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AVN Expo 2016 Sat: Part 2- A Ravishing Redhead! Beautiful Brunettes! Sexy Blondes!

Continuing our Saturday adventures at the 2016 edition of the Adult Entertainment Expo, we noticed that the beautiful Skin Diamond had set-up next to the side of the  Burning Angel booth and right by the Stockroom booths. She was very friendly and sweet, as we talked to her for a bit. I got to complement her on her awesome onstage burlesque performance the day before that had a part of it set to the classic Deftones track "Change in the House of Flies". Not surprisingly she's a fellow big fan of the band.
Afterwards, we caught up with the always beautiful Akira Lane. We had missed her the other days, so it was great to see and talk to her a bit. 

One of my personal favorites Tori Black was close by, and I was super happy to get to shoot some pics of her. At firs she was posing with some beautiful blondes, including Tasha Reign, then just by herself. Tori will, to me, always be one of the most beautiful women in the entire world.

Another favorite of mine, that we got to see is Penny Pax. Her combination of cute and sexy makes her a complete knockout. I mean how you can not love a beautiful redhead with glasses?! Holy shit! She is just too hot! She also happens to be a sweetheart and was all smiles, when we saw her.
And, now it's time for some extra beauties for you all to enjoy:

AVN Expo 2016 Sat: Part 1: Gorgeous Blondes, Sexy Japanese Girls, and More!
All photography by BAS Photography & Design and myself.


Metal Church Live at B.B. Kings in NYC 3/28/16

Last night on March 28, 2016, I hit B.B. Kings in NYC to see thrash metallers Metal Church rock the house. And, man, they more than delivered the goods, in a what amounted to a truly AMAZING show!

The first act to play was Bronx, NY power metal band Lost Legacy. They played an exciting set of kick ass tunes. The band is extremely technically sound and are fronted by David Fanco, who has an amazing voice and range. He also has some cool hair! But in all seriousness, I am not a power metal fan, and I still liked their music, a lot! So, that is really saying something. They have a heavy and soaring metal sound which was a great way to have the fans get ready for what would be an epic night.
The next band up was San Francisco thrash band Hatchet. Holy shit, these guys are awesome! They had a really fast and kick ass sound. The band sound great and have an awesome technical ferocity that just shreds. I also love Julz Ramos' vocals. Dude has a killer screaming voice. Hearing them I can definitely attest that if you like bands like Slayer, Anthrax, Metallica, Kreator, and Overkill, then this is the band for you. They got the audience pumped up enough to deliver the night's first mosh pit.
And, then it was time for one of the most technically amazing bands of 80s thrash metal acts to play: the fucking mighty Metal Church! Aside from having one of the coolest names in the metal world, they're mix of thrash with NWOBHM/ power metal tinged proficiency always made them shine in mine and many others minds. What makes this even more exciting is that signer Mike Howe, who hadn't played with them since the mid 90s, when the band split up, is now back with them.
Another highlight is that on this tour, guitar master Chris Caffery of Savatage and The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is filling for regular band guitarist, Rick Van Zandt, who has a nasty eye infection. Needless to say, he fucking shredded. Dude just drips talent from every pour of his body. As, does everyone in Metal Church. They just sounded so amazing. I have been a fan of theirs them for ages. But, upon having seeing them live last night; I love them even more! Meanwhile, vocalist Howe is just incredible live. He sounds just as great onstage as he does on their albums. We, Metal Church fans, are so happy to have him back in the band!
They played a couple of new tracks from their latest release XI, which is a shredding, kick ass album. It really is an amazing "comeback" album that ranks as one of the most exciting albums I have heard this year. The news songs they played were "Reset", the kick ass "Killing Your Time", and the awesome "No Tomorrow", the first video off of the album. Of course, they also played classic tracks like the badass "Start the Fire" and the fan favorite "Watch the Children Pray", which happens to be one of my favorite tracks of theirs. They encored the night with "Badlands" and the blistering "The Human Factor". It was an excellent way to end an awesome concert of real metal! Horns up to Metal Church, as well as the two bands that played before them on this most metallic night!

Chris Caffery played an absolutely awe inspiring solo. But, that is to be expected with a guitar god such as he is!


(Video) Catching Up with Jessie Lee at AVN Expo 2016

The beautiful and awesome Jessie Lee was at the Burning Angel booth on Jan. 23, 2016, the very last day of the Adult Entertainment Expo. We took this as an opportunity to catch up and interview the tatted beauty, as we talked the multi AVN nominated Killer Kleavage from Outer Space from Burning Angel, which she was in, her current career of cutting and doing hair, and more.
Check it out in the video below:


All photography, camera work, and video editing by BAS Photography & Design.  


Horror Crush: Cristina Raines

First off, I hope you are all having a Happy Easter. If you don't celebrate Easter, then I hope you are at least having a happy Sunday! Anyways, I want you to think of me as a special horror loving bunny that brings you horror hotness, today, as I'm giving you a new addition to my Horror Crushes! It might have been a while, since I last gave you one, but I promised there would be more to come! This time it's stunning brunette Cristina Raines!

The beautiful Cristina Raines was born in Manila, Philippines on Feb. 28, 1952. Her parents were American, her father of Colombian and Swedish/ German descent, while her mom was of Scottish/ Irish decent. While, she might be best known for her role the soap Flamingo Road, where she played Lane Ballou, horror fans best know her from Michael (Death Wish 1-3) Winner's Satanic horror flick The Sentinel (1977).
The Sentinel tells the tale of a beautiful model (Raines) who moves to a Brooklyn apartment. She sees that she has some very eccentric neighbors, including a crazy, but seemingly nice old man (Burgess Meredith), a horny and predatory lesbian couple (Sylvia Miles and Beverly D'Angelo), perhaps most creepy of all- a blind priest (horror legend John Carradine) who just sits in front of his window, and others. She is soon haunted by horrific images and apparitions. And, we eventually learn that the building stands on a doorway to hell.
The movie features an amazing cast. Aside from the aforementioned it also has Christopher Walken, Tom Berenger, Chris Sarandon, Jeff Goldbulm, and more. It's deliberately paced, and very creepy. The climax is really exciting. While, the gore effects by Dick Smith are excellent and quite bloody. Raines is excellent in her role, and she is perfectly cast as a supermodel. You care for her, and admit ably she looks great in her negligee. I think this is a solid movie, that does get some praise but is, at times, underrated. It's also kind of politically incorrect, in it's use of real life freaks and in its portrayal of lesbians, but if you can look over that, you will love this movie. Regardless, of how that makes you feel, I know you will love Raines! Scream Factory put out a blu-ray sometime back that looks and sounds great and has lots of cool extra-features, including running commentary by Raines.
The only other horror flick she did was anthology flick Nightmares. Her story has her driving around with a killer in backseat. I never seen this one, have any of you? If so please share your thoughts with me!
She was also on Alfred Hitchcock Presents, but that's where her horror work ends. With dark hair, gorgeous eyes, a stunning face, and a beautiful body Raines is an awe-inspiring vision of beauty. Her acting talent makes her more than just pretty face, though. Having starred in such a great 70s horror film like The Sentinel will keep horror fans talking about her and falling in love with her!