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Burning Angel Book Signing- NYC- July 23, 2008

Last Wednesday I went to a Barnes and Nobles for the Burning Angel book signing. I have been going to Burning Angel events for two or three years now, and they are always a blast.

I have met many of the girls before and a couple of them even know me. They are without a shadow of a doubt some of the nicest, coolest, and hottest girls you will ever meet.

The book features photography from the Lovely Brenda. Long before I ever had the pleasure of meeting Brenda, was a fan of her work. She is a great photographer. In fact, she is my fav. And, no this not biased or just cause I know her. She is really is great. Aside, from being a total babe; Brenda is also very sweet and bubbly in person. I am happy for her success and hope this book sells millions of copies!

The book is definitely worth getting. As I said before, Brenda's work is excellent and the pics in the book are beautiful, sexy, hot, and artistic. Just about, if not in fact every girl she has ever photographed, are in the book.

Burning Angel, for those not in the know, is a company that specializes in punk babes. While, other companies do this, BA totally kick their asses! The company is lead by the beautiful Joanna Angel. Aside from being one of the hottest women that ever lived, if not in fact the hottest, Joanna is a total sweetheart. She is so down-to-earth and friendly and always make you feel welcome. Despite her popularity she has never let it go to her head. Every time I have met her she has been awesome! Joanna flat out rulz! And, so it was great that she was there too. She even gave a little speech before the signing got started.

The book signing was so much fun! I have been to other book or CD signings and whatnot, but none of them were as cool as this one. Or as sexy!

As I said before all the girls are so awesome. Baby Sinead was killing me with her stories and jokes! I smile and laugh just thinking back on them.

January Darling is always so sweet in person. And, she even signed my book by saying taht I was best BA fan ever! Score! :)

Morgan Mae is easily one of the coolest girls I have ever met. It's always cool to see her at these events.

I had not seen Whisky since an Adult Drawing event a year or two ago. Adult Drawing is an event held here, in NYC, where you get to draw the lovely BA girls. Anyways, she looked amazing, of course! I even became her photographer for the day by taking pics for her with her and the other girls.

I really could go on and on about my love for BA, but I will end here. Suffice to say that my friend and I had a great time and that Burning Angel is the greatest ever!

One more thing, if you care to see more pics of me and the girls go to my myspace and the Burning Angel Rulz! folder. There you will find lots more pics form this and other BA events I have attended.


Reign of Tera

TITLE: Reign of Tera
STUDIO: Vivid/Teravision
CAST: Tera Patrick, Charmane Star, Lucy Thai, Nyomi Marcella, Jayna Oso, Lily Thai, Mika Tan, Kianna Dior, Nautica Thorn, Loni, Veronica Lin, Finesse Navaro, Kia Tolentino, Jade Hsu

This movie was the first film from Tera Patrick's own production company, Teravision, released through Vivid Video. In it, she and her real life hubby, Sypder Jonez (aka Biohazard's Evan Seinfeld), play themselves, as they have opened a brothel called the Asian Love Palace, that can only be accessed through the net. They take customers to this secret place and there all your dreams cum true; as a plethora of the most beautiful Asian porn goddesses fuck your brains out.

First off and formost, this has one of the greatest and most beautiful casts, I have ever seen in a porno. There are so many personal favs of mine here (Tera, Charmane, Nyomi, Jayna, Mika, Kianna, Loni, Lily Thai [this blog's first official hot Asian Babe of the Month], etc) that this really most be what heaven would be like for me!

The first scene is by and far the weakest, though. In it, Spyder fucks Tera. Sure, Tera is a stunning work of beauty, easily one of the most gorgeous women on God's green Earth, but I have no desire to watch Jones in a porno. Hence, this stops this film from being perfect. But if you fast-forward this scene (as well fast-forwarding the non-sex, thank God, cameos by Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof and Ron Jeremy and any and all plot "development") there is much to enjoy.

The next scene whips you right back into attention. It is a smoldering lesbain scene between the ravishing Ms. Patrick and the absolutely beautiful Charmane Star. The scene is insanely hot and will have you wasting lots of tissues. With no toy play, this is a shining example of what a lezzie scene should be like.

The next scene has three lucky dudes doing the truly gorgeous Jayna Oso. Once again, this one smolders, and the hot ending that has the three dudes bust their nuts on Jayna's beautiful face is the type of stuff your pants live for.

The next scene, though, is the HOTTEST in the movie. The insanely gorgeous Nyomi Marcella and the unmitigatedly sexy Lucy Thai fuck some dude who comes over by for a visit. This, too, ends with a nice facial on both girls. Amazing!

Finally, all the girls join in a nuclear hot, Asian, lesbian (are there any better?) orgy. They are then joined by Tera and Syder. Even with him in this scene it is still good, quality smut. And, admit it, you know you want to be Syder in this scene (if not in his personal life).

A great porno no matter how you slice it, Reign of Tera, looks nice. The DVD has great picture and sound quality. The only extra on the first disc is a slide show. But, the second disc outdoes itself by having solo action by every girl in the film, including Tera, in the last scene. She also, tells a little about what the girls like and what their Asian decent is. While, every scene is recommended, a couple are extra sexy and sultry. But, this blog's much beloved Lily Thai owns this disc by squirting, then liking up her own juices. Marry me, Lily!

