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Exclusive Misti Dawn Interview- Miko Lee Vampire Flick

I recently got to conduct a brand new Misti Dawn interview, focused mainly on the new Miko Lee produced vampire porn flick. We talked about some other cool stuff, too.

  1. Tell me about this new vampire flick that you are shooting.
Well it is a high class feature about a vampire queen of sorts and her minions that help her feed. She decides who to save and who to change.

  1. How did you get involved with this project?
Miko is a friend of mine and when she had the project she thought a tattooed red head fit perfect.

  1. What’s the coolest thing about shooting a vampire porno?
Hanging out in a crazy, huge mansion and getting to have sex in it everywhere! It was insanely beautiful, reminded me a bit of the first resident evil mansion ha.

  1. What can you tell me about your sex scene(s)?
I had a 3 way with Ash Hollywood and Michael Vegas. He and I were vampires changing her, and it was great complete with fake blood and fangs! The other scene was a mass orgy that I spent the majority of my time with Lexington Steele, who was amazing. So many people were in the orgy I cant remember who all was there ha! Miko, Lenington, Michael Vegas, Faith Lean, Brooke Haven and more!

  1. What can you tell me about working on a Miko Lee production?
Was amazing. Easy. Professional. I wish every set what like hers! And, she has awesome catering by Marcus London.
  1. What was it like working with the rest of the cast?
They were all great mostly people I already knew, so it was just like hanging out and banging.

  1. What are some of your fav vampire films?
Dude, laugh as I'm sure you all will. I love the Full Moon Subspecies series.
  1. I know you’ve commented that you are not happy with the route the recently announced Spider-Man porno parody has taken, what would you do with a Spidey porno?
Well, they did what they had to do considering its a mainstream company and still on the fence about tattooed girls.

  1. Is there any other geek related thing that you love to see done correctly, of course, into a porno?
Oh, I have plenty of ideas and some in the works, but I don't want o give my secrets away just yet.

  1. What other updates do you have for us since I last interviewed back in June of last year?
I've been signed with LA Direct Models, and I've been shooting none stop!

  1. Do you have any other upcoming projects that you are working on or would like to promote?
My site of course, www.meowmistidawn.com and Revenge of the Nerds XXX & all my Penthouse work that is coming out now! twitter/meowmistidawn facebook/mistimeowdawn

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