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NECA Brings the Horror Figures to Toy Fair 2018

NECA continues to put out awesome toys, many of them horror related. Here then are their upcoming toys that were shown off at this year's Toy Fair in New York City that fellow horror fans will be dying to own.
Let's begin with Predator, in particular the upcoming Aliens Vs. Predator line that is based on the video game, hence the cool and fun colors that you will be seeing below!
There will also be more Kenner inspired Aliens, as seen below:

Stephen King and Pennywise fans take heed of the awesome It figures coming out, based on both versions! The accessories on these are cool as freaking hell!

The Gremlin above isn't licensed yet, but goddamn is cool! I hope he gets made!

Evil Dead fans have much to rejoice, as there are toys coming from both Ash Vs. Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn!
 This new Ashy Slashy has some teeth, sharp ones, at that!
Those of you who follow my site, might say hey wasn't the above set from "Evil Dead 2" suppose to come out already? Well, they got pushed back for some redefining. But, I know that they will be worth our wait!

Friday the 13th fans are also getting some cool ass toys! Check these out!

Guillermo Del Toro is without question one of the genre's greatest directors. As such it is great to see his classics inspire the following stunning toys:

The final batch of horror toys that I am showing you guys are:
We are getting an official "The Fog" figure from John Carpenter's classic. He is so fucking awesome!
Plus, two new Freddy figures! One from "Dream Warriors" (left) and one from "The Dream Child" (right). both with our favorite one line delivering dream demon looking quite spiffy!

But, they toy I am most pumped for is this Herbert West from Re-Animator! Being that that is my all time favorite movie, you cannot begin to understand the joy that it gives me! It even comes with a Dr. Hill head and Rufus the cat!! I need this NOW in my life!