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Immortal- Live at Wacken 2007- The Seventh Date of Blashyrkh

This kick ass live DVD of one of my favorite black metal bands, Immortal, was recorded at a 2007 show of the legendary metal festival Wacken in Germany. It's the band's first ever DVD.

The set consists of eleven killer tracks spanning from their first album to, my favorite album of theirs, Sons of Nothern Darkness. The band sounds amazing and the performances are totally face ripping. With tracks like One by One, The Sun no Longer Shines, and Tyrants (which has to be on one my absolute favorite black metal tunes, ever!) being particularly badass.

They put on a killer live show, with pyrotechnics and lights. A highlight has to be when they play Unholy Forces of Evil, and the lights turn red looking like hell, itself. In all, this is a brutal, technical, sound de force, a must for black metal fans!!

The picture in 16:9 looks AMAZING with lively colors that make you feel like you are right there! While, the stereo sound is perfectly mixed with excellent bass and thundering powering. The DVD also comes with a CD of the same performance. There are no extra features, though, but the fact that the performance is this damn good, and that it does come with a CD, makes it definitely worth your money.

**** out of ****

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