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Music Mix: From Asia with Love

This mix is a little different. Not all of the bands are metal bands, but they are all either from Asia or have Asian members in them. A couple of them have some cute Asian babes in them. Music ranges form poppier stuff to thrash to hair metal to black metal. You can get it here: http://www.4shared.com/dir/8992296/94c155c4/sharing.html

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Battlestar Galatica- The Final Episode


And, so this past Friday, March 20, 2009 gave to us the final episode of what is the greatest sci-fi show, ever: Battlestar Galatica. And, I have to say I was blown away by it!

This season was such an amazing, kick ass experience, like the show has been from the get go. I adored the whole two-parter with the mutiny on the Battlestar and President Roslin's kick ass response!

Anyway, lets get to talking about the ending. At over two hours long, this was an exciting, emotional, and ingenious way to end the series. They got everything right and answered everything that needed to be.

There were so many great moment that just completely got me. Here are some of my favorites:

- Boomer rescuing Athena. I loved this. When we first met Boomer, she was one of my favorite characters. But, as she became more evil, I quickly grew to hate her character. Her redemption at the end was great. Loved the flashback to her, Colonel Tigh, and Adama. Although, she really did get her just deserts, at the hands of Athena (hands down my second fav character on the entire show).

- Baltar- It seemed that he would never change. Just a few episodes ago Caprica told him, "You have not changed, I have". That was such a great defining moment in both their characters. Then he grows some balls and decides to fight in the last episode. The scene where he and Caprica take Athena, had me screaming, "Traitorous bitch!" to her. But, alas it was needed to be so that the whole climax could be set off. The revelation of their angels was classic. Redemption achieved for Baltar!

- The Chief- Man, if there was one thing I was waiting for was for him to find out that that bitch Tory had made Cally get sucked through the air-hole. So, when it occurred and he snapped that twat's neck, I frakking flipped out! I think this the moment I cheered the loudest in the entire episode, if not series!

- The Cylon Centurions- Man, I feel like such a nerd saying this, but I loved seeing the "good" Centurions battling the "bad" ones. So fucking cool. Plus, the fact that they get to fly away into space and find their own destiny is fucking awesome.

- Tears- Fuck man, I totally cried when Helo got shot. Thank goodness he lived though. He is my third favorite character. And, his relationship with Athena was probably my favorite on going story in the entire series. Glad, they stayed a happy couple. I also cried in the scene with Starbuck and Sam. I always liked Sam more than Lee (no don't get me wrong, I like Lee, a lot, but just saying...), his character arc was great. And, Starbuck, what can I say, she is an angel, literally! Great arc for her as well. But, the most tears cam from seeing Roslin die. We all knew this would happen. I loved it when Adama (my fav character) took her into the ship.

Man, you know what, I could go on and on about what I loved in this episode. As, I liked it all, very single minute and second of it. No science fiction show has ever made me cry, has ever made feel so many emotions, like this one and it's ending did. This is the best ending to a series, ever. And, while both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel had amazing endings, even these were topped by BSG.

I don't know if Caprica will live up this sort of greatness, but I will be watching. Long live Battlestar Galatica, you will be greatly missed.

On two side notes, I no longer will have my Grace Park fix, so I am gonna start to watch The Fixer, but my expectations are low...

Meanwhile, I cannot wait to meet Edward James Olmos at Chiller next month. He has been one of my favorite actors since I was a kid. And, his character of Admiral Adama is a hero of mine. Kat will be there, too. I think I may go up to her, as well.

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Asian P.O.V. 2

Title: Asian P.O.V. 2
Cast: Lucy Lee, Nakia Ty, Kemmy, Asia
Studio: Devil's Films

This four scene, Asian, P.O.V style porno starts off with its' best scene. Cover girl Lucy Lee, looking so yummy and sexy, is a great performer and a favorite of mine. She really knows how to suck a dick. She gets some hot doggie style action. She gets a facial and licks the remaining cum off of the guy's hand. She looks fucking hot cum covered. A great scene that is hot through it's entire duration.

Next, we get cute Asia. It's a pretty good scene with lots of hot BJ action between the fucking. She has a great ass, but sadly there is no anal action. The P.O.V. action is nicely shot, though. And, the ending facial is good.

The third scene has the very pretty Naki Ty. It starts off sexy with her playing with a dildo. But, it soon goes down hill from there. She keeps gagging while giving a blow-job. She even gags as she gets a facial. It looks like she might hurl, and that she was clearly not enjoying herself. So, I definitely did not enjoy this scene. It ultimately stops this from being a perfect movie.

The last scene bring the quality back up, as Kemmy, a hot Japanese babe with killer legs and nice thighs, plays with a dildo. Soon she gets to the fucking, and it's all good! There is some great P.O.V. shots of her amazing ass, and a nice facial ends the movie on a happy note.

