DiAnno. In this live footage it's sung by Dickinson. Regardless, it's always part of their setg. And, it's a fun song to hear and sign. By the way, if your looking for a cool cover of this song check out the one done by Trivium.

Definitely my fav song from this band, this song makes me wanna shake my booty. But, I would prefer said booty shaking was done by a hot girl, extra points if said girl is Asian!

This most recent of these songs, and the one of the few ones with an actual video. Plus, I think it's the only that does NOT come from a debut album! I am not a big fan of this album, but this is song is OK I suppose. Still, Dimmu Borgir is one of my fav bands, so...

P.S. I was thinking of including Suicidal Maniac by Suicidal Tendencies, but not sure that counts, really, as only part of the name is in the title. So, let's give it an honorable mention.

Any other songs that I am missing? If so let me know!

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Anonymous said...

You're missing "Belle and Sebastian" from the album "Dog on Wheels", by Belle and Sebastian :-D

Giovanni Deldio said...

Thanx for mentioning that. :)