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AVN Expo 2016 Sat: Part 1: Gorgeous Blondes, Sexy Japanese Girls, and More!

Sat, Jan. 23, 2016 was the final day of the Adult Entertainment Expo. As such, we made sure to catch as many of the lovely ladies that we may have missed on the first two days. So, let's not waste anymore time and get to the Saturday hotness!

We began our day going up to the gorgeous Asa Akira. Of, course the lovely Ms. Akira has long been a favorite and friend of this site. But, this was the first time during this expo we had the chance to talk to her and say hi and even talk about one of my favorite subjects: pizza! It was very early, so we got to get the jump on what is always a long line. As always, she is a sweetheart. 

The gorgeous Kendra Sunderland is truly one of the most sexiest and most beautiful babes anywhere. She also provided me with one of my most popular interviews of last year. This something that I told her when I upon  seeing on this day. She posed for my camera and, like the last time I saw her, was a genuine sweetie. Also, is it me or does she just keep getting hotter all the time?

Chatburate had some total babes at their booth. But, the two above were definitely my favorites! Do any of you know their names?

Kenna James is definitely on my list of current favorites so I was totally looking forward to meeting her in person. And, as such, I was super happy to see her at the colette.com booth. Colette is an adult site with a HUGE selection of hardcore pics and videos. Kenna was all smiles and very sweet in person. She has a natural cuteness and beauty about her that sealed my fandom for her, as it is even more amplified in person.
Let us end this part of my coverage with our return to the R18.com booth. If you follow this blog religiously (and, if you don't what the hell is wrong? Get with it!), you may remember that we were there on Thurs. So, here we were again. I think the pics will talk for themselves, so allow me to just shut the fuck up, now.


All photography by BAS Photography & Design and myself.


Kiteh Kawasaki™ said...

Pretty Asa-chan !! We're rare birds in the States...