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Wildways- Into the Wild (Album Review)

Musician: Wildway
Album Title: Into the Wild
Genre/ Subgenre: Metalcore/ Hardcore
Label: Artery Recordings
Release date: March 25, 2016

Wildways are a five piece metalcore/ hardcore act from Western Russia. And, Into the Wild is their latest album. Their brand of music is catchy and energetic with a good mix of melody with aggression.

The album opens up with "Skins" which has an electionica influenced intro. The song turns into something more melodic swith a mid-tempo groove. It's a good example of the varied sounds and influences that are held within here.

Some songs like "Faka Faka Yeah" show an almost rap like inluence. I, admit ably, am less into songs like this or the similar in tone "D.O.I.T". Despite that there is plenty to like, even for a dude lIke me. Songs like the melodic "Princess" seem to be headed towards a mundane sound, but then takes an increasingly exciting feel, especially as female vocals kick in.  But, honestly this album is at its best when it mixes melodic metalcore with the aforementioned electronic sound, while adding some aggressiveness. A perfect example of this this the track "What You Feel". "Don't Give Up" is another good track that I really enjoyed thanks to that particular sound and style.

The band's varying influences make for an interesting experience. I can see them having an appeal with younger listeners looking for music that is in the same vein of bands like Asking Alexandra or a far less annoying Attila. Although, honestly, I feel Wildways is infinitely better than either or. If this sounds like it's your cup of blood, I definitely think Wildways is a band you should listen to. And, with a catchy an album as Into the Wild, this is the perfect chance to do just that.

*** out of *****