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Random Hotness XIII: All Hotties Day

Truth be told this March day is far from being hot, here in NY. But, I hope this makes your day considerably hotter!

Adrianne Palicki- Last time I mentioned that Liz Hurley, and her incredible cleavage, would be playing the villianess in the Wonder Woman TV series. Well, it's Ms. Palicki that plays DC's Amazon. I honestly don't know much about this chick. And, yeah she's a babe, but I think Hurley's hotter. Not sure she's a the right choice for WW. I guess only time will tell. That said, she looks good in the outfit. But, I think she should have worn the shorts. I am a firm believer in more skin! Honest to God, though, I think this show will be probably be crap.

Dana Delany- And speaking of new TV shows, the always MILFy Dana Delany will be starring in some new medical drama called Body of Proof. It premieres March 29, 2011. Will it be good? Beats the fuck out of me. Will I watch it? Uh, maybe. I don't know. If I do, it will only because of the hotness of Ms. Delany. I've long liked her, and I think she still looks gorgeous. She definitely looks delicious in the ads:

Jamie Chung- One of this blog's most beloved girls is starring in what is easily the biggest release of the month, in particular as far as fellow geeks go: Sucker Punch!!!!! This is one of my most anticipated movies, this year. Now, I think she's the hottest babe in the whole movie. I, personally, think she's one of the most beautiful women in all of Hollywood. Anyways, she plays Amber in the movie. Aside, form her being in the movie, it does genuinely look ass kicking and cool. That and I like the director. His Dawn of the Dead remake was OK, at best, but 3oo was badass! But, it's his Watchmen that fucking rules. If it turns out good, this one could be a classic. Regardless, Chung is living perfection and a true goddess!

Tori Black- Now, let's talk about Tori Black. Last night, I started watching my blu-ray of Pornstar Superheroes, which I promise to review when, I'm done; and I was taken (AGAIN!) by her stunning beauty. I actually don't have anything new to really add to what I have said countless of times about her in past. Mostly, this is just an excuse to post more pics of her. I'm sure you are not complaining about that, right? Wait actually, I can say one more thing. She played Catwoman in the Batman XXX movie and Wonder Woman in that porn parody. Which ties her into the first girl I talked about, here! Score! Actually, I think she is hotter than Adrianne, and looks better in the outfit. Plus, the outfit is sexier. See, how much the shorts help? When, in doubt always go with the classic look, I say!Alexandra Daddario- I never really knew much about this babe, until I saw her this Saturday in Bereavement the superior prequel to the director's own, enjoyable Malevolence. This prequel is just merciless and mean-spirited to the bone. Speaking of bones, Ms. Daddario might just give you a boner in this movie. She has a very impressive rack. And, while she ain't nude, you can still stare in awe of them in the movie. They are a very special effect, in their own right!

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