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ASYLUM (2008)

Title: Asylum
Year: 2008
Director: David R. Ellis
Writer: Ethan Lawrence
Cast: Sarah Roemer, Jake Muxworthy, Mark Rolston, Travis Van Winkle, Ellen Hollman

One night, Madison and her brother witness their wacky dad blow his brains out. Cut to the present, where Madison (the beautiful Sarah Roemer) is now all grown up. Her bro has also killed himself, but she starting college. She meets a group of kids which she befriends. But, you see the new dorm where they are staying at was once an asylum! And, it's haunted by the evil Dr. Burke (Mark Rolston), who used questionable methods to "help" the teens in the asylum. Soon, the kids start to get offed one by one, and he uses each of their psychological weaknesses and scars to get to them.

Man, this movie is as generic as they come. It rips off of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and offers nothing new to the genre. The doc even makes lame jokes as he kills. The acting ranges from OK to good, but the characters are pretty standard and generic. The girls are really pretty, though. In particular lead Sarah Roemer, whom horror fans might remember from the enjoyable Disturbia, is quite the babe. I have quite an affinity for Ms. Reomer and would love to see her do even more genre projects. I also liked the lovely Ellen Holloman, who had a sexy role in it, as the token sexpot. Carolina Gracia adds some Latina spice to proceedings. There is some slight nudity from Sarah's character, but it is hard to see it if it is really her or a body double.

The gore is alright, with an impressive head bisection that really rocks hard. The movie could certainly have been worse (Dr. Giggles anyone?), but there is really nothing here, beyond what little good things I just said to recommend this. The ending is terribly abrupt and if you've seen stuff like Dream Warriors or Bad Dreams, then you've seen this movie. Ultimately, this an asylum no one needs to visit, unless you are a Sarah Roemer completetionist.

* 1/2 out of ****