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All That Remains is undoubtedly one of the best metalcore bands out there, and they are an amazing live band. This ass kicking DDV definitely captures. Shot at two different shows, one in Philadelphia and the other at Baltimore, there is more than 90 minutes of live mosh inducing music. The picture quality is nice and sharp, while the sound and recording of the live event has a nice kick to it.

The extras on it really capture the fun of the band. Included are some cool interviews with band where we learn that signer Phil Labonte is influenced by the vocals in Grave, but yet, also like Fall Out Boy(?!). Plus, we see how much the fans love these guys (rightfully so) and even both guitarists playing Guitar Hero. All six of their videos are included, as well as a making of the video for my fav song of theirs, The Air That I Breathe. Throw in a photo gallery and you have a must have DVD for ATR fans. ***1/2 out of ****

Exodus- The Atrocity Exhibition- Exhibit A

This Exodus is the second album with Rob Dukes, the third signer the thrash metal legends have had in their illustrious careers. With this album, I really think Rob has come into his own, as far as his place in Exodus is concerned.

The album opens with the instrumental Call to Arms. It then rips into the blistering Riot Act, the first single off the album, and just proceeds to run right over you like a Mack truck being driven at thunderous speeds. Songs like Funeral Hymn, Children of a Worthless God, and The Atrocity Exhibition exhibit the best aspects of classic thrash metal: fast, heavy, and pissed off.

Technically the band sounds tight with fast, ripping guitar riffs, pounding drums, and blistering leads. The talents of both guitarists Gary Holt and Lee Altus are at full order, here. Lyrically, the album is mostly anti-Christian, although the aforementioned Children of a Worthless God is anti-Islam.

Whatever the case maybe, Exodus prove they stand the test of time. While, some thrash legends like Metallica have abandoned the genre; Exodus have stood to their guns and delivered an awesome, ear bleeding experience. It should be dually noted that the slip cover hides the original artwork, which I guess was deemed offensive by some moron. Whatever the case maybe, the cool looking artwork rounds this must have for thrash metal fans everywhere. **** out of *****


The Top 10 Thrash Metal bands Ever

Like I said over on my myspace, thrash metal is my absolute fav type of metal. So, here then is my comprehensive list of the Top Ten thrash Metal bands of all Time:

  1. When, Dave Mustaine was fired from Metallica it was the best thing that could happen to metal. Because, Megadeth is not just the best thrash metal band, ever, but my personal fav band in the whole world. Mustaine is one of the greatest guitarists the world has ever seen. And, Megadeth have made some many classic albums and songs; as well being one of the most technically sounding bands, ever. Plus, they have some of the coolest covers, ever! Their best album remains Rust in Peace, a technically ferocious godlike work that leaves your jaw dropping and your headbanging away till it falls off.
  2. They sign about Satan, hell, the occult, evil, Nazis, war, atrocities, death, murder, serial killers, horror, and other unsavory subject matter, with amazing power and viciousness. Their mosh pits are legendary in their brutality. Their music controversial, but loved by both fans and critics. No list of great metal bands would be complete without them. Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman play the twins guitars with amazing speed and quality. While, Lomabardo is one of the finest drummers, ever, in any genre. Many will swear by Reign in Blood, but I prefer Season in the Abyss. Why? Because that is one of the albums that truly changed my life. Slayer has amongst the most ardent fan following anywhere, and rightfully so.
  3. Listening to filth like St. Anger, Load, and Reload, it is many times hard to believe that, in the first four Metallica albums lie four of the greatest thrash metal albums ever. Kirk Hammet has said that Metallica invented thrash metal. While, this is debatable, what is not debatable is the magnificence of their early work. One of the first thrash metal bands to not be afraid to slow things down in masterpieces like Fade to Black and yet play blistering music like Creeping Death, Damage Inc, The Four Horsemen, etc, Metallica were metal gods. Master of Puppets remains their best work, as well as the best metal album, ever, thrash or otherwise.
  4. Mixing heaviness without right fun Anthrax rounds the big four of thrash metal, with the aforementioned three other bands. Yeah, they were one of the first bands to bring rap to metal, and their work with John Bush had a different feel that the Joey era stuff. But, the real point is that when it came down to it they made some killer music. And, they help bring moshing to metal. So, now you did not just bang your head, but you thrash around and got busted up. Fuck yeah! I actually prefer John Bush signing and Sound of White Noise is one of my fav albums, but the Joey era is more in tune with classic sounding thrash metal, and some purists will say that is all that matters. For them, I pick Persistence of Time, the best album of that era. And, by the way, is Charlie Bennatte an amazing drummer or what?
  5. Often underrated, and unjustly so, the best damn band to ever come out of Jersey (it sure as hell ain’t Bon Jovi!), Overkill are fucking heavy as hell and, when the song fits it, fast as fuck. With songs filled with badass attitude Overkill destroy much of the competition. Horrorscope is their best work, being immensely heavy and utterly and completely awesome.
  6. What can be said about the band that made THE definitive song about mosh in the form of The Toxic Waltz? Yeah, they have had three different signers, but guess what? The quality of the music has never, ever suffered. Their debut Bonded by Blood is one of the greatest and most influential thrash metal albums ever put on this Earth. Exodus, at their best, make you wanna beat the crap out of someone. All hail!
  7. Chuck Billy truly has one of the best voices in all of thrash metal. He can sign a ballad (The Legacy) or rip your fucking head off with his ferocity (Dog-Faced Gods). The same can be said of the band. Souls of Black remains my fav album, a great mix of melody and brutality, but arguments can be made for the viciousness of The New Order.
  8. Germany proved they can thrash with the best of them. In fact, Kreator’s heaviness would be influential in the creation of death metal. Coma of Souls is one fucker you can hear a million times and never tire. And, guess what? They still have it. See the amazing Enemy of God for proof.
  9. by mixing hardcore punk and thrash Suicidal set themselves apart from the rest of the thrash metal heap. Their later day work incorporated more melody and more metal, and me thinks, their best work, as evident by Lights, Camera, Revolution.
  10. Much like the rest of the supposed second tier thrash metal bands like Exodus and Testament, Nuclear Assault don’t get the respect they deserve, but if you listened to stuff like Something Wicked, you would know they deserve to get much more respect.


Katie Cassidy

Last time, I talked a little about the girl who plays Ruby, Katie Cassidy, on the CW’s amazing SUPERNATURAL. Now, I’ll talk about her a little more.

She is actually the daughter of 1970’s pop idol David Cassidy and at 21 is legal to drink. Yay! Anyways, while she was in stuff like CLICK, I am first and foremost, a horror fan, and I will talk about her horror work.

Her first genre flick came in the form of the remake WHEN A STRANGER CALLS. Said film is far from good, (the original, by the way, is not great to begin with, but certainly is entertaining), but, yet somehow, is rather watchable. The lead villain is cool because we never learn shit about him (the opposite of the original). Anyways, Ms. Cassidy is one of the early victims of the killer, as she plays the friend of lead actress Camilla Belle, whom I think is even more beautiful and is one of my fav babes, ever.

Interestingly enough Cassidy’s next foray into horror would be another remake, this one of a film the original WHEN A STRANGER CALLS borrowed heavily from- BLACK CHRISTMAS. In this film, she plays one of a plethora of hot babes being terrorized by serial killer Billy. The original came out before HALLOWEEN or FRIDAY THE 13TH and is masterpiece, the remake… not so much. That said, it is enjoyable in a purely brain-dead sort of way and works as a slasher with gory violence (especially in the unrated cut) and a shitload of hot babes.

Cassidy is at her best in SUPERNATURAL.

As Ruby, a demon who helps the brothers battle the forces of evil, she kicks some serious ass and looks great doing it. The origin of her character and her revelations she gave about hell and demons are further proof of how good this show is.

