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UK Rockers Pink Cigar Are Coming to NYC!

All pictures come courtesy of Pink Cigar's press kit from their manager Tommy Kennedy.


There is an exciting new hard rock with a punk edge band from London, UK, called Pink Cigar that I think you guys should definitely be checking out. They are coming to the US soon, so now would be the perfect time to do so!

From the press release:

Thundering their way through their hometown of London, the UK and on through Europe via a select number of festivals, Pink Cigar have thrashed in the face of the otherwise predictable roster of  bands that have emerged from the city’s east end. Bucking the geographical trend of attention by sticking to their Ladbroke Grove stomping ground in the west, this punk rock n roll quartet wouldn’t call themselves entirely compliant with the supposed formulae currently doing the rounds.

‘’Championing 70s Grime through a young voice. Louche butspiky, with a smoky troubadour edge and sassy grooves which suggests warmersophistication. Dirty Stuff.’’ Classic Rock Magazine

Within the last four years, singer Whiplash Jackson, Guitarist Edd Whyte, bassist Sam Rutland and drummer Sid Mayall have earned a devout following and toured with heavy hitters such as The Eighties Matchbox B Line Disaster while winning the support of industry legend Mick Jones amongst

others. The band’s firecracker charisma and the undeniably striking look irrepressibly turn heads – and that’s before they’ve had a chance to play a note.

“It’s that rough and ready ‘don’t give a fuck’ charm that quickly hasthe fast-rowing crowd leaping
around like idiots.” Uber Rock
With self-cited influences such as Iggy & The Stooges, The Clash and a dusting of Aerosmith, it’s easy to see how this heavy rock n roll punk outfit incorporate spectres of their predecessors, while staying fresh by moulding their own distinguished sound and unique lyrics. Scaling a chart that marries Glam rock (think T.Rex, The Sweet), the spirit of 77 punk (Pistols esq) and the driving guitar-led glittery orgasma of the New York Dolls, Pink Cigar’s distilled but loaded rock ’n’ roll equipoise at times gives way to patent bluesy undertones, while at the same time, retains a poignant tenderness.

“The charisma and devilish swagger is backed by equally adept musicianship in the shape of effortlessly slick grooves and full-throttle punk rock.” Big Cheese Magazine

Following the release of their debut LP, ‘We’re Gonna Get You Out of Here’ at the end of 2013, the band is limbering up for the release of their follow up single, “Generation Next.”


Suck it.
1st October - Showcase JWT Kensington

3rd October - Baamhakke, Salzburg

15th October - The Adelphi, Hull

24th October - Hertford Corn Exchange

14th November - Fusion Bar, Warrington

28th November - Sidewalk, New York

29th November - Otto’s, New York

1st December - Beast of Bourbon, New York

4th December - Hank,s Saloon, Brooklyn

5th December - Gussy’s Bar, Queens

‘We’re Gonna Get You Out Of Here’ Reviews

Art Rocker 4/5

Classic Rock 7/10

Big Cheese 7/10

Vive le Rock 8/10

Pink Cigar​is: Whiplash Jackson (Vocals), Edd Whyte (Guitars/ Vocals), Sam Rutland (Bass), Sid Mayall (Drums)

Website: pinkcigarmusic.com

Facebook: facebook.com/pinkcigar 

So be sure to check them out when they come to your town. And, I will be at least one of their NY shows, so if you're there you will see me, very likely with my site's crew, of my Master's Minions.    


The Green Inferno

Title: The Green Inferno
Director: Eli Roth
Writers: Guillermo Amoedo and Eli Roth
Cast: Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, Aaron Burns, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Magda Apanowitz, Ignacia Allamand
Year: 2013 (released 2015)
Min: 100

Justine (Lorenza Izzo) a beautiful college freshman becomes interested in human rights, and joins a social activism group led by Alejandro (Ariel Levy). That she thinks he's good looking also weighs in on her decision to join them. She ultimately accompanies them on their trip to the Amazon rain-forest to stop a company from bulldozing down the trees and taking the land from natives. It doesn't take her, and eventually the rest of the group, long to figure out that Alejandro is all bullshit and a douchebag. But, things also turn much worse as their plane crashes as it tries to leave the rain-forest. The survivors are soon taken prisoner by a very hungry, deadly, and savage cannibal tribe.

