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My 3rd Annual B-day at Duffs

Though my actual b-day was on the 29th of this month, I continued the tradition of celebrating my b-day at the greatest bar in the world Duff's Brooklyn on the 21st.

I went with my good freinds Alan and Matt. Later on my friends Izzy, Wally, Rollie, and Rachel showed up. I also ran into other friends and people I know from the bar. I made sure to blast some kick ass music from bands like Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica, Venom, Darkthrone, Watain, Type O Negative, Iron Maiden, Nine Inch Nails, and Nirvana on the jukebox.
As always others played some kick ass music from the jukebox, as well, like Overkill, Deftones, Pantera, Gojira, and Guns N' Roses. I also met Crystal and her friend Chelsie. It turns out it was Crsytal's b-day as well! Double b-day bash!! Hells yeah, motherfucker!!!

In the end, I had an awesome fucking time (and got drunk as fuck!), as one as always does at Duffs! Jimmy is the man, as he most definitely always is. I've said this a million times, but will never tire of it, cause it's true: DUFF'S FUCKING RULES!!

I'll be back soon, of course. And, you can bet your ass I will celebrate my b-day next year, yet, again!


Preview: Asa Akira in This Is Why I'm Hot

I've seen the first promo stuff for director/ producer Ivan's This Is Why I'm Hot. They are some extremely pics and video of the beautiful Asa Akira.

The movie will also feature Chanel Preston, Gracie Glam, and Kristina Rose. Asa has been quoted as, "He makes every girl look like a superstar nymphomaniac!", in reference to director Ivan.

From the cover and what I've read on it, it looks to be another winner from Tom Byron Pictures. I am definitely looking forward to it being released.

If you wanna pre-order and/ or see a sexy video of the beautiful Ms. Akira, as well as some hardcore pics you can go here: http://www.tombyronpictures.com/?page=detail&id=979242&ad=2166#gallery

NOTE: all pictures courtesy of Tom Byron Pictures, copyright 2011.



Title: Penance
Director/ Writer: Jake Kennedy
Cast: Marieh Delfino, Grahman McTavish, Alice Amter, Jason Connery, Valerie Hubbard

A beautiful, young mother named Amelia (the gorgeous Marieh Delfino) becomes a stripper to help pay for her little daughter's cancer treatment. When her pretty friend, known as Sassy (Eve Mauro), gets beaten up at a club, she takes her spot at some unknown location. She runs into two other pretty strippers. They are all drugged, and when Amelia awakes she finds herself in a living hell where strippers are totured to be saved by God, through the hands of an insane sadist (Graham McTavish).

This flick is an example of the old found footage "shaky cam" horror subgenre. But, while that style of movie many times annoys this is an example of how it can be well done. While, some stuff doesn't make much sense (how did the villains not notice that Amelia has a camera with her, when they locked her up?); it's a dark and mean-spirited romp. The POV stuff works well here because it adds to the suspense. There are a couple of nail-biting moments that had me on the edge of my seat.

The acting is strong, with McTavish making for a villain you will thoroughly hate. Religious loonies are always scary, and it is most definitely the case here. Also, excellent is Delfino who is a strong and likeable heroine, that you will both pity and feel for. And, you will also be cheering her to kick the bad guys' asses. Horror fans will love the small role of Michael (Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer) Rooker, who is totally despicable. They will also like the cameo by Candyman, himself, Tony Todd.

The movie is vicious, but never that gory. A lot is left to imagination. That said there are acts of violence that heighten the film, it's just the filmmakers know when to use them best. There is a good amount of nudity, but it is only during the first 20 min or so that this is sexy. The rest of the movie, nudity is used in the context of horrifying and/ or disturbing moments. Regardless, the girls who play strippers are all beautiful.

I caught this one on Chiller TV and found it be a prime example of doing this type of horror well. In all this is a highly recommended indie terror feature all around.

