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Immortal- Live at Wacken 2007- The Seventh Date of Blashyrkh

This kick ass live DVD of one of my favorite black metal bands, Immortal, was recorded at a 2007 show of the legendary metal festival Wacken in Germany. It's the band's first ever DVD.

The set consists of eleven killer tracks spanning from their first album to, my favorite album of theirs, Sons of Nothern Darkness. The band sounds amazing and the performances are totally face ripping. With tracks like One by One, The Sun no Longer Shines, and Tyrants (which has to be on one my absolute favorite black metal tunes, ever!) being particularly badass.

They put on a killer live show, with pyrotechnics and lights. A highlight has to be when they play Unholy Forces of Evil, and the lights turn red looking like hell, itself. In all, this is a brutal, technical, sound de force, a must for black metal fans!!

The picture in 16:9 looks AMAZING with lively colors that make you feel like you are right there! While, the stereo sound is perfectly mixed with excellent bass and thundering powering. The DVD also comes with a CD of the same performance. There are no extra features, though, but the fact that the performance is this damn good, and that it does come with a CD, makes it definitely worth your money.

**** out of ****

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Megadeth- Rust in Peace: Live

First and foremost Megadeth are my personal favorite band and Rust in Peace is my second fav album ever (for those curious Metallica- Master of Puppets is my fav album of all time). So, a live DVD of this thrash metal classic was a must have for me. It's a seminal album that shows them at their technical best.

They play the entire album, from beginning to end. What's awesome is that songs I never heard played live like Five Magics and Take No Prisoners are here and on the set-list. The set is blistering, and the band sounds amazing. Few bands can touch the technical veracity of Mustaine's mighty, metal machine. Highlights include killer performances of Holy Wars... The Punishment Due and Rust In Peace... Polaris.

In the extra features, we get five more Megadeth favs, including Trust, She-Wolf, and Peace Sells. There is also cool behind-the-scenes footage that includes band rehearsal. I would have wanted some interviews with the band reflecting on the album, but really this is minor complaint.

The picture in 16:9 widescreen looks perfect, and the 5.1 Dolby Digital is fucking killer. Pump this fucker loud!!! And, at the cheapth pricat i bought it at; it's a fucking steal! There is also a CD release of this, by the way.

In all, this DVD is a must for Megadeth fans!!!

**** out of *****

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Mamasans: The Asian MILF Movie

Title: Mamasans: The Asian MILF Movie
Studio: Metro Studios/ Ethnicity Films
Cast: Angie Venus, Ava Devine, Kaiya Lynn, Kitty Langdon, Mika Kani, and Niya Yu

This MILF/ Asian porn flick begins with the gorgeous 29 year old Kaiya Lynn, and I just love the way that she sucks cock! It's a real hot scene with some good anal action and ATM. It ends with a big facial as she sucks her fingers. Fucking great!!!

Next up is 36 year old Mika Kani, a Filipino beauty who is very sexy. She has a nice vag, and Alex Sanders gets to play with it. She comes off as a real, nasty chick, which I like, of course! The scene itself starts off hot, then turns just OK, but gets RED HOT after that! This happens when the anal action begins, which leads to ATM. She gets a load in her mouth which drips from it.

Ava Devine, 33, and Kitty Langdon, 31, are up next. And, it is THE movie's best scene. The interview that starts it off is dirty and hot! They then proceed to blow Marcos; it's all very slutty and dirty! Ava's hot, dirty talk and awesome drool filled BJs fucking rule. I really love it when they both share his dick. In fact, this scene is just too fucking hot! It's hard to get through in one viewing, so be sure to have LOTS of tissues handy!!! It's one of the best scenes, I have ever seen. A new personal favorite of mine, if you will. We even get anal action from Ava. And, Kitty, well she is just so fucking sexy! I love it when she is getting fucked! He blows a load on both of their faces!

Next up, is Niya Yu, the most beautiful woman in the movie. She is Taiwanese and does not reveal to us her age. She does a good job of sucking a big dick, though. She also happens to have a beautiful pussy, and I mean this seriously. It might be one of the most gorgeous snatches that I have ever seen. And, she really knows how to take a good fucking! I'm seriously in love with this babe and her cock-sucking talent!!! It ends with a sexy facial.

Last scene has Angie Venus, who is over 30 and Chinese. She is pretty and looks very MILFy. Her BJ has lots of drool, which I like. There is hot anal and ATM, and lots of it! The facial ends with her long, beautiful hair being tied to a hand-rail. It's the weakest scene in the movie, but it's still amazing! This just goes to show you how fucking good this movie is!

