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The Top 10 Geek Goddesses

With Olivia Munn gone from G4 and her website now a thing of the past, the position of geek goddess is open for someone to take the top stop. The truth is in the last in the last few years, beautiful women have been declaring their love for all things geeky on the net and on TV, much to the appreciation of male geeks everywhere. There is nothing cooler than finding out a hottie likes geeky stuff. And, so this blog lists the current top ten babes that deserve to be worshiped at the almighty nerd alter.

10. Kristin Adams- One of G4's longest working babes the sometimes underrated Mrs. Adams has what might be this list's sexiest legs. I loved her when she was doing Cheat. I also greatly enjoy seeing her do the news on Attack of the Show (AOTS). I think she should always do the news, but that's just me. Anyways, she can help me cheat on a game any day of the year!

9. April O'Neil- This self-professed nerd porn star is one of my favs over on Twitter. She's great at interacting with her fans, and has been on Chris Hardwick's podcast. Her tumblr recently had her nude with Dalek next to her. You don't get geekier than that!

8. Jessica Chobot- This video game babe can be found on IGN, as fellow X-Box Live fans know. She has also hosted AOTS. She is gonna be hosting the new G4 show Proving Ground. She knows her video game shit and is a cutie, what more do you need?

7. Ruby Violence- Model, erotic starlet, and fellow horror blogger, Ruby is one of the coolest babes on the net. Any time a hot girl has knowledge on gore and horror flicks its always gonna be a way to my heart. Beautiful and knowledgeable, you would do well to follow her Twitter and read her blog. And, be sure to check out her site, too!

6. Annie Cruz- This beautiful porn babe is one of the hottest performers around. But, she also happens to be a gamer, comic book fan (she freaking LOVES Batman!), and horror lover.

5. Carol Zara- This Canadian honey of Brazilian decent has one of the web's most beloved blogs. She never fails to voice her opinion on comics, horror films, babes, and other geeky stuff. She can be found at various conventions always being cool to her fans. The fact that she looks like this and is so heavily into geek culture is fucking awesome!

4. Candace Bailey- There is no argument that Candace has done a great job in taking over for Olivia on AOTS. Best of all she has proven to have an interest in learning geek culture. She tires hard and that's all that we ask for. Well that and the fact that she is cute as hell!

3. Alison Hailsip- It's great to see that Alison is still being used on AOTS. The combination of hotness, cuteness, and geek knowledge makes me love Alison to no end. Of note, she is THE only blonde on this whole entire list!

2. Misti Dawn- The world's definitive geeky porn star. With a love for comics, video games, and movies Misti is a nerd's wet dream come true. She's long been one of this blogs favorites, and she righteously deserves to be ranked among the very best of geek babes! And, let's make no bones about it, she's the real deal!

1. Linda "Vampy Bit Me" Le- Beautiful is a word to easy throw out there, yet some like my number one pick is well beyond the description of that world. Gamer, convention regular, horror fan, metal-head, cos-player, model, and blogger, this multifaceted goddess is my pick for number because she embodies everything that is necessary to wear the geek crown with true honor. All hail the greatest of all geek goddesses!!!!!!

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