***1/2 out of ****

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Estella Warren, Has She Been Naughty?

Last night I was watching Chelsea Lately, and they mentioned that the lovely Estella Warren got arrested for a DUI. Apperantely this blonde babe is quite the naughty girl!

She allegedly was drunk and hit three cars. The owners of said cars said she was all crazy and whacked out. Ahh, hot, crazy chicks, we all know/ have known our fair share them haven't we? Anyway, supposedly after that she kicked a cop. And, when she got arrested she slipped out of her handcuffs. So, now we know she can do magic tricks, too! Sersiouly, I would rather have her come to some kid's party than a clown or some lame-ass magician! Hotter and more fun! She then, it is said, ran out of the police station! Ahh, drunken shenanigans! How wondrous and silly they can be!

Handler admitted she knew who she was, but couldn't be bothered to remember (or so she says). Just for Ms. Handler, I am here to freshen up her and your memories! You can thank me later.

This Canadian hottie is a former fashion model (one of the few I actual find attractive probably cause she has an actual body) and a former synchronized swimmer (crap! This babe is multi-talented!).

She's been in a bunch of movies and TV shows. Her most recognizable role was in Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes. To be honest with you, she's one of the few good things about that piece of monkey shit. She is most definitely one of the few things worth keeping in your memory in relation to it. The most recent thing of hers I saw was Beauty and the Beast a Sy-Fy channel horror flick. Honestly, from what I saw of it (which was maybe 30 or 40 of the movie's last few minutes), it was a festering piece of excrement.

I will be the first to say that Ms. Warren is not the best actress, but she has an amazing God-given rack! She also comes as real sexy, things that cannot be said about that overrated waste of time known as Lindsey Lohan.

Whatever the case maybe, it seems as Miss. Warren has been a very bad girl. And, if that is the case, then I, the Master, need to give her a good spanking.

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Body Heat

Title: Body Heat
Studio: Digital Playground
Cast: Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Kayden Kross, Raven Alexis, Katsuni, Bridgette B.

Director Robby D's big budget porn flick tells the smutty tale of a group of firefighter, whose firehouse is being threatened to get shutdown. They need to find a way to keep it open. Meanwhile, one of the firemen, who is to marry Kayden Kross' character, dies in an explosion. That's it as far as plot is concerned, and really, that is enough.

Some years ago Wicked made Flashpoint with Jenna Jameson a movie that was overwrought with plot, and aside from a few scenes, in particular her SMOLDERING lesbian romp with Brittany Andrews, was sort of forgettable. This is a MUCH better movie.

Body Heat has lots of good, energetic sex scenes, with at least two stellar moments. In fact, in total the movie features eleven scenes!!! The female cast is drop dead gorgeous. Usually I'm not keen on big breasted blondes, but Jane, Steele, B., and Kross are four of the best. And, four that I thoroughly love! Katsuni is, of course, my fav performer in the movie. While, I find it hard to believe that she is the fire chief, I loved her in it. Her heavy accent is what makes it hard to believe, I think. But, it's so sexy and she looks so hot, you won't, and fucking shouldn't, care.

Other solid performances come from Jesse Jane who is her energetic self that she always is. Steele is great as the ditz and likeable babe of the group. And, Kross is quite sympathetic in her role. Raven Alexis, as the psychiatrist, just exudes sex appeal.

My fav scene had to be Steele coming to try to convince that the station not get closed. It leads to a killer, hot, and nasty threesome with stunning and busty Spanish beauty Bridgette B. and the dude in the room. Bridgette is just so hot and beautiful that I was dying for her to get involved in on the action. When she does, damn, I almost died. The hot facial that hits them both will have you finishing a whole box of Kleenex.

Another kick ass scene that will have you jerking it is the final one, where in most of the beautiful cast get in a KILLER lesbian orgy. Jane, Katsuni, Kross, Alexis, and Steele get so fucking hot that it sets a three alarm off, at least!

