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From Misti Dawn, Herself: The Truth About The Empire Meow Misti Dawn

Yesterday, I gave my thoughts and words on Misti Dawn being out of the Star Wars porno.

Misti posted a blog updating us on the whole situation. You can read all about it here:
The Truth About The Empire Meow Misti Dawn | Meow Misti Dawn

I actually give Vivid credit after reading that, as well as Steve Hirsch. They have proven to be class acts in the adult biz. Outside of that, I find the director calling Misti fat just ridiculous, and threatening her with firing her boyfriend is classless. Once, again my blog and I support Ms. Dawn, as I am sure any of her fellow fans do.

And, remember to go on Twitter and us the hash tag #StarWarsPornFail and get your word out!

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