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Funko- Toy Fair 2018, Part 1

Ahh, the Funko booth at Toy Fair, it always brings such joy to my life. As well, as knowledge that I will be bleeding my wallet dry in the days and weeks to come! There was so much awesome shit, that I had to break this article into two parts. Anyway, here are some of my favorite things that I saw this year, at it.

Let's start with some Game of Thrones Pops, all of which I need! These figures already out.

 The "Riverdale" (above) figures, exclusive to Hot Topic, are already out.
Sasha Banks is already out. I NEED Jake "The Snake" Roberts!

There is A LOT of Stranger Things stuff coming out! Fuck yeah!

For the DC fans:

For my fellow metalheads, the following Pops will surely rank among the coolest ever and must haves! They are, in fact. in my top toys that I saw in all of Toy Fair!
 "Shout at the Devil" era Motley Crue!
Alice Cooper!! Holy shit! This rules!!!

My fellow The Nightmare Before Christmas fans will love these!

Let's end this part with a look at the awesome It stuff that we will be getting. This batch should especially make you happy if you wanted to have the Losers club to go with all the variants of Pennywise (of which we are getting more) that we got last time. Stephen King fans rejoice!

To be continued! 


Augury- Illusive Golden Age (Album Review)

Musician: Augury
Album Title: Illusive Golden Age
Genre/ Subgenre: Progressive Death Metal
Label: The Artisan Era
Release Date: March 30, 2018

Augury are a progressive death metal act that hail from Montreal, Canada. The Illusive Golden Age is their full length album, and it is one of hell of a treat for fans of technically complex extreme metal.

The band's music is intricate, yet crushing, and always perfectly played. The  immensely talented band members are rich in playing capabilities. As a whole they, and their music, amounts to a furious and technically savvy slab of brutality.

From the very first track, which is also the title track and probably my favorite song on the album, they let you know what you are in for. The intro has a beautiful and almost haunting quality to it, Then drums (by Antoine Baril) kick in, leading to a gorgeous, soaring lead break (the guitars are handled by Mathieu Marcotte, who also does bass duties and vocals). The music then becomes brutally heavy but is offset by an underlying beauty, which plays off the furious blast beats and anger filled vocals. Speaking of brutality, that is the only right way to describe the battering assault of the blast beat filled "Mater Dolorosa". "Maritime", meanwhile, pummels the listener into submission and then unleashes a riffing and complex drumming experience that will beat you even further into the concrete. Only to slow down into beautiful and atmospheric bits of guitars playing that bridge into further savagery. "Message Sonore" is an incredibly intricate instrumental that further drives the point across of how incredibly talented Marcotte and Baril really are. The final track "Anchorite" is slow and filled with atmosphere, crunching riffs, and inhuman growling that will make you feel as if you are flying through space, a very scary and dangerous part of space, that is.
Augury's Illusive Golden Age is a welcome fresh sound in the death metal world. It features undenied talent from its band members, and their sound which perfectly marriages beauty, ferocity, and brutality. Fans of earlier Opeth albums like Ghost Reveries will find much to like here. In other words, this is a must for fans into extreme and complex music.

4 out of 5


The 40 Hottest Hairy Girls from Rodnievision Ever, Part 4 (10-1)

All pictures are from their respective owners.

 10. Matrix and Inanna- Goddamn, is this ever a hot duo! These have worked together for Rodney Moore several times, though, using different names. Inanna has appeared as Veronica, while Matrix has used Maura. Most of the time, they work together. Anything these two raven haired, hirsute beauties have been in is perfect stroke material. However, one scene stands as not just my personal favorite of theirs, but could very well be my favorite sapphic scene ever. It comes from the very first Horny Hairy Girls. In it, the gorgeous Inanna meets her beautiful neighbor Matrix and sees that she is hairy like her. They leave together and get down to lots of hair licking and muff-munching. Both girls are absolutely gorgeous and are dressed deliciously. They clearly like each other and deliver a scene that makes me go through many, many a tissue before reaching it's sexy, saliva and hair filled finale. 