The movie (shot in 16 x 9 widescreen) looks gorgeous with excellent production values and a nice transfer. The 5.1 surround sound (I wish more pornos would have this) sounds great, as well.

As far as extras go we have a real fun behind the scenes featurette. There are some deleted scenes which are plotted centered. There is also a slide/ photo gallery.

In all, this is one you should definitely be adding to your collection.

***1/2 woodies out of ****

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The Top 10 Geek Goddesses

With Olivia Munn gone from G4 and her website now a thing of the past, the position of geek goddess is open for someone to take the top stop. The truth is in the last in the last few years, beautiful women have been declaring their love for all things geeky on the net and on TV, much to the appreciation of male geeks everywhere. There is nothing cooler than finding out a hottie likes geeky stuff. And, so this blog lists the current top ten babes that deserve to be worshiped at the almighty nerd alter.

10. Kristin Adams- One of G4's longest working babes the sometimes underrated Mrs. Adams has what might be this list's sexiest legs. I loved her when she was doing Cheat. I also greatly enjoy seeing her do the news on Attack of the Show (AOTS). I think she should always do the news, but that's just me. Anyways, she can help me cheat on a game any day of the year!

9. April O'Neil- This self-professed nerd porn star is one of my favs over on Twitter. She's great at interacting with her fans, and has been on Chris Hardwick's podcast. Her tumblr recently had her nude with Dalek next to her. You don't get geekier than that!

8. Jessica Chobot- This video game babe can be found on IGN, as fellow X-Box Live fans know. She has also hosted AOTS. She is gonna be hosting the new G4 show Proving Ground. She knows her video game shit and is a cutie, what more do you need?

7. Ruby Violence- Model, erotic starlet, and fellow horror blogger, Ruby is one of the coolest babes on the net. Any time a hot girl has knowledge on gore and horror flicks its always gonna be a way to my heart. Beautiful and knowledgeable, you would do well to follow her Twitter and read her blog. And, be sure to check out her site, too!

6. Annie Cruz- This beautiful porn babe is one of the hottest performers around. But, she also happens to be a gamer, comic book fan (she freaking LOVES Batman!), and horror lover.

5. Carol Zara- This Canadian honey of Brazilian decent has one of the web's most beloved blogs. She never fails to voice her opinion on comics, horror films, babes, and other geeky stuff. She can be found at various conventions always being cool to her fans. The fact that she looks like this and is so heavily into geek culture is fucking awesome!

4. Candace Bailey- There is no argument that Candace has done a great job in taking over for Olivia on AOTS. Best of all she has proven to have an interest in learning geek culture. She tires hard and that's all that we ask for. Well that and the fact that she is cute as hell!

3. Alison Hailsip- It's great to see that Alison is still being used on AOTS. The combination of hotness, cuteness, and geek knowledge makes me love Alison to no end. Of note, she is THE only blonde on this whole entire list!

2. Misti Dawn- The world's definitive geeky porn star. With a love for comics, video games, and movies Misti is a nerd's wet dream come true. She's long been one of this blogs favorites, and she righteously deserves to be ranked among the very best of geek babes! And, let's make no bones about it, she's the real deal!

1. Linda "Vampy Bit Me" Le- Beautiful is a word to easy throw out there, yet some like my number one pick is well beyond the description of that world. Gamer, convention regular, horror fan, metal-head, cos-player, model, and blogger, this multifaceted goddess is my pick for number because she embodies everything that is necessary to wear the geek crown with true honor. All hail the greatest of all geek goddesses!!!!!!

