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Hot Asian Girl of the Month- Kristin Kreuk

This Friday Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li hit the movies (more on that film later), so I this was a perfect time to make the absolutely jaw dropping beauty that is Kristin Kreuk my Hot Asian of the Month. I would also like to add that this month is this features first anniversary!

Kristin was born on December 30, 1982 (that makes her 26, just in case you were wondering) in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Her father is of Dutch descent, while her mom, though born in Indonesia, is of Chinese descent. She trained in gymnastics till 11th grade when scoliosis, no it loner made it possible to continue to do so.

Then in secondary school she, to her surprise, got the role of Chinese/ Canadian character, Laurel Yeung on Vancouver-shot show, Edgemont.

Her most famous role was soon to come, though. She became Lana Lang in the long running Smallville TV series. While, her character left town, she still appears to help wrap-up her character's storyline.

She has also done some modeling work for Neutrogena, and when she extended her contract, she became the longest lasting spokes model for them. With her beautiful face, she was perfect for this.

She has also done some movie roles, including a cameo role in Eurotrip, as the babe that cause the lead character to go on said Road Trip. The movie, itself, was pretty good, until the stupid last thirty minutes, where I stopped giving a flying fuck about it. But, of course her most recent role is as Chun-Li (my all time favorite character to play as in the Street Fighter games). Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li is actually pretty entertaining. Now, mind you I went expecting shit, but I ended up having a lot of fun with the movie. My only complaint is Chris Klein who out right sucks in his role. But, the fight scenes are good. Kruek is not the only hot Asian in the film, by the way. Look for lovely Josie Ho and smoldering hot Moon Bloodgood in supporting roles. Kruek, herself, is really good in her role. She kicks a lot of ass in it and does some nice acting to boot.

She was on Attack of the Show, a week before the movie came out to promote it, and they said that she is so nice in person. She also managed to show off her amazing legs! The short hair she is wearing currently looks sexy on her, I think.

Whatever the case maybe, Kruek has what is quite possibly one of the most beautiful faces I ever did see . A great smile, beautiful green colored almond-shaped eyes, and lovely hair . This video should cement that fact in your mind:

In all Kristin is an exotic goddess, and I eagerly await all of her future endeavors.

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