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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (Review)

Title: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
Writer/ Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Cast: Mila Jovovich, Iain Glen, Ali Larter, Shawn Roberts, Eoin Macken, Fraser James, Ruby Rose
Year: 2016
Min: 106

Alice (Mila Jovovich) is told by the AI, known as the Red Queen (Anderson and Mila's own real life daughter Ever Anderson), that there is an antidote that will destroy all organisms infected by the T-virus, hence ending this nightmare. It is held inside the HIVE in Raccoon City. Which means that she will have to return to where it all began. Thankfully she has help from her frequent teammate Claire (Ali Larter) and her new rag tag group of survivors. Standing in their way are two of Alice's most persistent foes from the Umbrella Corporation, Wesker (Shawn Roberts) and Dr. Isaacs (Ian Glen), who it, turns out, ain't dead. This is not including all the zombies and assorted other monsters created by the T-virus.
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is the sixth (!) of the long running action/ horror franchise, loosely based on the horror survival video game series of the name, and is said to be the end. As such it is actually a pretty decent flick. One that is a huge improvement over the last two films, Afterlife and Retribution, both of which were complete shit. It would actually be an even better movie if not for some major film-making choices which hurt it a lot.
The main culprit is the godawful editing, which is some of the worst that I have ever seen. Now, you might say, eh bad editing is par for course here. But, here is the thing. It's worse than it usually is for this series. Everything is cut so fast that it is dizzying and hard to see. There were times when I was not sure what the fuck I was looking at, and my eyes felt like they were bugging the fuck out. Which is a shame because the movie has some genuinely good and thrilling actions.
The bad editing also hurts the FX. It is hard to see the very cool looking monsters or the gore. There are bullet hits, head shots, decapitations, amputations, dismemberment, and more, but you will hardly see any of it. This is even further compromised by an ever moving camera. Stop moving that shit and stand still, goddamn it! And, then, on top of that, there is a lot of dark lightning. Why?! Its maddening as hell, and even just writing about it annoys me.
As is the norm for this franchise characterization is non-existent. A bunch of new characters are added but you won't give a flying fuck about them, among them is Abigail played by Ruby Rose. If you are a fan of hers and are excited about her being this film, don't be. Her role doesn't amount to jackshit.

Thankfully, Mila Jovovich and Ali Larter both kick major ass and make for great heroines, yet again. They also look gorgeous, but with these two it is a fucking given. Jovovich is actually given a little more to work with, which is pretty cool. Our two villains, Wesker and Dr. Isaacs (Shawn Roberts and Ian Glen, respectively) are quite a hoot. They are not given that much depth or anything, but they are fun as hell to watch being bad.
As I said the action scenes, though awesome, are poorly shot, but the movie moves at a breakneck pace. There is very little, if any, boring scenes. It might not give us any real character moments, but it keeps the movie fast and fun.

As a final entry, it ties up some stuff from the series, while making some head scratching decisions in other parts. Is it really the end? Without giving too much I away, I say yes and no. But, considering it has tanked at the box office over here, I think this is the end. But, as such it is satisfactory enough.
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is horribly edited and shot poorly. But, it is fast paced and action packed. Sure it could use more character moments, but the fact is this just meant to be a fun action/ horror movie. And, it does a pretty job at that. If you hate these movies, this one ain't for you. But, if you enjoy them for what this series is, dive right into this final chapter. That being said do you need to see it in the movies? I suppose not, but do see it nonetheless.

2.5 out of 4


Daejha Milan Talks AFFLV 2017 with Us

I got to catch up with Daejha Milan and talk to her about this year's edition of the Adult Film Festival Las Vegas (AFFLV). Read on to find out what she told me about this exciting and upcoming festival (March 18-19 2017).

For the uninitiated, could you tell us a little about the Adult Film Festival Las Vegas? 
AFFLV is the first and only event of its kind! It will be held March 18-19, 2017 at the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, Nv. We show the adult films that have been submitted throughout the year by producers. There are seminars, Porn Stars, Web Stars, an After Party, a bounce house with girls who will jump with the attendees and much more!

