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BONUS: Trillium Pics at AVN Expo 2016!!

Every once in a while, there's a new girl that captures my attention so much at an event that I feel the need to shoot a ton of pics. That was certainly the case with beautiful blonde babe, Trillium, at the Adult Entertainment Expo 2016. If you remember last time, I promised that I had a lot more pics of her. Well, here they are!

Trillium has a sweet and tight body with a very delicious, big ass. Her naturally beautiful face, blonde hair (here in pig-tails!), and pretty blue eyes are bound to catch your attention as soon as you see her. Being that she was dressed in a school-girl outfit, smiled, and moved around seductively it was guaranteed that you were gonna fall in love with her! She also has a hot, blonde bush, but you'll have to do a search to see that. Or better yet, pay for her porn, after all she is more than worth it! Anyways, enough of my words, just enjoy the pics!