9. Vega- Vega is sexy, beautiful, and hairy. She also very clearly likes girls, which makes her even more smoldering. She has gorgeous eyes that make me melt and amazing, hairy, sexy legs that make me pay attention immediately. To put it mildly, Vega is an incredible sight to behold and worship. Picking a favorite scene of hers is almost impossible. So instead, I will mention my favorite girl-girl scene and my fav solo of hers. The former would have to be from Seattle Hairy Girls 69&70. In it. Vega, in a her panties and tank top, tries to convince blonde and beautiful (and hairy!) Sandy, to not go out to their double date with boys and stay in with her. There is legitimately HOT action between the two. The later comes from Seattle Hairy Girls 59&60, where she is bored in her hotel room and calls her partner. The hotness comes, in particular, from the start of the scene which focuses so much on shots of her amazing legs, which drives me in-fucking-sane!

8. Hairy Raquel- A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, I wasn't into hairy girls. But, after seeing Hairy Raquel, that began to change. Especially after viewing her hot and nasty clip that was included in Monster Facials.com the Movie 4. We see that she takes two huge facials, some of which which she swallows, the rest of which drips on her huge, God-made knockers and/ or she plays with it. Raquel has a hot, natural body, with the aforementioned big boobs, a big, round ass (she is a true fucking PAWG!), and hot legs. She also has long, jet-black, hair, a very pretty face, and beautiful, large, dark brown eyes. Her soft voice adds to her sultriness. Of course, as her name suggests, she is very hairy, including her truly amazing bush. On top of this all, her scenes are extremely nasty and dirty, as she is into cum play that reviles such goddesses as Nadia Nyce and Queeny Love! If I can be honest, had Hairy Raquel also worked with girls, she may have ranked even higher, on this list!

7. Stacey Stax- Stacey Stax has a great porn star name. And, yes, she is indeed very nicely and naturally stacked. But, as this list requires, she is also wonderfully hairy. This truly beautiful, raven haired goddess has an incredible body with the aforementioned rack, nice, round ass, and toned and hairy legs. Her bush and rest of her body hair is icing on the sex topping. She is an amazing performer on camera, just oozing sex, but also there is a fun air about her, that adds to the sexiness. This stunner is also very photogenic and any scene or photoshoot with her is true fucking gold. That being said, I will go with her solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 61&62, as my spank bank pick. Here she is preparing to shower cause she is sweaty, she says. There is a lot armpit licking and great shots of her bush and the rest of her perfect body. Between that and her dialogue, I am always standing in attention for this one!

6. Eve- Eve puts the curves in curvy girl. Her huge, and I do mean HUGE, real breasts are entrancing all on their very own. But, that is not all that she has. She has naturally beautiful face with hair that is sometimes black or red, but always looks good on her. Her absolutey INCREDIBLE legs are hairy and thick and lead to her huge behind and beautiful bush. A true goddess, she is an awesome dirty talker and performer, excelling at talking to you (the camera) or the person she is doing her scene with. Every single one of her scenes smolders with pure hotness. But, I think my favorite scene of hers is in Seattle Hairy Girls 49&50. She plays a nervous hottie who is learning to play the piano, but she soon notices that her instructor (you) is checking her out. She likes it and shows off her hot curves and hair and plays with herself. The skimpy outfit she wears (left) looks HOT as fuck on her!

5. Katrina- Also known as Burnadette in one of Rodney's flicks (Seattle Hairy Girls 13&14), this fair skinned, raven haired beauty with breathtaking eyes, is so gorgeous that it almost hurts! If the earlier ranking Hairy Raquel began to make me think that hairy girls are OK, then it is Katrina, along with the upcoming ranked Ember, that made me fall in love with them. My opinion completely changed after seeing nude pics of her and Ember on Rodney' site. Then I saw their HOT lesbian scene in Horny Hairy Girls 22. She gives Ember a massage, and I am in LOVE! But, it is her scene with Ember (again[!] this playing hairy call girls) and Rodney in Horny Hairy Girls 24 that is her finest moment and one of my top scenes of all time. Not only is there HOT lesbian action between the two, but Rodney joins in. The cum share at the end is gonna make you reach for a ton of tissues! TAside from her stunningly perfect face, she has a wonderful rack, an amazing ass, a hot bush, and gorgeous legs. She will make anyone who thought hairy girls can't be hot, to simply shut the fuck up and rethink they're view!