With her all-American good looks: pretty face, blue eyes, blond hair, and hot bod; she manages to shine on a show that almost always features smolderingly hot chicks. While, she has not yet disrobed, here is to hoping that she will soon and will keep doing work with my beloved genre.


How To Comment

This is a quick blog to tell people that:

A: I would love to hear your thoughts. Wether good or bad, I love hearing and reading your comments. So give them to me.

B: How do you do it, you say? Just click on comments under the blog and it will allow to leave me your thoughts.

So read, click, and comment away! :)


I don't know if any of you are fans of SUPERNATURAL, but I can tell you this... you should be!

I have been with the show since the beginning, and it keeps getting better. Unlike shows like LOST (which i stopped watching long ago) and HEROES (which i more than likely will stop watching), the quailty on SUPERNATURAL is always high. It is my fav show, followed way closely by Showtime's phenomenal DEXTER, currently on TV.

Both of the lead characters are so well played by the actors and the supporting cast is amazing. There are cool monsters and creatures, graphic violence (espeacilly for TV!), and hot babes galore.

This season has out-done itself. And, last night's episode, the last new one in a while, was truly amazing. Not only was it the best episode of the season, but it was one of the best episodes ever. It perfectly merged John Carpenter's ASSUALT ON PRECIENT 13 with George Romero's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD with a hint of THE EXCORCIST. In it, the two brothers were in jail and had to fend off, along with those in the preceint, a slew of citizens poessessed by demons trying to kill the brothers. The dark ending was jaw dropping and truly fucking amazing. Plus, this epsiode had both recurring babes Ruby (played by blonde beauty Katie Cassidy who was also in both remakes of WHEN A STRANGER CALLS and BLACK CHRISTMAS) AND Bela (Lauren Cohan)!

This TV horror at it's fucking best. Get with the program and watch it already!


Maggie Q

Recently actor Edison (THE GRUDGE 2) Chen was involved in a big controversy over in Hong Kong thanks to the fact that he had porn pics of various beautiful Asian actresses, among them, supposedly, the ravishing Ms. Maggie Q. Rumors, now say it ain’t really her, but the point of this blog is about how hot she is.

Some of you may know her from her role in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III. While, not a great film, that movie was enjoyable and, by and far, the best in the series, either way it benefits greatly from her amazing, good looks. I mean check out those legs as she steps out of the car, in that one scene. Wow! Most recently, she graced us with her beauty in LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD. Best enjoyed in the unrated version, said sequel was good fun, and Maggie’s role as a villain in that film was quite yummy. She played the girlfriend to Timothy Olyphant. Mr. Olyphant may have the acting talent and charisma of a rock, but he gets to work with beauties like Ms. Q and the ravishing Olga Kurylenko in HITMAN. Lucky bastard! Also, she was seen BALLS OF FURY, but I did not see that, and no fucking desire to see it, anyways.

Anywho, Maggie Q, whose complete American name is Margaret Denise Quigley (while her Vietnamese name is Lý Mỹ Kỳ [Lei Mei-Kei]), is born of an American father of Polish, French Canadian and Irish descent, and a Vietnamese mother. If that is not a hot, fucking mix, then I don’t know what is!

In short, Ms. Q is smoking hot, kicks ass, and I hope I see her in more movies. And, hopefully, you guys reading this will agree that this babe needs more exposure!



Directed by: Ahn Byong Ki

Written by: Ahn Byung-Ki & Lee Yu-Jin

Cinematography by: Moon Yong-Shik (K.S.G.)

Music by: Lee Sang-Ho
Cast: Ha Ji-Won, Eun Suh-Woo, Choi Woo-Je, Kim Yu-Mi

2004/ 100 min/ color/ Korean

Pretty, investigative reporter Ji-Won (Ha Ji-Won) has published a controversial article concerning sex scandals. She begins to receive threats via her cell-phone. But, then shit starts to get weird. Her lovely friend’s little daughter answers the phone and begins to go whack-o. Soon, people start to die, and the mystery of the terrifying phone calls begins to unravel.