Well, three good scenes out of four is more than enough of a reason to see this, especially when the first two are total scorchers. The movie looks great and like other Devil's Film the sound is sweet. The extras include a nice slide show and a couple of pretty hot trailers to movies I may need to hunt down.

3 1/2 out of 4 Woodies

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Showtime's Deeper Throat

I been watching the new reality TV series Deeper Throat, on Showtime since it premiered on Fed. 14th (yes, Valentine's Day, at least something good came out of that shitty day...) and been enjoying it greatly.

Now, I first heard of it thanks to one of my fav blogs to read, Genesis Online. The show deals with Vivid Video trying to remake the porn classic Deep Throat . Now, I never seen the original, and who knows, if I ever will. But, any porn fan knows how important that film is to the adult biz. Anyways, Steve Hirsch, the owner of Vivid, tries to get the rights, then has his main director, Paul Thomas (aka PT) make it. The owner of the rights to Deep Throat is none to happy, but agrees to let it be made. Still, he wants to make his own version.

Meanwhile, PT starts to look for the lead girl, as it has been decided that it should not be a Vivid girl. The girl needs to be able deep throat (duh!), but also be able to carry a film. It ends up being the gorgeous, and one this blog's most beloved babes, Sasha Grey who, and rightfully so, gets the lead role.

Along the way, we see the lovely and naturally breasted Hanna Hilton join Vivid Video, as well as former Miss USA, the pretty Kelli McCarthy . By the way, anyone see Kelli's film? If so please tell me your thoughts.

And, of course there is all the drama that reality TV thrives on. Problems with script, troubles with the owner of Deep Throat, and other moments that add to the show. As you would expect to see there are lots of hot, naked babes in the show, but one that really stood out, well at least outside of the Vivid girls or Sasha, is Sarah Vandella . She comes off as having a lot of attitude (might be cause this babe is form right here in NYC!). I loved the scene where shes tries out for the lead, but tells PT that she does not act only fucks! Ahh, what a goddess! But, her attitude gets to much and in the last episode, that they aired, she gets kicked off the set, as PT gets way pissed off. I am sure the fact that the guy sent by the owner of the original film, tped his car did not help!

In all this is a fascinating show for those interested in seeing how a major porn film is made. But, it is also really fun and entertaining. I think that is is probably one of the best reality shows in a while. And, hey let's be honest the hot naked babes help! Check it out if you ain't done so, yet!

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All Alone

Title: All Alone
Studio: 3rd Degree
Cast: Jenna Haze, Alektra Blue, Courtney Cummz, Joey Valentine, Victoria Sweet, Holly Morgan, Daisy Marie, Mikayla, Nadia Styles, Cassie Courtland, Carmen Kinsley, Chloe Morgan, Sammie Rhodes, Penny Flame, Jayna Oso, Emma Redd, Dee, Jenaveve Jolie, Audrey Bitoni, and Chelsie Rae

This two disc is all solo female masturbation fun. There is a huge cast, all of them beautiful. Although, I would have preferred less of the Playboy type chick, but there is some pretty Latina and one Asian girl thrown in for some nice variety. Though, more would have been appreciated.

I am not the biggest fan of solo movies, but if done right, it can be sexy. As I would have expected the scenes end up ranging from bleh to really fucking hot and sexy. To me the key to making a solo scene is not only that the woman is hot, but that she knows how to play up to the camera. She has to know how to tease and seduce the camera and act straight up slutty. It is not just about shoving some toy up her random orifice.

Keeping that in mind the girls who deliver the best scenes are: Jenna Haze, Alektra Blue, Daisy Marie (maybe the sexiest scene in the entire movie), Jayna Oso (come on, as hot as Jayna is there needed to be more Asians!), Penny Flame (love how she talks to the camera!), Dee (who still looks amazing and sexy), Courtney Cummz, and few others. A few of the other scenes bored me though, and I just fast forwarded all the way through those.

There are so many girls that the film is broken up into two discs. Shot in HD the movie looks beautiful. This one will rock your HD TV! The sounds is really nice, too. As far as extras, go both discs have the same trailers. But, you also get stills, and an extra scene on each one. Disc one has a decent scene with Jenaveve Jolie and her wondrous God-given titties getting porked by some lucky dude. The real scorcher though is on the second disc. It features Amy Reid and Carli Banks in a RED HOT lesbo scene. There is a lot of kissing between, which I like.

In all, I think this movie, tough, uneven, is worth checking out, in particular if you enjoy seeing women play with themselves.

2 1/2 Woodies out of 4

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The Top 5 Wes Craven Films

On March 13th the unneeded remake of Wes Craven's classic The Last House on the Left will be hitting theaters. The trailer seems to imply that they got it all wrong. So unless one of you has seen it and can tell they have done a nice job, I am thinking this one is more The Fog than Halloween or Friday the 13th as far as modern remakes go.

