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Horror Crush: Paula Marshall

It's that time again, to induct another beautiful actress into this site's Horror Crushes section. Today that honor goes to the beautiful and talented: Paula Marshall!
Marshall was born in Rockville, Maryland on June 12, 1964 (making her 52). She began acting in 1990 by playing the original Iris on the first TV take of The Flash's in its first episode. She wouldn't appear in a horror flick till two years later, though with Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth.
This third entry in the Hellraiser franchise, marked her big screen debut, after having done a bunch of TV shows. The film itself, wherein Pinhead is freed to wreck havoc on Earth, is the last good entry in the gory and S&M obsessed series. It is a bit silly at times, but overall it's a blast to watch. Fast paced and gory, it's further energized by a heavy metal soundtrack; it's just so damn fun to watch!
Marshall plays the role of Terri a sexy and ultimately nice rocker chick who is homeless, never has dreamt, and has had a string of shitty boyfriends, the latest of which is mega-douchebag J.P., who runs a metal club/ fancy restaurant called The Boiler Room. She rooms with hottie reporter Terry Farrell, who is investigating the death of the dude who came from said club. Marshall is very likable in her role and has great chemistry with Farrell (would you guys like to see Farrell added to Horror Crushes? Let me know in the comments section!) in the movie (also let me know if you would like to see me to a write-up/ review of Hell on Earth).
Marshall also looks AMAZING in the movie. The whole rocker babe thing fits her well, and I admit to crushing hard on her (and Farrell, too, but this ain't about her). Her body is amazing, her legs killer, her face gorgeous, and those eyes of hers are simply stunning. Plus, the shoulder length black hair just seals the deal for me.
A year later, she returned to the horror genre in the semi-sequel Warlock: The Armageddon. Like Hell on Earth, it is directed by Anthony Hichox. I haven't seen this one in ages, probably since I was in high school. But, I recall it being the rare sequel that not only tops its first film but blows it away. It has some great gore and action scenes. Marshall is a great final girl in her of Samantha Ellison. Being that I had such a huge crush on her from her last flick/ horror sequel, I was beyond happy to see her in this one. As I said, she makes for a great final girl. She looks amazing, of course, especially in the short dress that is kind of burned into my memory, to this very day. Now, if we could get this one on Blu-ray, that would be fucking great!
Hichox used Marshall once more in the same year (1993) for the kick ass cable horror/ action flick Full Eclipse. This fun and wild flick is about an LA cop force that turn into werewolves. Marshall is one of them. I haven't seen this one since it first aired, but I recall her being good in it. She was playing a baddie this time around, but I also remember her role not being that big. Regardless, it would be the last time she would do a horror flick for a very period of time.
In fact, she would not return to the genre until 2007 for the wretched I Know Who Killed Me. This terribly stupid movie starred Lindsey Lohan and was utterly brain-dead. Honestly, I had forgotten Marshall was even in it, but then all I remember about it is how laughably bad it was. Anyway, Marshall is beautiful in the film, but we know that already, don't we?
Marshall hasn't done a horror flick since, but she is featured in the extra features in the Hell on Earth disc of Arrow Films superlative release of The Scarlet Box featuring the first three movies (no need for the others!). That makes me very happy, but I would love to see her do another horror flick. Still as beautiful as ever, highly talented, and with at least two memorable roles in solid horror sequels (along with two more genre flicks), Paula Marshall is a welcome addition to Horror Crushes!