What were some of the highlights of the film festival when you last held it? 
The most feedback I received from the last show from both attendees and exhibitors was the quality seminars that were scheduled. They learned a lot and were entertained. This year will not disappoint either!

What do you have planned this year? 
There will be a live band named “Fans of Jimmy Century” performing for the After Party and the first 50 people on Sat, March 18 will get free entry to Puppetry of the Penis show!

On your site you mention the Sex in Space Exhibit. That sounds awesome! What can you tell me about it?
An actual Astrophysicist was called upon to help create this exhibit! It has a hyper lock chamber and makes fun noises as it opens before the museum goers step into the exhibit.

Why should studios and filmmakers submit their films?

AFFLV gives beautiful Crystal Diamond Trophies as prizes and adds to that winning filmmaker’s award collection. 

And, why should fans come out to see this festival?
There are things happening at this event that fans cannot see or participate with anywhere else! If they go to www.afflv.com they can purchase tickets starting at $35.00 each.

What excites you the most about holding this festival?
I have a passion for the Adult Film Industry and love that I can present our Industry in a positive light to our fans while they enjoy activities that they cannot participate in anywhere in the world!

Anything else you would like to tell us?
For fans who cannot attend AFFLV, no worries. They can purchase a Movie Ticket at www.afflv.com (scroll down the home page to tickets) for $10 and view the movies that screened during the film festival as well as our winning screeners!

All pictures come courtesy of AFFLV. The girls whose pics are shown in the interview are advertised as exhibitors at at the festival, so be sure get your tickets!


Aborted Fetus- The Art of Violent Torture (Album Review)

Musicians: Aborted Fetusan
Album Title: The Art of Violent Torture
Genre/ Subgenre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: Comatose Music
Release date: April 28, 2017

The Russian death metal monster known as Aborted Fetus is a brutal and gore drenched delight. Their upcoming release The Art of Violent Torture is filled with pummeling and crunching brutality that is backed by unrelenting bursts of blast beats by drummer Hammer and undecipherable guttural vocals by frontman Alexander "Meatgrinder" Andreev.What he have here is pure and unquestionably brutality.

The aural assault from the album is fast and pulverizing with moments of crunching that slows it down. What is consist is the interest in brutalizing the listener with a consistent sonic barrage and the utter heaviness of it all.

The album opens with the instrumental ''The Art of Pain'', which serves as the perfect set-up for the savage and pounding ''Boiled Alive''. The sound of ''Blinded by the Flame'' feels like lightning fast cuts made by a blade as it eviscerates flesh and destroys its victim. ''Axe Decapitation'' has face smashing veracity. Perhaps my favorite track on the album is ''Buried Alive''. It has this beautiful and haunting intro that returns every so often and plays in marvelous counterpart to the unrelenting music. Speaking of which, there are moments of peaceful and almost beautiful sounds in instrumentals like "Awaiting" which serve as a calm break between it all. Only to then, have the next track punch you multiple time right in your fucking face.

There is a shit load of talent and unquestionable brutality in Aborted Fetus. As such, The Art of Violent Torture, with its gore obsessed lyrics and low growling vocals, is a great choice for Cannibal Corpse fans who love complete and utter brutality. Not for the weak-hearted, this one puts the extreme in extreme metal.
3.5 out of 5


Death Race 2050 (Review)

Title: Death Race 2050
Director: G.J. Echternkamp
Writer:  G.J. Echternkamp, Matt Yamashita
Cast: Manu Bennett, Malcolm McDowell, Marci Miller, Burt Grinstead, Folake Olowofoyeku
Year: 2017
Min: 90