Craven has made some pretty shitty films, in particular in the last few years. I mean when your best recent film is Red Eye, well that says a lot or doesn't depending on your take on things. But, despite this the man has made some of the genre's most important and influence films. Here then are his 5 best movies:

5. - This movie bought back the slasher film, albeit in a much more Hollywood manner. While many of the films it inspired or that ripped off of it, or it's inferior Craven helmed sequels (the third one was terrible!), it still stands a solid film. The problem is that over the years the movie has not aged well and does not hold to repeated. Baring that in mind the opening scene is still a classic moment (in particular in the unrated cut, sadly only seen on laserdisc). There is some good acting and the climax is thrilling. I enjoy the deconstructing of the slasher film, but it has many faults. But, then you see a piece of festering and worthless shit like Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon and really appreciate this movie. A classic despite all it's issues.

4. - Wes Craven and producer Sean Cunningham (who would go to direct the original Friday the 13th) gave us one of the most brutal and disturbing horror films ever made in this grindhouse classic. I think this film would be perfect if not for the stupid humor which is so out of place in a film like this. The villains are great in their role, in particular David Hess, who gave a career defining performance as scumbag Krug. The victims also give great performances, and the parents vengeance is highly satisfying. The brutal violence and degradation is still powerful, even after all my viewings and all the years that have passed. A film that is a landmark of it's time, it remains one of the greatest rape revenge films ever, topped only by Ms. 45.

3. - Before Craven deconstructed the slasher film with Scream he did it here. It's a great idea, that does work, but not as good as it could have. I have found that the film plays best the first time around, but regardless this a well written and acted movie. The lovely Heather Langenkamp gives a stellar performance. And, it is a blast to see Englund, Craven, Saxon, and Shay all playing themselves. The prospect of Freddy coming into the real world and terrorizing the lead from the original film is really an interesting. As is the involvement of such real life things such as actress stalking and the effects of violent horror on children.

2. - Continuing the more hardcore aspect of the horrors of LOTHL Craven wrote and directed this brutal, intense, and enthralling classic. The fact that both the villains and heroes are shown through their family life, adds an interesting dynamic to the proceedings. The attack on the family in the trailer remains one of Craven's strongest and most frightening moments. It is also highly satisfying when the heroes fight back. Avoid the Craven directed sequel or the sequel to the enjoyable, albeit inferior remake, as they both suck Micheal Berryman's asshole.

1. - Craven's best film is not only his scariest movie, but it is also one of the scariest horror films ever made. Like the early movies in his career this is an important and influential movie within the genre. ANOES took the slasher movie and added a new fantasy/ supernatural element that had not been present before. It is also a highly original and surreal movie that does a great job of presenting the world of our nightmares. The cast is good, with some classic performances. But, beyond all that it heralded a new horror villain in the form of Freddy Kreuger. While, the series would go down a more FX heavy/ pun filled style, the original remains a dark and terrifying movie and my third favorite movie ever.

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Hot Asian Girl of the Month- Kristin Kreuk

This Friday Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li hit the movies (more on that film later), so I this was a perfect time to make the absolutely jaw dropping beauty that is Kristin Kreuk my Hot Asian of the Month. I would also like to add that this month is this features first anniversary!

Kristin was born on December 30, 1982 (that makes her 26, just in case you were wondering) in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Her father is of Dutch descent, while her mom, though born in Indonesia, is of Chinese descent. She trained in gymnastics till 11th grade when scoliosis, no it loner made it possible to continue to do so.

Then in secondary school she, to her surprise, got the role of Chinese/ Canadian character, Laurel Yeung on Vancouver-shot show, Edgemont.

Her most famous role was soon to come, though. She became Lana Lang in the long running Smallville TV series. While, her character left town, she still appears to help wrap-up her character's storyline.

She has also done some modeling work for Neutrogena, and when she extended her contract, she became the longest lasting spokes model for them. With her beautiful face, she was perfect for this.

She has also done some movie roles, including a cameo role in Eurotrip, as the babe that cause the lead character to go on said Road Trip. The movie, itself, was pretty good, until the stupid last thirty minutes, where I stopped giving a flying fuck about it. But, of course her most recent role is as Chun-Li (my all time favorite character to play as in the Street Fighter games). Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li is actually pretty entertaining. Now, mind you I went expecting shit, but I ended up having a lot of fun with the movie. My only complaint is Chris Klein who out right sucks in his role. But, the fight scenes are good. Kruek is not the only hot Asian in the film, by the way. Look for lovely Josie Ho and smoldering hot Moon Bloodgood in supporting roles. Kruek, herself, is really good in her role. She kicks a lot of ass in it and does some nice acting to boot.

She was on Attack of the Show, a week before the movie came out to promote it, and they said that she is so nice in person. She also managed to show off her amazing legs! The short hair she is wearing currently looks sexy on her, I think.

Whatever the case maybe, Kruek has what is quite possibly one of the most beautiful faces I ever did see . A great smile, beautiful green colored almond-shaped eyes, and lovely hair . This video should cement that fact in your mind:

In all Kristin is an exotic goddess, and I eagerly await all of her future endeavors.

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