Though made two years ago, Eli Roth's bloody and loving tribute to Ruggero Deodato's brutal and controversial classick Cannibal Holocaust (loyal horror fans in the know will note that this movie's title is that of the film with a film, found footage flick title of that movie) is finally being released via the folks at Blumhouse. This movie is very different from that company's usual teen horror, though, and though flawed ranks as one of the year's very best horror films.

Those who hate Eli Roth's style of film making won't be won over with this one. It does feature his usual college level humor, which plays oddly against the more serious aspects of the movie. In the beginning the humor works quite well. The stuff between Justine and her pretty friend, Kaycee (Sky Ferreira) works best because it feels real and natural. There is an interesting and, almost, complete tonal shift, once the tribe takes them. The camera, formally shooting in a typical manner and style, suddenly turns jarring and disorienting. It works excellently and this coming from someone who hates it when the camera moves this way. It adds a sense of neo-reality, urgency, and ups the tension to the proceedings. Strangely, Roth decides to add more infantile humor at this point, to break up the tension in the film. This bears varying degrees of success. The pooping scene makes sense to a certain degree of, "well that would happen in real life", but is slightly marred by silly and gross sounds and character reactions. Other moments play out better, still others just leave you saying "what the fuck was Roth thinking?!"

Complementing the realism of the film is the actual real setting and the use of real Peruvian tribes people as the cannibals. I also like that film, like many of the its' Italian counterparts starts off in New York City. It has deeper messages in the form bullshit artists who wish to make a name for themselves exploiting a cause and the deforestation of the Amazons adds a level of profundity beyond it's exploitative nature (not unlike the dichotomy of Deodato's aforementioned classic). One aspect of the film that I did like more than the Italian stuff is that there is no real violence against animals here. In fact, there is an undercurrent of love for animals best summed up by the black leopard shown in the film. In an opposite vein, I which he would've taken the influence of having a better score. I mean this one here ain't bad, but it is generic. Unlike the beautiful score for Cannibal Holocaust

The acting is quite good, though. The supporting cast is strong, in particular Levy who just so good at being a despicable asshole in this film. But, it really is Izzo's showcase here. She is the heart of the film, and we are firmly on her side throughout the movie, thank God. I don't think this movie would've worked quite as well, if we weren't. She is excellent and is rapidly making a name for herself in the horror genre. She also happens to be stunningly beautiful. Those eyes! Good God, I maybe in love!

The movie doesn't feature anywhere near the amount of nudity it's Italian counterparts do. Those hoping that such beautiful women as Kirby Bliss Blanton or Magda Apanowicz will bear their flesh will be disappointed. Even the natives don't show naughty bits. But, there is one case of male frontal nudity, and the gorgeous Izzo gets nude as well. Izzo's scene is actually pretty tense and comes closest to matching the sexual violence that some of the nastier Italian films love to showcase. Speaking of nasty KNB's gore is phenomenal. This is the bloodiest studio horror film since the Evil Dead remake. As such, it features dismemberment, implaing, and more, including some wonderfully graphic cannibalism.

In all, I really enjoyed The Green Inferno. It is well worth the wait and is a great mix of fun, intensity, and shock. A sometimes nasty and wonderfully gruesome film, it does have some uneven bits, including an ending that feels tacked on to get us ready for the green lit sequel. But, I still highly recommend it. Not to Roth's haters, but to those who know what to expect from his work and want a bloody ride back to cannibal country. And, let's be honest as people haven't made this kind of movie in ages, it's a long overdue trip for many of us. Thank the gore-gods it's as good as it is here.

**** out of ****



Horror Crush: Debi Sue Voorhees

Paramount/ Warner Bros recently released the Friday the 13th films (minus, for whatever fucking reason, Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X) on double feature blu-rays (in other words, you get two of the movies on one disc). I never got the blu-ray box set, that came out a few years back because they were all R-cuts of the movie. Now, I don't expect all of the movies to come out unrated. Supposedly, some if not most of that footage is lost, or, at least, in shit condition. But, even the first and 9th film (both already available unrated on DVD, or in the case of the first film, on both formats) were in their butchered R-edits. I stuck to my DVDs (and blu-ray of the second film) and was willing to remain that way, lest they dropped the price drastically on the box set. But, anyways, now with these releases (which is selling out continuously, it seems), I can finally have this series in HD! The first disc I picked up is the one for parts V (which I always enjoyed) and VI (to me, it's by far the best of the sequels).