 In the year, 2050 the latest Death Race, a race in which one gets extra points by running over pedestrians, is happening in a large arena. Reigning champ and cybro-gentically enhanced Frankenstein (Manu Bennett) is among the competitors. But, he has some stiff competition including the vein and genetically enhanced Jed Perfectus (Burt Grinstead) and the insane and deadly Tammy the Terrorist (the lovely Anessa Ramsey) who has her own religion/ cult that centers around her. Helping Frankenstein out is his proxy the gorgeous Annie Sullivan (Marci Miller), though from the get-go he is annoyed by her presence. The rebellion try to stop Frankenstein, because of the fact that he is loved by the spectators. Meanwhile, the evil Chairman (Malcolm McDowell), who is running the whole race, is treacherous scum. This all leads to what will be the most difficult and dangerous race of Frankenstein's career.
Death Race 2050 is the sequel (yes sequel, not remake) to the Roger Corman (who also produced this flick, of course) produced cult classic Death Race 2000. Unlike the more serious tone of the wild and ultra-violent big-budget remake from 2008 (which was also co-produced by Corman), this film is much closer in tone to the original movie. It's campy, bloody, and filled with political satire. The later, of which, is very welcome in the current political climate. It should be noted that you do not need to see the first movie to see this one, but why the hell wouldn't you see that movie? It's fucking awesome!
That being said, it is never as good as either of those two movies. I can't compare it to the two sequels the 2008 film had, though, as I never saw those. But, I digress. 2050 is wonderfully blatant in its proudly campy manner. This doesn't necessarily work all the time, as the humor, sometimes, comes off a little forced or is just not funny. However, a good amount of it does work and is really quite hilarious.
The CGI is pretty bad, but somehow it just adds to the camp factor. It helps it look and feel cheap, which in this case is a welcome. I would venture in saying that I enjoyed the bad CGI here, more than I enjoy a lot of the shitty CGI featured on movies that air on SyFy. The cars look wild and are very much in tone with the first film. The gore FX are wonderfully over-the-top. Included among the mayhem are bodies getting run-over (of course!), exploding bodies, impaling, decapitations, splattering blood, flying entrails, and more. Nothing is ever done in a serious tone or manner so there is never a morbid or mean-spirited feel to it.
Being a Corman movie you will wanna know if it succeeds in the other exploitation staple: nudity. And, I can happily say that it does! Various babes show ample T&A, but the only central character to show the goods is the quite nice ass of Anessa Ramsey in her as Tammy. That said, Marci Miller does wear a sexy, tight outfit that shows off her ample curves.
The acting is, admit ably, good. Manu Bennett, best know for Spartacus and playing Deathstroke on Arrow, seems to be having a hell of a good time playing Frankenstein. He is great at both the action scenes and playing with the humor of the movie. Malcolm McDowell is equally fun as the evil Chairman, who is an excellent and welcomed parody of now President Donald Trump, right down to the ridiculous, parted hair. Like I said this movie has great social commentary for our current state! Miller adds some bombshell sex appeal, and killer curves, with her role of Annie. She, too, is great at combing said sex appeal with humor. The rest of the cast is equally fun and good at their roles.
Death Race 2050 doesn't always work or hit all of its goals. But, when it does it is quite a good time. With its campy and silly feel, it can be quite funny at times. Throw in some wild bits of ultra-violence and some welcome babes, it succeeds in its exploitation based heart. The biting social commentary is funny and scarily fitting today's world. Despite this, much of the movie has a breezy mentality that is perfect to just lie back and chill with it. The fact that it is currently on NetFlix means there is no reason you shouldn't being see it.
2.5 out of 4


