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The 20 Best Hard Rock & Metal Albums of 2017, Pt. 1: 20-11

2017 was a fucking awesome year for heavy music. Especially, for those into death metal, as it was rightfully declared the "Year of Death Metal" by Decibel magazine. Both new and old death metal bands put forth some great material. But, it was also another great year for thrash metal. As always making this list took a lot of thinking and, of course, the hearing of a lot albums. So let us not waste anymore time and get to it!

Honorable Mentions
Kobra and the Lotus- Prevail I
Overkill- The Grinding Wheel
Municipal Waste- Slime and Punishment

20. Necrot- Blood Offerings- An old school death metal album by a new band, that results in the best debut of 2017. My full review: http://themastergio.blogspot.com/2017/06/necrot-blood-offerings-album-review.html

19. Fit For An Autopsy- The Great Collapse- Fit For An Autopsy have delivered an angry and driving deathcore that showcase the subgenre at its very best. The music has a powerful and crushing grove and sounds like the soundtrack to complete and utter destruction.

18. Satyricon- Deep Calleth Deep- Heavy, hateful, and dark, this almost hypnotically sounding piece of black metal is best album of this style for 2017. Featuring the slow and driving sound that band has perfected in their last couple of releases it is the perfect music to listen as you are being dragged you into the very depths of hell!

17. Obituary- Obituary- The latest album from these death metal gods is one of their best in years. It features some great riffs that are catchy and have a really great groove to them. Some of these songs rank among the fastest and catchiest songs, the band has written in many a moon.

16. Kreator- Gods of Violence- The latest offering from Germany's greatest thrash metal export is crushing and devastating music. Some of the year's very best and most memorable songs come from here including the driving "Satan Is Real" and the anthemic  "Hail to the Hordes". Gods of Violence is one that I played a lot since the moment that I got it.

15. Winds of Plague- Blood of My Enemy- It's great to see a band genuinely seen as being rather silly, by some, like Winds of Plague mature and grow. Especially when the end result is the very best album of their career, thus far, and then some. Blood of Me Enemy is a more serious and musically complex work than their previous, but still enjoyable, output. and  Heavy and aggressive, it doesn't feel as interested in reminding just how cool or tough they are. Instead, the music speaks for itself and delivers multiple swift steel boots to your fucking teeth.

14. Cannibal CorpseRed Before Black- Red Before Black is Cannibal Corpse's best album since Torture, possibly since Kill. It is a solid and heavy, slab of death metal that is unrelenting and uncompromising. Songs like "Code of the Slashers" and "Heads Shoveled Off" are some of the coolest and most memorable extreme metal songs of the year. In fact, this might be the most straight up fun death metal of 2017.

13. Suffocation- ...Of the Dark Light- Holy fuck this is one unrelenting and brutal release! Determine to pummel your fucking head with savage death metal, Suffocation continue to churn out some of the finest releases in death metal. From the very opening of the blistering "Clarity through Depravity" and beyond this is uncompromising and technical assault as your likely hear at this level of spectacular quality.

12. Darkest Hour- Godless Prophets and the Migrant Flora- Anyone who thinks that there are no more classic albums to be made in the metalcore world needs to get a listen to this major ass kicker. Darkest Hour have pulled all the stops and made rollicking and vicious release with great musicianship and pounding breakdowns. This fucker is guaranteed to kick your ass from here to the next fucking continent. Songs like "This Is the Truth" and "The Flesh and the Flowers of Death" are some of the most badass songs of the year!

11. Cradle of Filth- Cryptopia: The Seductiveness of Decay- While, I greatly liked the last Cradle of Filth album, Hammer of the WitchesCryptopia: The Seductiveness of Decay blows it away. It is is without question the finest album CoF has made since Nymphetamine. The album is a dark and fully enrapturing piece of extreme gothic/ symphonic black metal. It takes all the things that make the band great and gives to us in droves. Honest to Satan, this is the first Cradle of Filth album that keep going back to listen to in ages and helped to remind me why I absolutely adored them many years ago. And, can I say that "Heartbreak and Seance" is one of my favorite extreme metal singles of the year? Another thing that is one of my favorites for this year is the amazing cover art! It is so fucking cool!

I would like to take this time to thank you all for your support in this year! May you all have a happy, fun, and safe New Year's! Stay tuned for the top ten albums of 2017!


