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10 Must See Nadia Nyce Scenes

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When it comes to this site's most popular post, pretty much from the moment I wrote it, it has to be: Whatever Happened to Nadia Nyce? Eight years later and it is still pulling in views and comments, which alone is at over 170!! Nothing on this site even comes close to inspiring that heated and passionate discussion and love. This is something I fully understand, as this beautiful Indian goddess remains a close personal favorite, and one of the greatest porn star ever. And, without questions one of the ones, who I have most and continue to, repeatedly watched.

Baring that in mind I decided to post this, 10 scenes that one simply must see of this this Indian goddess. Now, this isn't her top ten of all time. Although the top two scenes listed here are not just her best, but the best in the history of porn, especially the ranked number one. Since she shot about 50 scenes, I haven't seen them all and thus cannot make this a definitive list. Instead, think of these as highlights, places for her fans or would be fans to go and enjoy. You are more than welcome to add your own scenes, though links to tube sites will not be allowed. Remember, pay for your porn! As a matter of fact, whenever possible I will provide a link to where you can purchase the scene and/ or movie. All of these scenes from Rodney Moore, of course. Anywho, enjoy this tribute to the Princess of Cum and true goddess of sexual perfection: Nadia Nyce!

10. Nadia Nyce and Lynx Dyan- This lesbian scene, dubbed "Pillows & Pussies"  has Nadia and Lynx having a pillow fight, then getting it on on a bed. The sex between them is passionate and is highlighted by a double ended dildo that they insert in their twats and also suck on. Both girls clearly like each other and beautiful Lynx's pale, white skin works wonderfully in contrast to Nadia's sexy, brown skin. The ending has lots of kissing between them, highlighted by drool dripping from the side of Nadia's luscious lips.

9. Nadia Nyce and Rodney Moore- This one can be found on MonsterFacials.com the Movie Volume 5, in at least a truncated form. In it, Rodney blows his load on a plate and the beautiful Nadia licks it all up. When she unties her hair with his spunk on her face, I pretty much melt!

8. Nadia Nyce, a chocolate sundae, and Rodney Moore- No, that is some porn star's name, but an actual sundae, that Nadia laps up with a spoon. Might I add, she does this after Rodney adds some special sauce to it, making it yummier for her! A simple, nasty, dirty, and hot scene that will make you spray your own sauce. You can find this on MonsterFacials.com the Movie Volume 3 which is arguably the best in the compilation series which is saying A LOT!!! Oh and Rodney, can we PLEASE get a volume 6?! PLEASE!

7. Nadia Nyce, Alex Dane, and Rodney Moore- This scene from The Doctor Is in 3, has Nadia play the role of her twin, Claudia Nyce. She is trying to be a nurse. To do her training for Dr. Rodney Moore, she first blows him. Then, she's has to help a dark haired and beautiful patient (Alex Dane). From there the scene goes into SMOLDERING lesbian action (IE LOTS of kissing and boob grabbing). Then, it heads into both of them taking on Rodney. The cum-swapping is explosively hot, with Nadia and Alex making for a nasty and beautiful duo.

6. "Princess" Nadia Nyce and Rodney Moore- Found on Nadia Nyce: Indian Sex Goddess Vol. 2, this scene is relatively short but nasty and smoldering as fucking hell. One of the things I like about it is that there is a worshiping Nadia feel to it. From it's title including the word Princess, it goes to the start where Rodney licks her feet, from there she gives orders. And, he licks her bush which looks AMAZING! There is fucking and a nasty money-shot where he drips his load into a champagne glass, which, she licks up, drinks. and swallows. Throughout the scene, she looks seductively at the camera, sometimes licking her luscious lips or sucking on her or Rodney's fingers, very suggestively. I swear it's memorizing! 

5. Nadia Nyce and Candace- I saw this scene in a compilation called Just Like Sisters, but it originally came from Teacher's Pet 3. Anyway, in this one a smoking hot, French blonde chick, Candace, teaches our Indian goddess how to give a perfect hand-job using dildos. Dripping with eroticism, nastiness, and saliva, it is sexy and dirty fun. The scene is Nadia's best girl/ girl scene, that I have seen anyways.

4. Nadia Nyce, Rodney Moore, and a champagne glass- This scene is short but sweet, or maybe I should say nasty, dirty, and sexy as fucking hell! Basically, it's a naked Nadia looking beautiful as ever, with pig-tail, might I add(!!), holding a champagne glass. It's empty, so Rodney blows a big load in it. Nadia takes a straw and slurps it all up. I melt whenever I see this scene! The way she plays with the straw and savors the taste is pure Nadia, and a perfect example of why she fucking rules. This true masterpiece proves that you sometimes don't need to be terribly long with a lot of shit happening to be a smoldering scene.

3. Nadia Nyce and Rodney Moore- Nadia and Rodney setup where there is a beautiful view. This leads to some extremely hot sucking and fucking. It is all caped off with a massive load hitting Nadia's mouth and flawless face, which she awaits with such unbridled desire that it's literally explosive (for both Rodney and us!). The cum drips off of her and even runs down her boobs and arm/ wrists, where she laps it up. Nadia proclaims that the sunset is "lovely". Sure, but she is even lovelier. Rodney, in fact, makes sure to comment on what a lovely sight she is, splooge covered. To be honest, this money shot and her performance is a perfect example of why we, her fans, love and miss Nadia.

