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Daejha Milan Talks AFFLV 2017 with Us

I got to catch up with Daejha Milan and talk to her about this year's edition of the Adult Film Festival Las Vegas (AFFLV). Read on to find out what she told me about this exciting and upcoming festival (March 18-19 2017).

For the uninitiated, could you tell us a little about the Adult Film Festival Las Vegas? 
AFFLV is the first and only event of its kind! It will be held March 18-19, 2017 at the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, Nv. We show the adult films that have been submitted throughout the year by producers. There are seminars, Porn Stars, Web Stars, an After Party, a bounce house with girls who will jump with the attendees and much more!

What were some of the highlights of the film festival when you last held it? 
The most feedback I received from the last show from both attendees and exhibitors was the quality seminars that were scheduled. They learned a lot and were entertained. This year will not disappoint either!

What do you have planned this year? 
There will be a live band named “Fans of Jimmy Century” performing for the After Party and the first 50 people on Sat, March 18 will get free entry to Puppetry of the Penis show!

On your site you mention the Sex in Space Exhibit. That sounds awesome! What can you tell me about it?
An actual Astrophysicist was called upon to help create this exhibit! It has a hyper lock chamber and makes fun noises as it opens before the museum goers step into the exhibit.

Why should studios and filmmakers submit their films?

AFFLV gives beautiful Crystal Diamond Trophies as prizes and adds to that winning filmmaker’s award collection. 

And, why should fans come out to see this festival?
There are things happening at this event that fans cannot see or participate with anywhere else! If they go to www.afflv.com they can purchase tickets starting at $35.00 each.

What excites you the most about holding this festival?
I have a passion for the Adult Film Industry and love that I can present our Industry in a positive light to our fans while they enjoy activities that they cannot participate in anywhere in the world!

Anything else you would like to tell us?
For fans who cannot attend AFFLV, no worries. They can purchase a Movie Ticket at www.afflv.com (scroll down the home page to tickets) for $10 and view the movies that screened during the film festival as well as our winning screeners!

All pictures come courtesy of AFFLV. The girls whose pics are shown in the interview are advertised as exhibitors at at the festival, so be sure get your tickets!