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Horror Crush: Jill Terashita

This new feature on my blog will focus on a horror babe that I had/ have a major thing for. Let's begin with this stunning Japanese beauty from two horror flicks: the beautiful Jill Terashita!

I first saw Jill in the cult favorite Night of the Demons. This highly fun and totally entertaining gore flick about a group of teens getting possessed by demonic forces had lots of hotties (all candidates for future installments of this feature). Jill played Frannie. She gets topless (!!!!!), has sex (!!!!), and then gets her neck snapped. She comes back possessed by demons. This is my fav role of hers, by the way.

Her next role, and final horror film (at the time of this blog) was Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland. While, to me, this is the weakest of the first three movie it does have it's share of moments including a kick ass ending. Jill, as tough street kid Arab, is another one of my favorite things about it. Jill looks fucking gorgeous and while she loses her top and her head (at different times, though)!

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If there were more girls like her at camp, I would have actually care enough to go to camp!

Ms. Terashita has also done stunt work, as well, but ain't had an actual role since 1990's Why Me? (which I never seen). But, she did appear at Monster-Mania a few months back. Sadly, there was no way of me getting out there, so I missed her. Sucks, cause I was/ am dying to meet her. She is still gorgeous, and I hope she does Chiller or Saturday Nightmares someday.


SonOfCelluloid said...

You may have an edited version, because Jill, who is also one of my favorites, does get topless in Sleepaway Camp 3. She's seen changing into the camp sweatshirt while sitting on her bed.

Giovanni Deldio said...

shit your right! It's been a whole since i seen it, and my brain has not been working as well this morning. I think it's the heat. Regardless i made the change on the blog. Thanx!!! :D