The 10 Best Movies of 2017

Another year of great movies draws to a close. Making this list took a lot of redoing and re-configuring, cause there were so many awesome and wonderful movies that were released. Most kick ass of all was just how great a year for horror movies this was! I believe this is the year when the most amount of horror movies have made this list. And, while there were some good superhero movies only one made the top 10, while the latest Star Wars did not. In fact, that movie is not even getting an honorable mention (good movie but not great by stretch of the word). Anyway, without any more time being wasted here we go:

Honorable Mentions:
Return to Return of Nuke 'Em High AKA Vol. 2
Happy Death Day
Wonder Woman
War for the Planet of the Apes
The Void
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
John Wick Chapter 2

10. The Devil's Candy- Perhaps the most chilling horror movie of the year, this masterpiece of metal and terror further cements Sean Bryne as one of the new masters of the genre. My full review: http://themastergio.blogspot.com/2017/08/the-devils-candy-review.html

9. Get Out- A smart and timely horror movie that is rightfully being hailed as a future classic. It racked a killing at the box office and earned much deserved critical acclaim. By adding the voice of writer/ director Jordan Peele, the genre earned itself the type of social commentary that hearkens back to the days of George Romero. The smart, contemporary, socially aware, and, at times funny, script is one of the best in the genre this year. The excellent acting from the whole cast manages to bring it all to excellent, cinematic life.

8. Raw- This smart and excellently acted horror flick is one of the year's finest foreign movies. It may not be as graphic as some other French horror movies, but it still manages to shock and, at times, repulse. The intelligent script produces a movie that is dramatically pleasing, eye raising, and, even a little sexy. In all, the finest European horror flick, in the last few years.

7. Better Watch Out- This horror flick turns the home invasion movie on its ears and the results are one of the best Christmas horror movies ever made. It also happens to have one of the best final girls of the year in the form of the lovely Olivia DeJonge playing Ashley. This is one I will be adding to my yearly holiday viewings, for sure!

6. Baby Driver- Fun, exciting, stylish, and, even romantic, this action flick is one of the coolest movies in many a moon. The plot moves along wonderfully and it is filled to the brim with great characters and the priceless interactions between them. Our hero is especially likable and the added babedom of Lily James and Eiza Gonzalez makes this one even nicer to look at. Edgar Wright's finest movie since Shaun of the Dead.

5. Logan- Calling something one of the best superhero movies of the year, at this point sounds like hyperboyle. But, in the case of Logan it is not. Smart, moving, and compelling, this violent and bloody take on the now old in age  Wolverine excites and gets the blood going. It is also prone to make you cry. With wonderful performances by Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, this is the perfect ending to this version of the character.

4. Blade Runner 2049- Making a sequel to one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made is one hell of a task to take on. Thankfully, this movie very satisfyingly delivers on that front, giving us the one of the finest science fiction movies in the last few years. It is also the most beautiful movie released this year. It did not do well at the box office, but then, this movie never really was going to. Regardless, it is the film we Blade Runner fans have wanted for decades. In all, a true modern masterpiece.

3. The Shape of Water- Guillermo del Toro's beautiful, moving, and romantic monster/ love movie is the Creature from the Black Lagoon movie that we have always wanted to be made. Created with love and reverence and featuring flawless fx and acting, this is one his finest movies. A film that will surely get better with age, and that teaches us that the worst and scariest monster is man.

2. Gerald's Game- A masterfully acted and directed adaptation of one of my favorite Stephen King books that might be the greatest Netflix movie, ever. It is certainly one of the greatest King movies. My full review: http://themastergio.blogspot.com/2017/10/gerald-game-review.html

1. It- It is one of the absolute best adaptations of a Stephen King book, ever, and as such, caused a killing at the box office. With plot and characters that hold your attention and grabs your fucking throat throughout, it is easy to see why. It is a near perfect film, one that will surely hold its place in horror classic cinema in the years to come. With some of the finest acting from a cast of kids ever, and an excellent villain in Bill Skarsgard's Pennywise, it has already given itself a piece in modern pop culture. I was blown away after seeing it and that feeling has not changed one fucking bit. With two Stephen King flicks holding the top and second spot, this is the year that King came back, baby!


The 70 Hottest Babes of 2017, Pt. 7, 10-1

10. Romi Rain (last year same)- Gorgeous Romi Rain retains her top ten spot after another successful year that included, among other highlights, award nominations and victories, hosting the Inked Awards, and playing Wonder Woman in Axel Braun's Justice League XXX porn parody.