Horror Crush: Paula Marshall

It's that time again, to induct another beautiful actress into this site's Horror Crushes section. Today that honor goes to the beautiful and talented: Paula Marshall!
Marshall was born in Rockville, Maryland on June 12, 1964 (making her 52). She began acting in 1990 by playing the original Iris on the first TV take of The Flash's in its first episode. She wouldn't appear in a horror flick till two years later, though with Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth.
This third entry in the Hellraiser franchise, marked her big screen debut, after having done a bunch of TV shows. The film itself, wherein Pinhead is freed to wreck havoc on Earth, is the last good entry in the gory and S&M obsessed series. It is a bit silly at times, but overall it's a blast to watch. Fast paced and gory, it's further energized by a heavy metal soundtrack; it's just so damn fun to watch!
Marshall plays the role of Terri a sexy and ultimately nice rocker chick who is homeless, never has dreamt, and has had a string of shitty boyfriends, the latest of which is mega-douchebag J.P., who runs a metal club/ fancy restaurant called The Boiler Room. She rooms with hottie reporter Terry Farrell, who is investigating the death of the dude who came from said club. Marshall is very likable in her role and has great chemistry with Farrell (would you guys like to see Farrell added to Horror Crushes? Let me know in the comments section!) in the movie (also let me know if you would like to see me to a write-up/ review of Hell on Earth).
Marshall also looks AMAZING in the movie. The whole rocker babe thing fits her well, and I admit to crushing hard on her (and Farrell, too, but this ain't about her). Her body is amazing, her legs killer, her face gorgeous, and those eyes of hers are simply stunning. Plus, the shoulder length black hair just seals the deal for me.
A year later, she returned to the horror genre in the semi-sequel Warlock: The Armageddon. Like Hell on Earth, it is directed by Anthony Hichox. I haven't seen this one in ages, probably since I was in high school. But, I recall it being the rare sequel that not only tops its first film but blows it away. It has some great gore and action scenes. Marshall is a great final girl in her of Samantha Ellison. Being that I had such a huge crush on her from her last flick/ horror sequel, I was beyond happy to see her in this one. As I said, she makes for a great final girl. She looks amazing, of course, especially in the short dress that is kind of burned into my memory, to this very day. Now, if we could get this one on Blu-ray, that would be fucking great!
Hichox used Marshall once more in the same year (1993) for the kick ass cable horror/ action flick Full Eclipse. This fun and wild flick is about an LA cop force that turn into werewolves. Marshall is one of them. I haven't seen this one since it first aired, but I recall her being good in it. She was playing a baddie this time around, but I also remember her role not being that big. Regardless, it would be the last time she would do a horror flick for a very period of time.
In fact, she would not return to the genre until 2007 for the wretched I Know Who Killed Me. This terribly stupid movie starred Lindsey Lohan and was utterly brain-dead. Honestly, I had forgotten Marshall was even in it, but then all I remember about it is how laughably bad it was. Anyway, Marshall is beautiful in the film, but we know that already, don't we?
Marshall hasn't done a horror flick since, but she is featured in the extra features in the Hell on Earth disc of Arrow Films superlative release of The Scarlet Box featuring the first three movies (no need for the others!). That makes me very happy, but I would love to see her do another horror flick. Still as beautiful as ever, highly talented, and with at least two memorable roles in solid horror sequels (along with two more genre flicks), Paula Marshall is a welcome addition to Horror Crushes!


Split (Review)

Title: Split
Writer/ Director: M. Night Shymalan
Cast: James McAvoy, Betty Buckley, Anya Taylor-Joy, Haley Lu Richardson, Jessica Sula
Year: 2016
Min: 117