Now part V is entertainingly awesome and fun and features many lovely ladies (including to me, the hottest of all the Friday final girls, Melanie Kinnaman), so I want to take this chance to show some love for one of the most beautiful girls in the film, and the series, for that matter: Debi Sue Voorhees!!

The beautiful Ms. Voorhees (she shares Jason's last name, more on that later!) was born on July 28, 1961 in Dallas, Texas. In Dallas, she worked as a Playboy Bunny at the Playboy Club from 1980-1982. In 84, she made her acting debut in a horror flick called Innocent Prey. I never saw this movie this Australian flick, but she played a hooker in it.

From there she played Tina in Friday the 13th V: A New Beginning. This one takes place several years after the last film, as Final Chapter (ha! Clearly NOT the final chapter, after all!) hero Tommy Jarvis is all grown up and goes to a halfway home for teens. Tina is one of the girls, and she likes to have sex with her annoying boyfriend. But, you won't care, cause honestly it is just excuse for her to show her AMAZING body. Her God-given boobies rank among the best racks in the entire series. They are glorious! Her ass is also truly a site to behold and worship. I remember being totally in love with her as a kid. She was fucking hot! And, then there is her awesome last name. I thought it was THE greatest coincidence ever, in that her last name is the same as the series' main antagonist, Jason Voorhees! OK technically, the killer in this installment ain't Jason but regardless, you get my fucking drift. Her death scene is mostly off-screen, but very brutal as she gets her pretty eyes cut with gardening sheers.

For all the above reasons she is really memorable and has long been in my list of the most beautiful women in the series. Which, makes me think, would guys ever wanna see me do the 10 hottest girls in the Friday the 13th  franchise? Leave me a comment if you do. Anyway, Voorhees is truly a gift from heaven and does decently well in her limited role. I mean it's basically be pretty, get nude, have sex, die horribly, but she is perfectly fine (in every way) doing just that.
While, not a horror film by any stretch of the word, her next film was Avenging Angel, the first sequel to cult classic Angel. I don't remember much of anything about this one, other than I really fucking hated it. From she did her next horror film and the last film she was in,  Appointment with Fear (1985). It was produced by Halloween franchise producer Moustapha Akkad. I never seen this one either. Have any of you?

She left acting shortly after, but as extra features and docus on the Friday the 13th franchise have proven, she is still gorgeous! Even if some her other work wasn't as popular, we fans will always recall and love the gorgeous Debi Sue Voorhees for her appearance in the fifth film in the world's most prolific slasher film series!


SiriusXM Octane Presents Bring Me The Horizon- 9/15/15

On Sept. 15, 2015, SiriusXM Octane presented Bring Me the Horizon (BMTH), one of the biggest, best, most exciting, and popular young metal/ hard rock bands out right now at Webster Hall in NYC for a special live event. This was open only to listeners of the radio station and fans of the band, via their social media. The line to get in was huge, we are talking around the block! And, while many got in, others simply could not. Words from the Master, as in myself, Master Gio, did manage to get in and get some coverage of it.

 The band, which hails from Sheffield, Englad, have been around since 2003, and have shifted in style over the years, yet have always given the fans quality heavy rock music. Their latest effort That's the Spirit sees them incorporate even more poppy hooks, while still remaining firmly rooted in metal (though a far difference from their early deathcore sound). All that being said, I think it serves the band excellently, as they sound amazing and in keeps in tune, while still growing further from their last album, the absolutely incredible Sempiternal. The result is That's the Spirit which is one of the year's most exciting and fresh sounding releases. The show was, of course, in support of said album.

The band played to a packed house, where fans were almost literally on top of each other. Actually, once this concert began, and their charismatic and energetic signer Oliver Sykes asked the audience to start a mosh pit, it quite literally was fans on top of each other! The show was fast paced, fun, and fully of furious energy as the band rocked hard and the audience responded in kind.

