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Toy Fair 2016: Funko

Toy Fair 2016 was held last month between Feb. 12-15. We attended the first two days (Sat and Sun). We, of course hit many booths, but while I loved a bunch,  there is one whose product I most look forward to seeing. And, that is Funko, of course!

At the very top you will see the upcoming Farbications. I NEED that Stay Puft and badly! Below you will some others that are coming up in the line.
I only just started to collect Mopeez, and I am surely gonna have to pick some of these horror Mopeez!
 Oh my fucking God!! Michael and Ghostface are just too freaking adorable!!!

Check out some more random awesomeness from their booth:
 Dear God, if I don't get Spider-Gwen, I might just go insane from the lack of owning it!
 I am not a fan of Reaction figures, but... This is AWESOME! That Alien Queen rules!
 This line is a little to expensive for my tastes, but this Godzilla is cool as fuck!
Time for my favorite line of toys ever, my addiction, and the main reason I really look seeing Funko's booth every year: Pops!!!
The Secret Life of Pets. These look awesome! As does the movie. I will surely be buying at least a few of these. But, where is the poodle that listens to System of a Down? I own a toy poodle and listen to metal with her. I need a Pop of that dude! Come on, Funko make one! Please!!!!!!

The new Ghostbusters... The movie looks like shit. But, the Pops look OK, I guess...
 The Adventure Time stuff is out. And, I NEED this Finn in Jake car!!
 I have started to see some of the new Game of Thrones series, but not Daenerys on Dragoon, yet.

 Some other stuff Funko is releasing soon or maybe out already: