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The 40 Hottest Hairy Girls from Rodneivision Ever, Part 1 (40-31)

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Let me not mince words, here, I fucking love a beautiful, sexy, hairy girl. I enjoy this even more when it she appears in some quality porn. And, no one makes better hairy girl porn than Rodney Moore and his production company Rodneivision. This list took a lot of thinking and research, all of which was very fun to do (of course!). It encompasates the 40 best, most beautiful, sexy haisuite beauties to ever worked for him.

The requirements, for this list, are that each girl must have shot at LEAST two scenes for him (so, girls who only did a one and done one, are not ranked no matter how hot, they maybe), whether it be for Horny, Hairy Girls, Seattle Hairy Girls, Hairy Girls in Love, or Hairy Hippie Girls. They also must be completely hairy girls, so while goddesses like Laurie Vargas and Rucca Page maybe amazing and have great bushes, they aren't hairy everywhere, and hence won't be making the cut. Anyways, this fetish may not be everyone's thing causing these lovely ladies to not get the love they deserve in the adult world. But, they unquestionably are LONG overdue for some love and tribute. So without any more time to be wasted, here we go!

Honorable Mentions
Rhys Adams
Twilite Moon
Laila Nabakov
Miss Elvis
Sylvia Smith
Lynn Pleasant 
Ivy (redhead)

40. Kitty Bush- We kick off this list with the lovely Kitty Bush. Kitty has a hot, hippie girl look going for her, with some dreads mixed in with her straight hair. She is slender and beautiful, and has amazing, long, and (duh) hairy legs. This sexy voiced beauty also has a big and full clit. In her solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 39&40, she uses, on camera, the name Darling Tree (but is credited as Kitty Bush on the title screen and DVD). Said Arbor Day loving name is in keeping with her hippie vibe and look, but I think she made the right choice by ultimately going with the cuter and sexier Kitty Bush by the disc's release time.

39. Carley- Carley is a very pretty, fair skinned , raven tressed babe. She has great legs and beautiful, light, blue eyes, that pretty much seals the deal for me. She has awesome solo and girl-girl scenes.

38. Bridgette King- Bridgette has a real girl next to door thing going for her, that makes her feel attractive in a very real sort of way. She also has a really hot ass and makes some really cute faces while playing with herself. I really, really like her solo scene in Horny Hairy Girls 37 where she has fun with a dildo.

37. Ivy (brunette)- The first of Rodney Moore's phenomenal, and award winning, Seattle Hairy Girls that I ever saw, in its entirety, and would own, is Seattle Hairy Girls 7&8. It's most memorable scene, for me, is the solo one starring drop dead gorgeous, stunner, Ivy. With a captivatingly beautiful face, amazing legs, and great ass, I was entranced by her the second that I saw her. Her bush and armpit, leg hair, and razor straight hair drove me over the edge! The intro focusing on her legs is the kind of stuff destined to make me finish many a tissue. While, always beautiful some other scenes of her are a bit too tame, but she will always be a spank bank favorite for the aforementioned scene.
36. Kitty McMuffin- Whether her haircut is short and sexy or long and seductive (left) Kitty has one of the cutest and prettiest faces that you are likely to see. She also has a very shapely looking ass. And, of course, her bush is amazing and yummy! It makes for jaw dropping and pants hardening experiences when she is wearing a short skirt. Also, she has one of the best names in hairy girl history. Just saying!

35. Valentine- Sexy and seductive Valentine really knows how to play up to the camera. For delicious proof check out her solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 81&82. In it, she plays a girl who tells us that she just came back from dancing at a club all night long with a sexy hairy girl that looks just like her. Valentine has great legs, a hot ass, an amazing bush, and gorgeous, blue eyes. Combined with her sexy club girl outfit and hot looks, the scene is definitely one of my favorites!

34. Luka- Luka is just so goddamn beautiful! Her face is so cute, and she has a great smile. I love how it is complemented by her wavy, light brown hair, which adds to the sexiness of it all. She also happens to have a beautiful body and, of course, a beautiful bush. A heartbreaking cutie, if ever there was one. Note: her name is also spelled Luca, on her videos for sites like We Are Hairy.

33. Samantha Heart- When it comes to cute, hairy girls, Samantha Heart has it all covered (pun not intended!) to perfection. She has a very pretty face (which looks great as a blonde or brunette), an awesome butt, great legs, and nice bush. Then there is her slightly high pitched voice which adds a ditzy charm to her. In her solo stuff, she combines the airhead with the naughty, hairy girl to pants exploding awesomeness.

32. Rozie Cheeks- Pretty Rozie Cheeks (sometimes spelled Rosie Cheeks) shot a lot of scenes for Rodney, appearing in various entries of both Horny Hairy Girls and Seattle Hairy Girls. She has a real cute, an awesome, spankable behind, and amazing, God-given boobs! I could probably write a whole book about how incredible they are. She also has an amazing bush, sexy leg and armpit hair, a soft voice, and gorgeous, blue eyes, all of which only add to her cuteness. She is the total fucking package! Her boy-girl and solo scenes are all good, but my favorite is her solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 59&60. In it, she tells her friend on the phone that her boyfriend is only into her boobs and not her armpit hair and bush. Baby, I would love every inch of you! In all seriousness, her skimpy outfit and dirty talk is fucking bonerific, in it!

31. Michelle Carlucci- Michelle Carlucci has long, amazing, and, of course, hairy legs. They are breathtaking and head right to her wonderous, plump ass. She also has beautiful, big eyes, sexy lips, beautiful, shoulder length black hair, and handful sized knockers. Plus, I absolutely love her smile! Whether solo or getting on some hot girl-girl action, Michelle is fucking incredible!