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SiriusXM Octane Presents Bring Me The Horizon- 9/15/15

On Sept. 15, 2015, SiriusXM Octane presented Bring Me the Horizon (BMTH), one of the biggest, best, most exciting, and popular young metal/ hard rock bands out right now at Webster Hall in NYC for a special live event. This was open only to listeners of the radio station and fans of the band, via their social media. The line to get in was huge, we are talking around the block! And, while many got in, others simply could not. Words from the Master, as in myself, Master Gio, did manage to get in and get some coverage of it.

 The band, which hails from Sheffield, Englad, have been around since 2003, and have shifted in style over the years, yet have always given the fans quality heavy rock music. Their latest effort That's the Spirit sees them incorporate even more poppy hooks, while still remaining firmly rooted in metal (though a far difference from their early deathcore sound). All that being said, I think it serves the band excellently, as they sound amazing and in keeps in tune, while still growing further from their last album, the absolutely incredible Sempiternal. The result is That's the Spirit which is one of the year's most exciting and fresh sounding releases. The show was, of course, in support of said album.

The band played to a packed house, where fans were almost literally on top of each other. Actually, once this concert began, and their charismatic and energetic signer Oliver Sykes asked the audience to start a mosh pit, it quite literally was fans on top of each other! The show was fast paced, fun, and fully of furious energy as the band rocked hard and the audience responded in kind.

They tore through kick ass tracks off of their new album like "Happy Song", "Drown", and "True Friends", as well as some of the best tracks off of the aforementioned Sempiternal like "Go to Hell for Heaven's Sake" and "Can You Feel My Heart". During a truly ripping performance of what might be my favorite BMTH songs, "Antivist", they got the whole crowd to put their "middle fingers in the air" as the song so gleefully states them to.

"Middle finger in the air!"
In all, this one of fuck of a killer show. Afterwards, the band graciously met their adoring fans and signed autographs for them. They are really nice down to earth guys, and that helped to further make this a night very special for the fans that were present, and one we are all likely to always remember.