4. Mahonia- Mahonia has a pair of the most beautiful eyes, you are ever likely to see. But, then everything about her is breathtaking. She has a great body with beautiful legs and a flawless face. She could make any man melt and fall crazily in love with her. My personal favorite scene of hers, as well as one of my favorites of all time, is her scene with next to be ranked Usnea. It can be found on Seattle Hairy Girls 57&58 (where they are also the cover girls). In this scenes, they are hairy roommates who made a deal that if they could not find boyfriends who like hairy girls, they would shave it all off (NO!!!!). They haven't found them (BOOO!!). But, just as they are about to do the heinous dead, they realize that they cannot go through with it (YAY!). They then, shower together, and immediately afterwards, get to some hot muff munching. This is an excellent scene between two naturally beautiful women who clearly have some hot chemistry with each other.

3. Saffron- Saffron is simply perfect. Sometimes a redhead and sometimes with jet black hair, she is always beautiful. But, I do slightly prefer her with her darker hair. Regardless, she has a perfect, natural body, with perfect, big boobs, perfect ass, perfect legs, and perfect bush and body hair. This perfection is best on display in Seattle Hairy Girls 37&38. As she walks into a room with a trench-coat, she tells us that she was flashing strangers and disrobes to her bra and panties. She begins to lick her pits and tits, smack her ass, and play with herself, Saffron is breathtaking in her beauty and great at talking to us (the camera). I can usually finish very fast to this scene (and her, in general).  I am always entranced by her perfect goth girl/ Bettie Page looks in it.  She is also perfect in lesbian scenes with girls like Eve and Stacey Stax (both of whom we just talked about, here!). Cause, like I said, Saffron is perfection!

2. Usnea- I fucking LOVE Usnea (who sometimes works under the name Usnea Lichen, when she's not shooting for Rodney)! She is so fucking gorgeous, looking not like just the girl that I wished lived next door. But, the one I wish I could date! With her young, beautiful face, she has a fresh look that is matched by her hot legs, great ass, and awesome boobies. She, of course, has a real nice bush, hot body hair, and (bonus!) is tatted .If you don't like hairy girls, Usnea will make you change your mind (if not, you have poor vision and need glasses...). Since, I already mentioned her scroacher of a scene with Mahonia, I recommend you, also, check her out in her solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 51&52 (she is also the luscious covergirl on this DVD). She looks so beautiful in this scene, where she is the perfect mix of cute, sexy, gorgeous, playful, and naughty. Shots of her legs and bush ALONE will make your head explode!

1. Ember- And, we now we reach, my number one pick. With her beautiful face, HOT as fucking hell, itself, body, and punk rock ( complete with piercings!) meets hairy girl hotness, Ember is a goddess. Her short black hair, sometimes with blonde streaks, fine and beautiful face, cute, little tits, nice, plump ass, and incredible bush are heartbreaking in their beauty! Like I mentioned before her scenes with Katrina, made me reconsider my thoughts on hairy girls and love them. She, herself, is my favorite hairy girl, and Lord knows I have viewed her in action many, many, many times! Aside from her two scenes with Katrina, she also has a red hot girl-girl scene with the afore ranked Rebeka Kane in Horny Hairy Girls 26. Those are all excellent scenes, as I love seeing her with other hairy girls. But, she also shot a bunch of scenes with Rodney and solo. Any of the former are gonna make you a happy man, but let's go with Horny Hairy Girls 17, as a SUPER highly recommended scene for that. What with it starting with her bathing in suds (left) and then going onto a HOT blow-job and resulting nasty facial. She is really good at cum play and swapping, all of which add to her nuclear hotness. And, if you just want her, by hers sexy self, then check out Seattle Hairy Girls 19&20. Actually go pay for everything that she is in, as Ember only got hotter and hairier in her career. And, with that I declare her the hairy queen and goddess of my heart and of this list of the hottest hairy babes to ever have shot with Rodney fucking Moore!