They tore through kick ass tracks off of their new album like "Happy Song", "Drown", and "True Friends", as well as some of the best tracks off of the aforementioned Sempiternal like "Go to Hell for Heaven's Sake" and "Can You Feel My Heart". During a truly ripping performance of what might be my favorite BMTH songs, "Antivist", they got the whole crowd to put their "middle fingers in the air" as the song so gleefully states them to.

"Middle finger in the air!"
In all, this one of fuck of a killer show. Afterwards, the band graciously met their adoring fans and signed autographs for them. They are really nice down to earth guys, and that helped to further make this a night very special for the fans that were present, and one we are all likely to always remember.


Horror Crush: Kristy Swanson

Today's horror crush was one of my biggest as a kid/ teen, it's the stunning blonde beauty that is Kristy Swanson!

Swanson was born on Dec. 19, 1969 (making her 45) in Mission Viejo, Cali. She began acting on various TV shows, including Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Now I probably did see, I just don't remember, her in that episode, as I used to watch that show as a kid, but it's her debut movie where I first fell in love with her: Deadly Friend!

I discussed Deadly Friend a bit in my recent tribute to it's director, the late and great Wes Craven. I actually revisited it very recently, as I just got it on DVD (part of Warner Bro's Twisted Terror Collection). I been thinking about talking about this one a little more. Would you guys like to see me do that? If you guys request me to do so, I definitely will. If I don't hear from you guys, well who the fuck knows, if I will do it. Regardless, I immediately fell in love with the beautiful Ms. Kristy Swanson with this film. She is PERFECT as the girl next door (or, as I like to say, the girl I fucking WISHED had lived next door to me!).

Say what you will about the movie, itself, she is good in it. She's very likable. And, you care for her and her whole ordeal with falling for this nice genius boy who just moved next door and her abusive dad. Daddy ultimately causes her to lose her life, but she comes back when her boyfriend brings her back to life with a robot chip. So, now she is a hot girl next door zombie with a robot brain (let that sink in for a bit...). The image of her doing the "robot" through the rest of the remain film is pretty fucking funny (unintentional, I presume), but she does what she can with what she has. Besides, she kills the mean old lady neighbor in one of the coolest, wildest, most awesome, imaginative, and deliciously splattery deaths ever!   

Her next genre film is an adaptation of V.C. Andrews bestseller Flowers in the Attic. I saw this one as a kid as well, not to much after seeing Deadly Friend. Now, back in those days everyone was seemingly reading this book and those in the series. I never had but "hey it's got Kristy and it's horror so I am in!" is what I thought. Again, I liked it but... As I soon discovered, the movie was sadly missing the more salacious aspects of the book. It wanted to be a safe PG13 flick (an early example of the balls being taking out of horror to sell it to kids...). Wes Craven was originally attached but was dumped in order to keep"safe". A shame, he definitely would've made a movie that doesn't feel like a fucking made for TV flick. I have no clue, what I would think of this movie today, as I ain't seen it in ages. However, I always remember Swanson looking gorgeous and being excellent in her role, as the sister of a group of siblings locked up their mega-bitch and twisted mom.
Swanson would make one final return to the genre in the shitty horror/ comedy Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I saw this one in the movies, cause of her. That being said, I had a feeling it would be a turd. And, is it ever! Never really funny and certainly not scary, it's a prime example of how horror/ comedies are often, hard to do well. Paul Rubens is terribly annoying and Luke Perry is, well, Luke Perry. Which is too say he is an old dude playing a teen and sucking hard at it. This godawful excrement of a flick was a chore to watch, but again, Swanson is good in it. She has some solid delivery in her lines and looks AMAZING here. Seeing her in a cheerleader outfit is, quite, yummy. But, in the end the best thing I can say about this flick (other than Swanson, of course) is it inspired it's amazing spin-off show, which is one of the greatest TV shows of all time, horror or otherwise.
Kristy Swanson didn't star in the greatest horror films, but they are all memorable in some way or another, for better or worse. And, there is no denying that she set the hearts of many a young horror fans a flutter. as such, she will always be one of the most memorable horror teen crushes of all time. One more thing of note, she never got nude in any of her horror roles, but she would bear it all for Playboy in 2002. And, we were all very thankful for her doing it!