2. Nadia Nyce, Misty Lewis, and Rodney Moore- For all intents and purposes this is Nadia's second greatest scene (unless you know of a better one, in which case mention it in the comments below!) ever, and it might just be the second greatest scene I have ever seen anyone ever do. It is a perfect bit of filthy fucking, nasty, sexy, and legitimate heat. In it, Nadia, who looks absolutely breathtaking, finds a beautiful, fair skinned goddess named Misty (who apparently only ever shot this scene, which sucks cause she is a flawless, natural beauty and a great performer) with sexy and short black hair.
Rodney picks them both up and they head to his place for a shoot. On the way there, it's clear Nadia really likes her. They play around with each other at his place, and there is LOTS of hot kissing which I LOVE! Misty's beautiful, pale skin coupled with Nadia's sexy brown skin is a sight to behold and worship.
Of course, they have a threesome with Rodney. The scene even throws in some kink with Misty, and her marvelous boobs, lactating! In other words, mother's milk (and, I don't mean the Red Hot Chili Peppers album) is fed to Rodney AND Nadia! Seeing Nadia enjoy it is worth the price of the scene ALONE! Throw in cum sharing and you have an absolutely perfect scene. Be sure to have LOTS of tissues on hand!

1. Nadia Nyce, Kimberly Cummings, and Rodney Moore- And, here it is, the number one scene of this list. I have to say that this isn't just Nadia's greatest scene. It is the single greatest scene ever made (at least, that I have seen). It is perfect and exudes heat from it's very first few seconds till the blistering last couple.
Found on Cum for Dinner, it takes place in a dildo factory. The beautiful and delicious Kimberly Cummings (look scrumptious in the office look) is testing out a new dildo and compares it to the real thing by sucking on Rodney's dick. A dildo demo girl is coming in, he tells her. Soon, she does, and, of course, it is our goddess Nadia! She looks impossibly sexy and beautiful in a revealing, white outfit. Dripping pure sex and nastiness, I can spray in mere minutes from any point in it. There is fucking, cock sucking, dildo usage, lesbian kissing, anal (Kimberly's butthole takes it. not Nadia's), and the sexiest cum shot ever committed to video/ film. In it, Nadia hungrily awaits Rodney's load. After she takes it on her gorgeous face, Kimberly licks Nadia's face and kisses her. Nadia even rubs the remaining load on her own face!

There is never a dull moment, never a part to fast forward. I said in my original post on Nadia, that this is the scene that introduced me to her. I have been a fan ever since, and this remains forever my most viewed scene. The chemistry is perfect between all three performers. Both girls are visions of perfection and wonderfully slutty and dirty. Plus, they both seem to like each other.
Cum swapping, dildo sucking, two girl BJs, two pairs of bushes, dirty talking, lesbianism, and more, it has just about everything I love. I could probably write a book, as to why this scene rules, but you get the fucking idea. Now, go fucking buy this movie already!!!

And, that is it, for now. If I see interest from you dear readers, I will post another 10 awesome Nadia Nyce scenes in a future article. And, as I said at the beginning, be sure to chime in with your favorite scenes of her in the comments section below.
WARNING: One more time for those in the cheap seats, if you post links to tube sites or illegal porn downloads, I will block your ass. Beyond that post away!


Anonymous said...

Great post Gio! Those are iconic scenes from her career. I would add her very first scene shot in Rodney’s apartment black in October 1994 as one of my favourites. The rawness paired with her curiosity on camera was amazing. Any of her scenes in Indian Sex Goddess volume 1&2 are classics. It’s been 9 years since your original post on Nadia and after reading this post the wait was worth it!


Giovanni Deldio said...

Ah, yes her first scene ever is a classic, all in its own right. Glad you liked it, I loved putting this long overdue list together.

Anonymous said...

A great list featuring one of the best adult performers to date. Personally I prefer some of her more intimate, less 'acted' scenes, such as her first (as mentioned) and her Malibu sunset scene. But to be honest, they are all gold - another of my faves is the champagne glass cumplay scene mentioned in your list.
Occasionally I check out your 'Whatever Happened to Nadia' post to read the latest comments, but not from a real desire for someone to track her down. The fun is is hearing the various theories and just reading how Nadia is still cherished by her fans. I have little doubt that 'Nadia' sometimes reads these too - I just hope that she gets a secret kick from still being adored and doesn't get offended or worried by it. I also hope she settled down happily with a guy who truly appreciates her and her past videos too, because he is one lucky dude.

Giovanni Deldio said...

I too hope she is happy with someone who treats her like the queen she deserves to be treated as.

Steve said...

I love her in Lovin' Spoonfuls #24 with Ed Powers mainly because she's wearing black tights during the beginning. Ed can't keep his hands off her soft thighs as they sit and chat on the side of the bed. It's a real shame that she had taken them off before they got down to business.


I think there's another video out there of Nadia wearing tights, but I can't find it. I'd love to see it again, and if anyone else out there can point me in the direction of Nadia dressed in tights, stockings, or pantyhose I'd really appreciate it.

Giovanni Deldio said...

I have a new Nadia Nyce article with ten more great scenes of hers, here: https://www.themastergio.com/2023/03/10-more-must-see-nadia-nyce-scenes.html