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I don't know if any of you are fans of SUPERNATURAL, but I can tell you this... you should be!

I have been with the show since the beginning, and it keeps getting better. Unlike shows like LOST (which i stopped watching long ago) and HEROES (which i more than likely will stop watching), the quailty on SUPERNATURAL is always high. It is my fav show, followed way closely by Showtime's phenomenal DEXTER, currently on TV.

Both of the lead characters are so well played by the actors and the supporting cast is amazing. There are cool monsters and creatures, graphic violence (espeacilly for TV!), and hot babes galore.

This season has out-done itself. And, last night's episode, the last new one in a while, was truly amazing. Not only was it the best episode of the season, but it was one of the best episodes ever. It perfectly merged John Carpenter's ASSUALT ON PRECIENT 13 with George Romero's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD with a hint of THE EXCORCIST. In it, the two brothers were in jail and had to fend off, along with those in the preceint, a slew of citizens poessessed by demons trying to kill the brothers. The dark ending was jaw dropping and truly fucking amazing. Plus, this epsiode had both recurring babes Ruby (played by blonde beauty Katie Cassidy who was also in both remakes of WHEN A STRANGER CALLS and BLACK CHRISTMAS) AND Bela (Lauren Cohan)!

This TV horror at it's fucking best. Get with the program and watch it already!


Unknown said...

You gave up on Lost to early. I agree though, I might be done watching Heroes.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Well, I ain't going back to LOST. it's over for me. I am happy sticking to the TV shows i watch right, now.

Mary said...

This show is one of my faves as well though I must admit I was pretty sceptical at first. Dave who has compleat lack of horror or the love of anything supernatural actually got me into viewing it under protest. Its now I who wakes him up to see the shows climatic parts. They should put out a compilation CD of the series choice of music which happens to rock as well.
I lost LOST as well.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Yeah, the music is cool. I love the fact that Dean is a fellow metalhead.