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Some Love for Jason on this Friday the 13th

Ahh, it's Friday the 13th, dear friends and readers! And, to me and many fans, it means that it's time to show some love for one of the greatest horror villains, ever, Jason Voorhees!

I've given tons of love for the series, in the past, including reviewing just about the whole franchise. But, this time I just wanna throw-out some random thoughts and love for it.

The first one I ever watched was Friday the 13th pt. VII: The New Blood, as a kid, on video. I fell in love with the series right then and there! Admit ably, the movie is sort of brain-dead, but it is fun. Plus, I developed a total crush on it's heroine Tina (Lar-Park Lincoln) and the bitchy Melissa (Susan Jennifer Sullivan). While, Lincoln did other films and TV and does cons, many wonder what has happened to Sullivan. Man, she was such a babe!

The best entry is still the original, which also happens to be one of the finest slasher movies, ever made. The ending is still totally killer after all these years. The worst? Easy. Jason Takes Manhattan, the eighth one in the series. But, it does have it's moments, including a dude who boxes Jason, a blonde babe who marks all her best parts for her teacher, Jason actually being in NYC, and the GORGEOUS Kelly Hu! It's still shit, though.
Jason's look always changed, but from the awesome Jason Lives (the 6th entry) and beyond, he was pretty much a zombie. The aforementioned New Blood had the best Jason look, while Jason Takes Manhattan had his lamest look. And, his lamest death! Death by toxic waste? What the fuck? So, we can beat him by sending him to a New Jersey dump?! =\ His best death scene? To me, it is his slide down the machete and the further chopping with it by Corey Feldman in the fourth entry, The Final Chapter.

The series has always had a it's share of hotties, both victims and heroines. Aside, from the aforementioned honies, who doesn't love Part 2's Kirsten Baker's ass or the 4th flick's twins? As far as final girls go, part five's Melanie Kinnamon is my all time favorite. She's so beautiful! Though, as far as spunkyness goes, Amy Steel from 2 is awesome! And, cute, too!

Finally, we all lover the kills and gore, don't we? Whether it's an ax to the face, arrow through the neck, sliced in half, bashed against a tree, frozen and shattered face, etc. We watch these movies for the gore, no doubt!

And, so today I say enjoy this day with your friend from Camp Crystal Lake!

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