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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2017, Pt. 5, 30-21

30. Sheena Ryder (new)- Sexy Latina/ Greek beauty Sheena Ryder has one of the hottest bodies in the adult world. She also happened to give us a really fun and naughty interview at this year's Exxxotica NJ.

29. Krysten Ritter  (last year ranked 2015 #30)- Without question one of the very best things about the lackluster Defenders was the character of Jessica Jones. As played by the beautiful and talented Krysten Ritter, she is always bought to wonderful life. Her interactions with the other heroes are some of the best moments of that entire series.

28. Emily Hampshire (last year #37)- Gorgeous Emily Hampshire moves up 11 spots, thanks to her ever increasingly awesome role as Jennifer Goines on the amazing 12 Monkeys. It does suck that we are only get one more season if it, though...

27. Aly Michalka (last year #21)- Aly Michalka remains one of the sexiest and most beautiful women on TV, especially thanks to her role on the best damn zombie show on TV, iZombie!

26. Whitney Moore (last year #21)- Whitney Moore is not just covering the Week in Metal over at MetalSucks,com, but she is also covering the Week in Horror over at BloodyDisgusting.com! That is on top of her other geeky duties. Plus, she appeared in a short horror flick! Busy, blonde, beautiful, and with great tastes in cool stuff, Ms. Moore is a big personal favorite.

25. Rose McIver (last year #30)- Man, iZombie just keeps getting better and better and that wouldn't be possible without its beautiful and excellent lead Rose McIver. That being said, can the new season get here already?!

24. Camila Mendes (new)- Adding some Latin heat to Riverdale is Camila Mendes who brings Veronica to life. Tough, sassy, and delectable Mendes' Veronica will have you debating over whether she or Betty (Lili Reinhart) is hotter, every damn time you watch the show.

23. Myrkur (Amaile Bruun) (new)- Myrkur is the musical project of Danish artist Amalie Brunn. Her latest album Mareridt is a masterpiece and truly one of the finest black metal albums. Bruun, herself, is deeply talented and has an ethereal and breathtaking beauty to her.

22. Amy Forsyth (new)- Playing the lead in the new season of SyFy's horror anthology (by way of a new story every season) series, Channel Zero, young beauty Amy Forsyth pulled in a solid and strong performance with much depth and emotion. Even when faced with such horrors, as her dead dad "returning" and eating human flesh!

21. Vera  Farmiga (last year #13)- This year marked the ending of the excellent horror/ drama series Bates Motel. Yes, it sucked that it ended, but it's finale was perfect. The always gorgeous Vera Farmiga gave another amazing portrayal of Norma Bates, even if the character, itself, was dead for the whole season!

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