The movie is 16:9 widescreen and shot in HD, so the picture looks amazing. The sound is also really good. As far as extras, we get a behind the scenes with interviews with all the cast. I LOVED Niya Yu's interview, and Ava's is prety hot, too. The rest are OK. The photo gallery is nice, and the trailers are for pornos that I have no real interest in seeing.

I will make no bones (pun intended) about it. This is the best MILF movies I have ever seen. Even, though I think most of the cast is too young to be considered real MILFS. Regardless this movie rules. Hot, nasty, sexy, and beyond bonerific this is MUST for fans of Asian and older women. And, it's pretty cheap. So, what the fuck are you doing sitting there and just read this? Go fucking buy it, already!!

4 out of 4 Woodies

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The Girls of Machete

So, yesterday I decided to spend the "unofficial" end of summer seeing one of my most anticipated movies of the year, Robert Rodriguez's Machete! I have to say that it his best film since the classic From Dusk Till Dawn and, so far, my second favorite movie I seen this year. I loved the cast (Trejo really is my hero!!!), the action, the gore, the humor, and the message that this movie held. It's also filled with babes, and I will take a special look at them in this blog.

Let's begin with Lindsay Lohan. Personally speaking I cannot stand her. But, she does play herself in the movie, IE a druggie who parties with her mom. She gets topless (but recent rumors speak of a body double, if so LAME!) with her MILFy mom and jumps in the water with Trejo. She dons a nun-habit, as well, so for those of you into nunsplotation, there's that!

Next, up we got the beautiful Jessica Alba, probably the girl I am the biggest fan of in this movie. She has long been one of my fav babes, in fact, ever since the terribly stupid Idle Hands, but as I have said in the past she does not get nude. This movie shows the most of her you'll ever see, IE some side boob and side butt. She, of course, looks beautiful, and it's actually her best acting, ever.

Michelle Rodriguez also looks sexy in this movie. She don't get nude, though, but damn that outfit she wears!!! Anyways, I really like seeing her kick ass. Plus, she sells tacos in the movie. Who amongst you wouldn't buy Michelle's taco?

I was also very happy to see the twins, Elise and Electra Avellan, from Grindhouse play sexy nurses in this movie. They don't get nude, either, but hey their TWINS for Christ's sakes! I been a fan of them since said flick, and I always wish they would do more movies. I actually met at a Chiller a few years back. They were really friendly and totally caliente!

So, we got a blonde bimbo and a bunch of Latin babes but what about those of us into Asian girls? What do we get? Well fear not kiddies, as I was introduced to Singaporean beauty Cheryl Chin. She plays Steven Seagal's (who is awesome as one of the villains in the movie, by the way) henchwoman. She also does not get nude, but she is in a bikini and looks yummy. Plus, she's a bad girl. And, I kind of have a thing for bad girls. I think she needs a spanking! And, thank you Mr. Rodriguez for introducing us to this babe!

Anyways, if you ain't seen Machete yet, then what the fuck are you waiting for? Go out there and see this future classic now!!!

And, remember fans Machete don't text!

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How to Celebrate Labor Day, Master Style

Last time, I told you how to have a better 4th of July. Today, I help you with your Labor Day Weekend! It's nice to get a break from the hard work, or for those unemployed, a break from the break! Cause, we all need that! Those of you who work on Labor Day weekend, can still enjoy these things when they get home or at least fantasize about enjoying them.

First off, I am sure there are those of you who will be enjoying a nice BBQ. But, remember this is the last day for many, like say those of us on the East-Coast, to enjoy the beach or pools (for those of you who live in beautiful, warmer weather and get pools open for longer periods of time, please keep it to yourself, I don't wanna fucking hear about it!). If you hit a pool make sure it is one filled with hot babes. Cause otherwise there is just no fucking point! Well, not in my book anyways. Actually, writing this makes me miss the pool at Harrah's in Vegas. Please, give me some time while I cry and reminisce.... :*( OK, I'm back! Unfortunately... Anyways, if you have no pools like this, then be sure to get your ass to a beach and enjoy the lovely ladies, there.

