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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2017, Pt. 4, 40-31

40. Louisa Krause (new)- Playing the role of Anna in the Erika and Anna half of this sexy as fuck season of The Girlfriend Experience, the lovely Louisa Krause shows an immense level of talent. It is a complex role with many levels and emotions that she gets to show. Anna is also a fascinating character, one that gets more profound as we get to know her better. And, of course, the sexy series allows Krause to be nude, have hot lesbian sex with earlier entry Anna Friel, and, even have a very graphic scene of oral sex with a male client!

39. Caity Lotz (last year #38)- As, Sarah Lance, one of the best, most badass, and sexy characters in the Arrowverse, on Legends of Tomorrow, Caity Lotz remains one of the most popular actresses in geek culture.

38. Holly Henrix (new)- The beautiful and nuclear hot Holly Hendrix has been rocketing up the porn success ladder with popularity and awards, galore. In fact, she got four at this year's Inked Awards, alone! She also has a sexy and naughty attitude to go with her genuinely friendly demeanor that amounts to what is one of my favorite anal princesses, in the skin biz! 

37. Madelaine Petsch (new)- Between this season and the last, Cheryl Blossom has become one of my favorite characters on Riverdale. She is sassy, funny, and full of attitude, on top of being breathtakingly gorgeous, as portrayed by Madelaine Petsch. This redheaded beauty truly brings her character to red hot life!

36. Tatiana Maslany (last year #11)- While, it really sucks that one of the finest sci-fi series of the modern era, Orphan Black, is over, it ended on a great note. In fact, the series finale ranks as one of the best on TV, ever. No small part of the success of this great series has to do with flawless of acting of the multi-casted and stunning Tatiana Maslany.

35. Carmen Valentina (new)- A bubbly and sexy blonde Latina, Carmen Valentina puts the caliente in hot Latin porn stars. This beauty with a phenomenal ass provided me with a fun and lively interview at this year's Exxxotica NJ.

34. Rachael Taylor (last year ranked 2015 #32)- I didn't think very highly of The Defenders Netflix/ Marvel series, but one of its few note worthy things was giving us return chance to oogly over the impossibly beautiful Rachael Taylor, which, in turn, gets her a returning spot on the list.

33. Marisa Tomei (last year ranked 2016 #27)- Another Marvel beauty returning to this list is the absolutely gorgeous Marisa Tomei reprising her role of Aunt May from Captain America: Civil War in this year fun as fucking hell Spider-Man: Homecoming. Not only is this the greatest Spidey movie ever made (by far, might I add!), but she continues to be the only woman to give us dirty thoughts about Aunt freaking May!

32. Madchen Amick (new)- I have had a crush on Madchen Amick forever, it feels like. She was my favorite on Twin Peaks and this year she appeared on two AWESOME shows. They were the phenomenal Twin Peaks: The Return and Riverdale. On both shows, she showed off once again that she has excellent acting chops, and that she is as beautiful as ever. Amick is truly one of the world's eternal beauties.

31. Gal Gadot (new)- Let us call a spade a spade. Gal Gadot is, literally and figuratively, one of the hottest actresses in mainstream Hollywood today. And, with good fucking reason, I say. She proved all those who doubted her wrong, myself included, which I am not ashamed to admit. She truly has become Wonder Woman in the absolute finest movie that the DCEU has ever had. OK. that statement isn't saying much, but Wonder Woman is one of the year's very best superhero movies. She also reprised that role in Justice League, but the movie has under performed. And, to be honest, I skipped it, deciding to seeing when I won't have to pay for it. But, believe me, when I say Gadot is a big reason I am even considering that I have to see the movie, at some point...

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