9. Bella Thorne (new)- Bella means beautiful in Italian, and that is something that Bella Thorne most definitely is. While, I had heard of her before, it wasn't until seeing her in Netflix horror/ comedy The Babysitter that she really caught my attention, even more so after playing tonsil hokey with fellow list babe, Samara Weaving. But, I crushed even harder on her after seeing her in the movie that surprised me the most with how good it is. this year: Amityville: The Awakening. The goth look on her is just breathtaking! I hope she does more horror movies in very near future!

8. Mandy Muse (new)- In a very short period of time, Mandy Muse has become one of my utmost favorites in the adult industry. She is an amazing performer, one that fucks red hot on camera. She is heart stoppingly beautiful and sexy as fucking hell. Mandy's all natural body is breathtaking, with one of the best asses in God's green Earth. She also provided with one of my popular and, downright, sexy interviews of this year at Exxxotica. I fucking LOVE Mandy Muse!

7. Lili Reinhart (new)- Betty from the Archie comics is a babe. And, so is the actress who plays her on the dark and fascinating Riverdale, Lili Reinhart. She perfectly captures her wholesome beauty, but she also knows how to unleash pure, unbridaled sexuality when playing her character's bad girl side, Dark Betty. Want proof? Check out her striptease from a few episodes ago.

6. Lily James (new)- I first was enchanted by Lily James in the underrated Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. But, it is in this year's Baby Driver, one of the year's best movies, that she truly stole my heart. She plays our title hero's love interest, and like, he did, we fall in love with her, as well.

5. Deborah Ann Woll (last year #6)- The beautiful Deborah Ann Woll moves up one spot thanks to be being both on Defenders and The Punisher, as Karen Page. In the later series, her character's relationship with Frank Castle (AKA the Punisher, himself) is one of the most captivating in the Marvel live action universe.

4. Ana de Armas (new)- In the magnificent Blade Runner 2049, the heart-stoppingly gorgeous Ana de Armas plays Joi, the holographic/ AI lover, of the lead character Officer K (Ryan Gosling). And, she is so perfect, so painfully beautiful, that I wished that this technology could be a real thing. Her talent adds so much heart to the character that you begin to care about her and their relationship. even though, she isn't flesh and blood alive.

3. Dani Daniels (last year same)- Dani Daniels may not be shooting anymore movies, but she rules the cam world and still feature dances. She remains one of the industry's most truly gorgeous women, as well as my personal favorite.

2. Jessica Rothe (new)- Jessica Rothe played Tree the lead character in one of the year's most truly fun movies, Happy Death Day. She looked absolutely gorgeous and, best of all, was the best final girl of the year. In fact, she is one of the best final girls of the last few years. I crushed hard on her after this movie and wondered if I should go back to college and look for a Tree of mine own! In all seriousness, Rothe is fucking awesome and is the breakthrough star of 2017!

1. Jen & Sylvia Soska (last year #4)- After years of being on the list, many times moving up in it, the Twisted Twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska, finally take the top spot! This year they had many convention appearances, including MonsterMania, where they gave me one of my most popular and very best interviews if 2017! They also further moved along with their remake of David Cronenberg's Rabid. On top of that, they appeared on the Shudder network. All of this amounts to two of the hardest working and most talented filmmakers in all of horrordom. This isn't even mentioning their social media posts which are some the best on the entire net. Of course, it goes without saying that they are absolutely beautiful. I could go on and on, but the point is that they having this top spot is long overdue! All hail the impossibly gorgeous and awesome as fucking hell Twisted Twins, your queens of 2017!


The 70 Hottest Babes of 2017, Pt. 6, 20-11

20. Chrysta Bell (new)- This stunning singer and actress played Agent Tammy on the new returning season of Twin Peaks. She also contributed to music and was reportedly David Lynch's muse. I would even argue that she was the most beautiful woman on the show, which is no small compliment whatsoever.

19. Christina Ochoa (new)- Christina Ochoa is truly one of the most beautiful women on God's green Earth. This breathtaking, Spanish beauty was amazing as Grace Argento on the fucking awesome Blood Drive. Had the show not been canceled, surely she would've ranked even higher on this list. Now, I know she is on Valor, but I tried said show and didn't like it. Also, it falls outside of this site's scope/ nature. Here is hoping she comes back to horror and soon!

18. Carter Cruise (last year #8)- Spunky, sexy, smart, and funny, the hot as fuck Carter Cruise continues to rule the porn world. She is fucking awesome and screws on camera like no body's business, which all amounts to why she in such high demand in the skin biz.

17. Olivia DeJonge (new)- This 19 year old Australian beauty was excellent in the phenomenal Christmas/ home invasion horror flick Better Watch Out. In fact, she is one of the best heroines in a horror film this entire year, as well as one of its most beautiful. As such, it is very easy to crush on her. Here is hoping she does more work in the genre in the very near future!