OK, let’s not mince words. This film rips-off RINGU. But, hey, guess what? Unlike the many horror films that do, this one is actually quite good. The movie has some really creepy moments and is well directed. It keeps you glued to what is going onscreen. Like most films in this sub-genre, there is no real gore to speak of, but it still has a few memorable scenes here and there. Some of the stuff involving the little girl is actually pretty shocking. No new ground is broken, but at least it proves that even well-worn stories can be done right, if done by people with actual talent.

The actual revelations and twists made in the film are kind of groaners, but again, they do work within the context of the film. The acting is strong and the characterizations well done. The girls are pretty, but the only nudity comes from images on a computer screen.

The Tartan DVD release, of this, by the way, is absolutely gorgeous. *** out of ****


The First Batch of Chiller Guests

Well, the first batch of Chiller (http://www.chillertheatre.com) is up, and it is already looking fucking awesome.

I have been going to Chiller for years, and in the last year even managed to get other friends into the whole experience. And, even though, at least one of them is not a horror fan, the fun factor at Chiller is amazingly, where just about anyone (who is not closed mind or an ass) can have a great time.

At this point it is too early to tell you who are a definite for me to meet. I mean as the guest list grows, I may have to change my mind, as I need to leave money to get all of the cool swag at Chiller, not to mention eat and what not.

That said; let me talk about good possibilities for me to up to:

Nora Greenwald- Been a fan of hers since her days as Mona in WCW. She was great as Molly Holly, but alas the WWE sux ass and let her go, thought, it was nice to see her on the Raw Anniversary Show. Besides, being natural beautiful (I prefer my girls to have “real” beauty, no fucking implants, thank you), she can actually wrestle.

Mick Foley- The king of hardcore and fellow NYer, Mick is the man, or is it god? Hell in the Cell with the Undertaker remains my all time fav match. His first book is a great read, too, as is his children’s Christmas book. BTW, go get his latest DVD for the WWE. Fucking amazing!

Ami Dolenz- Yes, she is Micky (he of the Monkeys) Dolenz’s daughter. In the 90s, I had a major thing for her as she was hot and did lots of horror films. Ticks was pretty cool, but good God Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings was fucking filth! Even w/ Linnea Quigley and Soliel Moon Frye that movie sucked monster dick. Anyways, been wanting to meet Ami since I was a kid, but supposedly her (former?) agent did not let her do cons. Well, she is doing one now, so yay!

Finally last year I met Gail Kim. She was such a nice person and so pleasant to talk to. That and she is fucking hot as hell, itself. I even joked about how she is my future wife. :p So, I just think you need to get your ass over to her table and meet her.

Welcome to the Master's World and Words

OK, so originally I was gonna write about myself, but I think this blog will be more of a quick intro to what this blog will be like.

Those of you who know me, know my love for horror films, metal music, and pro-wrestling. Those of you who don’t… well, now you do fucking know!

As to what this blog will do that my myspace (http://www.myspace.com/gio76) won’t, well, I think I may stick to one topic here as opposed to the more open blogs I write on myspace w/ me talking about various shit. I also don’t see myself talking about my life quite as much here as I do over there. See, I figure, not everyone knows my friends here. I know the same could be said about myspace, but if you look at my pics and read my shit for a long enough time you get the fucking idea.

I guess to get the full me you should read both, this blog and the myspace one.

Since, I do reviews of DVDs on http://www.gorezone.net (links for those can be found on my myspace) you won’t find that here either. But, I may review films outside of the scope of the gorezone, as well, as music, and whatever the fuck else, I can think of. Shit, I will even review porn films here! And, don’t lie. You know you love porn, too.

And, now I close this first little blog w/ this thought that kind of sums up how I felt this week. I took my Budweiser cap looked at it, and thought: “Mmmm, beer.” But then, I was like, nah, “vodka!” Yep, it was that kind of week.