Of course, you could always hit the movies. One of my most anticipated movies just the big-screen this Friday, I'm talking of course, about Robert Rodriguez's Machete (best said in a Latin accent!). I ain't seen it, yet, but me thinks I might on Labor Day, itself. It promises to have lots of gore, action, babes, and a great cast. Best of all it gives Danny Trejo his first lead role. I been a Trejo fan for years. The guys just fucking rulz! He's a a real badass and cool as fucking hell. Plus, according to Attack of the Show's Alison Haislip he hit on her at San Diego Comic Con. Trejo, you are my fucking hero!!! From what I hear, Ms. Lohan bears her tits (I can't fucking stand her, but regardless...), so there is that for you celeb skin fans. Here is the red band trailer filled with all the blood and boobs you could fucking ask for:

You're also gonna need some kick ass music. So, let's get some metal in there. I've been playing the shit out of Five Finger Death Punch as of late. Their music gets me all pumped up and ready to whoop some ass. They're just a straight-up, badass metal band!! And, I FUCKING LOVE their cover of Bad Company's Bad Company! I think it is one of the greatest cover, ever!!! Here is the cool as hell video:

Finally, if all else fails there is always porn. May, I suggest some from the beautiful Korean goddess that is Tia Ling? I been watching a lot of her stuff as of late and thoroughly enjoying her performances. She's amazing! And, I think I might just be in love with her! I would also go with some Mika Tan, as I been enjoying a lot of her stuff, as of late, too. Actually, I'm always enjoying a lot of Mika Tan, but that's a different blog. And, hey if your ass is in Nevada, remember you can enjoy the gorgeous Mika Tan at the Bunny Ranch! If you got the cash, of course! If so, know that I envy you, but you are officially having THE best Labor Day Weekend, EVER!

Anyways, I wanna wish you all a happy, fun, and safe Labor Day weekend. Take care and I'll be blogging more soon!

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Hot Asian of the Month: Maggie Q

This month Maggie Q's new series Nikita debuts on the CW. Maggie was the very first girl that ever had a blog dedicated to her here. But, yet she was never officially never made a Hot Asian of the Month. Today, I correct that mistake, as with the premiere of the show being next week on Thursday at 9PM, there is no time better than now.

As I mentioned on that blog, Maggie has an American father of Polish, French Canadian and Irish descent, and a Vietnamese mother. Her full name is Margret Denise Quigley and was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on May 22, 1979.

Maggie began her career in Hong Kong action films. She was dubbed in those movies, but she took Mandarin and Cantonese. I only seen one of her Hong Kong movies, Dragon Squad, but it's a good one. Go check it out.

It's in 2006 that she appeared in her first American film, Mission Impossible III. Maggie would appear in various other American films, some of which were covered in my original blog.

Maggie pretty much floored me from the minute I first saw her, and if you want more proof of her hotness and sexiness, then check this out:

Nikita, though promises to be her big break. Now, I am a quite the fan of the French movie La Femme Nikita, the USA TV series, and even the American remake (Point of No Return), but I still wanna see this. It has potential. But, most of all it has Maggie fucking Q!!! The adds all over NYC are so fucking hot!! The show takes place afterwards, as we see Nikita leave the group. And, now they are after her. It's an interesting premise with one of the most truly beautiful women in the world. I hope it succeeds.

The TV spot is actually pretty cool, so that furthers to capture my interest. Here it is:

Wait, Maggie Q in a bikini?! Truly there is a God!!!

Here is a clip, from the show. Man, I just can't fucking wait for next Thursday, already!!!

Looks fucking kick ass, fun, and of course, sexy!! Dear, Ms. Maggie Q, you don't need a gun to hold me!

Maggie was on the George Lopez show last month promoting Nikita. And, here is that interview:

I gotta say, I love the way she came off on the show. She looks gorgeous, of course (those LEGS!!!), but she also seems fun and sweet. And, Lopez is a lucky bastard, when she gets up and sits next to him. Damn! I love the fact that Nikita does feature an Asian beauty in the lead. Along, with the ravishing Grace Park in the new Hawaii Five-O, this awesome news for minorities. Really Hollywood, no need for every chick being blonde and blue eyed. In fact, I would be very happy to see more beautiful Asian women get more lead roles in movies and TV.

Maggie is also a vegetarian. Now, I ain't but I love the fact that she obviously loves animals, as animal rights is one of the causes closest to my heart. Clearly, this babe just hits almost every checklist requirement to win my heart, love, and fandom. And, anyways her PETA ad is freakin' HOT!!!

Maggie is such a stunning, beautiful woman. Her face is a vision of perfection, her tight, hard body is like it was sculpted by the gods, and her legs, they are to die for. Plus, she can totally kick your ass, which only makes her that much hotter in my book. Maggie Q fucking rulz, here's to hoping that this TV show will be her big hit, so that the rest of the world can know what we, her loyal fans, have been raving out for the longest of time.

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