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Title: Cathy's Curse
Diretor: Eddy Matalon
Writers: Myra Clement, Eddy Matalon, Alain Sens-Cazenave
Cast: Alan Scarfe, Beverly Murray, Randi Allen, Dorothy Davis, Mary Morter, Roy Witham
Min: 82
Year: 1977

Several years ago, a dad comes home from work and finds out that his wife has left with his son, leaving their daughter behind. Pissed off, and cursing, he gets in his car with her. But, when a bunny crosses in front of them, she makes them serve the car, causing it to crash. In the fiery aftermath, they both die. Cut to the present, or 1977, in this case. the earlier mentioned son, George Gimble (Alan Scarfe), is now a grown family man. He moves in to that very same house with his beautiful wife, Vivian (Beverly Murray) and their daughter Cathy (Randi Allen).
Soon, Cathy finds a creepy, old doll with its eyes shut. which belonged to the aforementioned dead girl (her aunt). Shortly after, dead auntie possess Cathy who turns into an evil and hilariously foul mouthed little bitch. Using her new telekinetic powers, she causes her nanny to fly out the window, drives mommy crazy, creeps out the dog, hangs around the old groundskeeper as he gets drunk, plus other admit ably anitsocial behavior. Vivian knows there is something wrong with not very sweet daughter, but George doesn't believe, cause well do they ever in these fucking movies?! Will, he finally get his head out of his ass in time to save his wife and stop/ help Cathy be free of the evil inside her?
Cathy's Curse is a Canadian production that manages to rip-off seminal 70's horror films The Exorcist, The Omen, and Carrie. To say that this movie is not even a half as good as those films is an understatement. However, in its unquestionable shittiness, it is something else, indeed.

The acting is atrocious. Alan Scarfe, as the not very smart husband and dad, overacts terribly. Meanwhile, Beverly Murray, as the wife and mom with the stunningly beautiful eyes, clearly has gone to the William Shatner school of acting and graduated with honors! Little Randi Allen isn't any better, what her wild eyes and flat delivery, but it works, well for this movie, anyhow. Everyone else is just as bad. On top of terrible acting there is some truly godawful dialogue delivered with a lack of commendable talent that makes for an uproarious good time!
The directing by Eddy Matalon is equally as bad. There is no tension or scares to be said of, though the climax does actually finally gets some moments of suspense. Which is all offset, by a truly hilarious ending, though, I am one-hundred percent sure, that was not the intention. Scenes jump from one moment to the next with no little to no seniscal reasoning, sometimes leaving a scene feeling incomplete. But, being that I saw the uncut version from Severin Films, we can assume that there is nothing more that is actually missing!

There is some gore, but not a whole lot, which is fine because none of it is very convincing. When Cathy's face goes all pre-Freddy burnt up, it looks mostly like someone throw some totatoe sauce on her face, as opposed to something truly terrifying.
If it sounds like I am taking proverbial dump on this movie, I really am not. You see for all these terrible reasons is why I enjoyed it so much! I had a blast watching it, as I laughed, a lot, sometimes loudly. The hokey ending in particular and Murray's seeming speech impediment being personal favorites of crappidom. Some may be snobby and look down at this movie as being total garbage (most critics do). But, those people are fools and need to stop taking shit so seriously. My only real complaint is that the pacing isn't always the best, and the movie flatters in a few of the slower moments.
This isn't one of the better known Canadian horror flicks, but its reputation, I think (hope?) is growing. Especially in light of last year's Blu-ray release by Severin. They put out a gorgeous looking disc of the never before seen uncut version. This is the version I saw on Shudder. I cannot compare to the earlier release, as this was my first time watching it.
Cathy's Curse is, for accounts and purposes a terrible movie. The acting, dialogue, directing, and editing are as far from good as humanly possible. It shamelessly lifts from better and more successful supernatural horror movies. Yet, for all these very reasons, it is comedic gold. A must for bad movie aficionados, this flick might just be your new favorite, it's so bad, so good movie!

2.5 out of 4 


Some Highlights from Bandai and Cryptozoic at Toy Fair 2018

Here are a couple of cool toys that caught my eye from Bandai at Toy Fair 2018:
 Of course, there was a lot of cool "Dragonball Z" figures!
 Their "Transformers" toys are so freaking badass!

Over at Cryptozoic, there were so many cool figurines. Of course, they have a lot of DC comics stuff, especially in terms of their super popular Bombshells line. Here are a few that caught my eye:
 These Lynda Carter "Wonder Woman" figurines are gonna be must haves for her and WW fans!