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Katie Cassidy

Last time, I talked a little about the girl who plays Ruby, Katie Cassidy, on the CW’s amazing SUPERNATURAL. Now, I’ll talk about her a little more.

She is actually the daughter of 1970’s pop idol David Cassidy and at 21 is legal to drink. Yay! Anyways, while she was in stuff like CLICK, I am first and foremost, a horror fan, and I will talk about her horror work.

Her first genre flick came in the form of the remake WHEN A STRANGER CALLS. Said film is far from good, (the original, by the way, is not great to begin with, but certainly is entertaining), but, yet somehow, is rather watchable. The lead villain is cool because we never learn shit about him (the opposite of the original). Anyways, Ms. Cassidy is one of the early victims of the killer, as she plays the friend of lead actress Camilla Belle, whom I think is even more beautiful and is one of my fav babes, ever.

Interestingly enough Cassidy’s next foray into horror would be another remake, this one of a film the original WHEN A STRANGER CALLS borrowed heavily from- BLACK CHRISTMAS. In this film, she plays one of a plethora of hot babes being terrorized by serial killer Billy. The original came out before HALLOWEEN or FRIDAY THE 13TH and is masterpiece, the remake… not so much. That said, it is enjoyable in a purely brain-dead sort of way and works as a slasher with gory violence (especially in the unrated cut) and a shitload of hot babes.

Cassidy is at her best in SUPERNATURAL.

As Ruby, a demon who helps the brothers battle the forces of evil, she kicks some serious ass and looks great doing it. The origin of her character and her revelations she gave about hell and demons are further proof of how good this show is.

With her all-American good looks: pretty face, blue eyes, blond hair, and hot bod; she manages to shine on a show that almost always features smolderingly hot chicks. While, she has not yet disrobed, here is to hoping that she will soon and will keep doing work with my beloved genre.