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ASYLUM (2008)

Title: Asylum
Year: 2008
Director: David R. Ellis
Writer: Ethan Lawrence
Cast: Sarah Roemer, Jake Muxworthy, Mark Rolston, Travis Van Winkle, Ellen Hollman

One night, Madison and her brother witness their wacky dad blow his brains out. Cut to the present, where Madison (the beautiful Sarah Roemer) is now all grown up. Her bro has also killed himself, but she starting college. She meets a group of kids which she befriends. But, you see the new dorm where they are staying at was once an asylum! And, it's haunted by the evil Dr. Burke (Mark Rolston), who used questionable methods to "help" the teens in the asylum. Soon, the kids start to get offed one by one, and he uses each of their psychological weaknesses and scars to get to them.

Man, this movie is as generic as they come. It rips off of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and offers nothing new to the genre. The doc even makes lame jokes as he kills. The acting ranges from OK to good, but the characters are pretty standard and generic. The girls are really pretty, though. In particular lead Sarah Roemer, whom horror fans might remember from the enjoyable Disturbia, is quite the babe. I have quite an affinity for Ms. Reomer and would love to see her do even more genre projects. I also liked the lovely Ellen Holloman, who had a sexy role in it, as the token sexpot. Carolina Gracia adds some Latina spice to proceedings. There is some slight nudity from Sarah's character, but it is hard to see it if it is really her or a body double.

The gore is alright, with an impressive head bisection that really rocks hard. The movie could certainly have been worse (Dr. Giggles anyone?), but there is really nothing here, beyond what little good things I just said to recommend this. The ending is terribly abrupt and if you've seen stuff like Dream Warriors or Bad Dreams, then you've seen this movie. Ultimately, this an asylum no one needs to visit, unless you are a Sarah Roemer completetionist.

* 1/2 out of ****



Title: Easy A
Director: Will Gluck
Writer: Bert V. Royal
Cast: Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes, Penn Badgley, Dan Byrd, Thomas Jayden Church

I recently watched Easy A on cable. Now, I should start by saying, I usually hate comedies, and I rarely watch them. I’m really picky when it comes to which ones, I actually like. But, a friend recommended it to me, and usually we have the same tastes. When, a girl I know on Twitter reaffirmed the recommendation, I figured why not. What the fuck do I have to lose? Moreso, cause it’s on Starz, now so it ain’t gonna cost me shit, if it sucks.
Easy A tells the story of Olive (the beautiful Emma Stone), a girl who is not popular. One day to get out of hanging out with her friend Rhiannon (the gorgeous Aly Michalka, who has amazing cleavage) and her family (who are weird hippies), she tells the lie that she is gonna go out with some made up college guy. When in reality she is staying home. When, she tells her friend the following Monday that she fucked him and lost her virginity, the local Jesus freak (the cute Amanda Bynes) hears it in the bathroom and soon the rumor spreads.
She is soon thought to be a slut. Eventually, she decides to help a gay student look straight by pretending she has sex with. Other boys pay her money to able to spread the rumor that they, too, had sex with her. She also decides to wear on an A on her clothing, like the book she just read for class, The Scarlet Letter. She becomes the talk of the school.

Easy A surprised me as far as entertaining it was. I wasn’t really expecting this to be my cup of beer, but I have it a shot, anyway. It is funny and has a lot of heart and sweetness to it, but never so much so that it is vomiting inducing. The cast is good, but really this is Stone’s movie. She has never looked more beautiful, and I ended up falling totally in love with her after watching this film. Sure, there are other girls in the movie, but they just don’t compare.

Actually, this is also a problem with the movie, as it is hard to believe that anyone as hot as her would be an outcast in high school. But, that’s Hollywood for ya. My only other problem is that the tact on romantic crap. Seriously, why did this movie need it? Oh, that’s right cause they want girls to like and watch the movie. That and the lead is a female. I kind of wanna buy this one on blu-ray someday, but that shit really annoyed me.
Still, Easy A is fun and easy to enjoy movie. Guys, and obviously girls, I think will find enough things to appreciate, hence my recommendation to watch it. And, if you’re a fan of Ms. Stone, then you totally owe to yourself to see this one. And, what’s best is that this one that you can share with that girl in your life.
*** out of ****