Three pretty, young girls are kidnapped. They wake-up in a room where they held by a man with 23 very distinct personalities (James McAvoy). His psychiatrist, Dr. Karen Fletcher (Betty Buckley) tries to unravel what is going on and find him and the girls, before it is too late. In the meantime, a 24th and truly terrifying personality is going to emerge from him known as The Beast!
Split is one of those movies that talking to much about its plot has the potential of ruining it. Hence, I'm keeping the synopsis short and sweet. You don't need to know anymore about it beyond what I just said. Nor should you, to fully enjoy the movie. So, let's jump right into the review.
M. Night Shymalan is a director who started out great, then somewhere along the way, he got lost and gave us some utter shit. It seemed that all hope was lost until 2015's surprisingly good found footage horror flick, The Visit. Split continues that return to solid film-making, by surpassing that film and becoming the director's finest film since The Sixth Sense (yes, I think it is even better than Unbreakable or Signs).
Shymalan is always at his best when he tells small, quiet horror stories. And, that is exactly what this is. He builds up tension quite well. There are some genuinely creepy and suspenseful moments, particularly at the film's exciting, white knuckle climax. It's a wee bit slow at times and maybe a teensy bit overlong. Also, at times it gets drowned in too many metaphysical ideas and exposition. But, the pay-off is great, not just in the climax, but in the cool twist ending. Yes, there is a twist, but I loved it and got a real kick out of it.
The cast is all quite good, from top to bottom. But, it's James McAvoy who really shines here. He is flawless at playng essentially multiple characters. At times, he can be downright scary as fuck. In fact, it's one of the finest antagonist performances in the genre, in recent memory. Also, worthy of praise is Anya Taylor-Joy (who I thought was one of the few things truly memorable aspects from the overrated The Witch). She's great in her role, as one of the kidnapped girls, Casey Cooke, a withdrawn one with a dark past of her own. Between those two movies and Morgan, this lovely and talented actress is making a name for herself within the genre.
Split is Shymalan's second best movie. It's an entertaining and, at times, suspenseful horror/ thriller that features a tense climax and a cool twist ending. It is further strengthened by good acting, in particular a star turn by McAvoy. While, it has flaws that keep it from reaching that next level of quality, it's still a movie I can wholeheartedly reccomened. Between, this and The Visit it's great to see Shymalan back to what he is best at. Let's just hope he stays on this path.
3 out of 4


The Return of Charetta- Gramercy Theatre NYC 1/13/17

This past Jan, Friday the 13th was definitely not a day of bad luck for fans of hard rock and metal in New York City. In fact, it was a night of fucking awesome luck as Charetta returned, after not having played for a couple of years, as part of the Bound by Substance show at Gramercy Theatre. As a matter of fact, I was at one of their last shows when they opened up for Flyleaf back in Oct, 17, 2014. At that very show, their bassist Rich Mollo played what was then his last show with them. Low and behlod, he is back with them and played on this, their big return. You can see him in the pic below playing the red colored bass guitar.

Now I should mention that I have been a HUGE fan of the band since I first caught them earlier that very year, and declared them to be one of the best, if not THE best, opening act that I have ever seen. I firmly stand by that statement, to this very day. In fact, they are one of New York's best rock bands, period! And, this night further cemented that in stone!
Before they came, their new video for "We Will Survive" off of their latest album, Fate Strikes Twice, had its world premiere. The video has some splatter FX and the horror fan in me loved it! Angelina DelCarmen, the band's beautiful, extremely sweet, and down to earth signer, would later tell me that shooting the video and working with the gore FX opened up her love for horror in a way she hadn't felt before. This makes it extra awesome!
You can see the video directly below:

From then the band came onstage and rocked the fucking house! They played a bunch of songs that spanned the history of the band. Included among them many of my favorites like "This Is Your Fall", "The Apocalypse Is Here", the beautiful and moving ballad "Not Made of Stone"', "I'm not Your Bitch" which is my personal favorite track by them, and many more. We, the audience, sang along to their songs and had a total blast!
And, that's cause the band just sounded tight as hell; as they were killing it onstage. The music was rocking and lead by the beautiful vocals of Angelina, who might just be the best signer in hard rock music that you haven't heard (unless you have, in which case you know what I am talking about!) Charetta is just such an awesome and kick ass live experience and truly deserve to have all the success in the world.
 In one of the coolest moments of their set, Angelina came out in a trench-coat for one of the songs.
For the final song of the night, the band played "We Will Survive". That is, of course, the video that was played at the start of their set, which bought the concert to full circle. Angelina came out in the blood-spattered outfit that she actually wore in the video! That was just so fucking cool and insured an awesome ending to one hell of a show!

Welcome back, Charetta, you were missed by your fans! We are so glad to have you back. Here is to many more shows!