16. Trillium (last year #17)- The absolutely gorgeous Trillium moves up a spot and was the focus of an edition of this site's The Master's Spotlight, a few months ago. The feature proved very popular with you readers showcasing just how much we all love this smoldering, blonde babe with a butt to die for.

15. Catherine Corcoran (last year ranked 2014 #16)- The beautiful and wonderfully sweet Ms. Catherine Corcoran returns to the list and moves up a spot thanks to her role in the awesomely hilarious Return to Return to Nuke 'Em High AKA Vol. 2.

14. Chelsea Wolfe (last year ranked 2015 #29)- Chelsea Wolfe fucking rules. Seriously, her new album Hiss Spun is a fucking dark and heavy (in many forms of that word) masterpiece. Her music gets better album after album, as she makes modern classics left and right. Talent and exquisite beauty just pours out of every pore in her body. I love her and everything about her!

13. Asta Paredes (last year #14)- Moving up one spot is beautiful and immensely sweet horror actress Asta Paredes, who returned to her role in the aforementioned and utterly hilarious Return to Return to Nuke 'Em High AKA Vol. 2. Along with co-star Corcoran, they are funny and sexy as hell in one of the best movies Troma has ever made!

12. Melissa Benoist (last year #7)- Gorgeous Melissa Beniost drops a few spots only due to the over abundance of drama that they wish to incorporate into Supergirl. That and the fact that said drama is based around her relationship with Mon-El, perhaps the worst male character in the Arrowverse. Her acting still remains strong, though, and her beauty absolutely breathtaking.

11. Amanda Schull (last year #11- Amanda Schull, one of the most beautiful women in all of TV, moves up one spot, as her role of Cassie continues to be one of the most fascinating roles not just on this mind-blowingly amazing TV series, but in all of modern science fiction.

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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2017, Pt. 5, 30-21

30. Sheena Ryder (new)- Sexy Latina/ Greek beauty Sheena Ryder has one of the hottest bodies in the adult world. She also happened to give us a really fun and naughty interview at this year's Exxxotica NJ.

29. Krysten Ritter  (last year ranked 2015 #30)- Without question one of the very best things about the lackluster Defenders was the character of Jessica Jones. As played by the beautiful and talented Krysten Ritter, she is always bought to wonderful life. Her interactions with the other heroes are some of the best moments of that entire series.

28. Emily Hampshire (last year #37)- Gorgeous Emily Hampshire moves up 11 spots, thanks to her ever increasingly awesome role as Jennifer Goines on the amazing 12 Monkeys. It does suck that we are only get one more season if it, though...

27. Aly Michalka (last year #21)- Aly Michalka remains one of the sexiest and most beautiful women on TV, especially thanks to her role on the best damn zombie show on TV, iZombie!

26. Whitney Moore (last year #21)- Whitney Moore is not just covering the Week in Metal over at MetalSucks,com, but she is also covering the Week in Horror over at BloodyDisgusting.com! That is on top of her other geeky duties. Plus, she appeared in a short horror flick! Busy, blonde, beautiful, and with great tastes in cool stuff, Ms. Moore is a big personal favorite.

25. Rose McIver (last year #30)- Man, iZombie just keeps getting better and better and that wouldn't be possible without its beautiful and excellent lead Rose McIver. That being said, can the new season get here already?!

24. Camila Mendes (new)- Adding some Latin heat to Riverdale is Camila Mendes who brings Veronica to life. Tough, sassy, and delectable Mendes' Veronica will have you debating over whether she or Betty (Lili Reinhart) is hotter, every damn time you watch the show.

23. Myrkur (Amaile Bruun) (new)- Myrkur is the musical project of Danish artist Amalie Brunn. Her latest album Mareridt is a masterpiece and truly one of the finest black metal albums. Bruun, herself, is deeply talented and has an ethereal and breathtaking beauty to her.

22. Amy Forsyth (new)- Playing the lead in the new season of SyFy's horror anthology (by way of a new story every season) series, Channel Zero, young beauty Amy Forsyth pulled in a solid and strong performance with much depth and emotion. Even when faced with such horrors, as her dead dad "returning" and eating human flesh!

21. Vera  Farmiga (last year #13)- This year marked the ending of the excellent horror/ drama series Bates Motel. Yes, it sucked that it ended, but it's finale was perfect. The always gorgeous Vera Farmiga gave another amazing portrayal of Norma Bates, even if the character, itself, was dead for the whole season!

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