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The Master in Las Vegas July 2010 Pt. 1

I went to Las Vegas about a year ago. But, I never really wrote about it here, or anywhere else for that matter, cause I figured no one gave a crap. The lack of porn, metal, and horror made me think that way. But, since I have been taking an article writing class, I began to feel inspired to finally write it. And, then my friend Natalie told me, on Twitter, that I should go ahead and just do it! So, here it is. It’s actually pretty tame, but there are lots of pics. And, it should hopefully show why I fell in love with Vegas from the moment, our limo drove down the strip. And, why if you ain’t done so yet, should get your ass over there, ASAP.

I had always wanted to go to Vegas (though my main reason was originally to see the AEEs, something I would end up doing almost six months later). At that time, I had a friend who was living out there and hanging with her, gave me someone to chill with over there. And, that in of itself was another reason for me to go there. When my friends decided to join me, I had it set!

I took the cab to JFK airport with my friend Alan on July of 2010. There we met up with his girlfriend Aisha and our friend Wally. We took the flight out to Las Vegas and got there at about noonish. Like I said in the intro, we took a limo and drove through the strip. This was my first time ever in a limo. I proudly wore my Duffs Brooklyn shirt to represent! From this moment my heart was taken by the beauty and awesomeness of the city.We ate dinner at KGB in the Harrah’s (which is where Alan, Aisha, and I stayed at. Wally stayed at the Wynn). The burgers were damn fucking good, there!We then took our first walk down the strip. I shot some video of the beautiful Las Vegas water show at the Bellagio.

You know what's one thing that really caught my eye? Well, aside from the beauty of the city or the hotties walking around, it was the ads for escort services! Not only did they hand out cards on the strip for them, but there are trucks that pass by with the ads on them! Awesome! You ain't gonna see that in NYC!

I would also like to point out that it is legal for people to walk around Vegas with alcohol in their hands. Like my East-coast friends and I said, that would NEVER work back home!

Finally, on our first day/ night, I got my pic taken with two hottie showgirls. I mean what else would you expect from me?


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