In all this is an almost perfect bit of Asian pornography and shows why Tera is the fucking queen of the porn world.

3 and half out of 4 Woodies


The 10 Greatest Supervillains Ever

The Dark Knight will see the return to the big screen of one of comicdom's greatest, most insane and most evil villains, ever: the Joker. It got me to think who are the 10 greatest supervillains ever? Here is the list of the most evil, warped, insane, and/ or deadly bunch of comic-book bad guys ever. They range from madmen, to alien dictators, to Nazi war criminals, to Satanic demon lords. Enjoy the evil!

1. Dr. Doom- The greatest villain in the history of comics. Smart, power obsessed, vain, and dangerous. The man is a dictator loved by his people, feared by all others. Determined to rule the world and destroy one of his few equals in intellect, Mr. Fantastic, Doom reigns supreme over his country, Latveria, and comics in general. Plus, he looks fucking cool. And, yet he has a sense of honor to him, that makes all the more complex.

2. Joker- One of the most well known villains ever, the Joker stands psychotic heads and shoulders above one of the greatest, if not THE greatest rogue galleries in the history of comics. The character has grown and matured and gotten more evil and vile with time. From a silly, campy clown criminal to psychotic killer, the Joker changed with the times. The problem was as he became more insane and deadly, he racked up a bigger body count, which in turn hurt Bats, cause he can't kill, one of the most whacked out and evil men in the DC Universe.

3. Darkseid- Ruler of the hellish world of Apokolips, Darkseid is also the only villain, other than Doomsday, who can stand toe-t0-toe with Superman. He is also one of the coolest looking villains ever. With his mighty omega beams and quest for the Anti-Life equation, Darkseid is, who I think, should have been the villain to have "killed" Supes and not Doomsday.

4. Ras Al Ghoul- Batman's mental and physical equivalent, Ghoul actually wants to makes this a better world; it's just methods that are questionable. The Lazarus Pit is a cool thing, and he has a hottie daughter. Ghoul is my absolute fav Batman villain, and one that can beat almost any hero in the DC Universe.

5. Mephisto- While, he is not Satan, he has pretended to be him on many occasions. Perhaps, the most powerful demon lord in the Marvel Universe, Mephisto is there to tempt and corrupt the souls of the Marvel heroes. A ruler of his own hell world, Mephisto is evil incarnate.

6. Red Skull- Unlike guys like Doom or Magneto who have some degree of morality, the Red Skull is a Nazi scumbag. Considered one of the greatest threats to humanity, by SHIELD, the Skull is purely evil, and a bad guy you want to see never succeed. Plus, thanx to his orders the original Captain America is dead.

7. Thanos- You know, he could have been a Darkseid rip-off, but Thanos formed his own legacy in the Marvel Universe. This happened when he defeated the combined Marvel heroes and killed the ENTIRE universe. And, he did it all out of his love for death! And, no I don't mean the classic death metal band!

8. Lex Luthor- Perhaps the single most famous villain in comicdom, he is Supes' eternal foe. While, his only powers are his brain, technology, and his vast amount of wealth, Luthor will always be a thorn in Superman's side. He was president of the US, for chrissakes! Oh, yeah his warsuit is fucking awesome. Why can't they ever have him wear that in the movies?!

9. Green Goblin- While, he might not be my favorite Spidey villain, he is the most persistent, and holds edges over anyone else in that rogues gallery. He is one of the few to know Spidey is Parker, he knew Parker (as did his son, who also donned the Goblin mask) on a personal level, and killed Spidey's old flame, Gwen Stacy. Insane, smart, and armed with his deadly high-tech weapons, the Goblin is not a guy you wanna fuck with.

10. Kingpin- He rules the streets of New York and is the number one for of Daredevil, as well as being a problem for the other major Marvel street heroes, Spider-Man and Punisher. And, you can thank him for sending Bullseye to kill Elektra. And, it ain't all fat. The motherfucker is all muscle and can prob beat your ass with his bare hands.


2 Babes from NYC News Casting: Julie Chang & Jill Nicolini

As, I sit here and write this I must say that I am bored out of my mind, but figured this would keep me distracted and entertain you guys. Let me present to you two of my fav news babes from my hometown of NYC:

Julie Chang, formerly Truly Julie- Julie Chang used to be on the WB11 morning news in New York. this South Korean born beauty covered a bunch of light hearted stuff, in her own segment (with them music and all!), where she was dubbed Truly Julie.

OK, I really could care less about that dude on screen, but this was the best vid I found of her, on youtube. Anyways, now she is on the FOX5 morning news in New York. I have to say I missed seeing her on my TV, but, flipping through TV land, I found her on Fox5 news yesterday, it made my day! I don't know, man, I just think she is quite the cutie. I tell you what, while I will still get my morning news from channel 11, I will flip to 5 just to see her, and well, "truly" only her! By the way, I personally cannot stand Anna Kournikova, but here she is with Julie (who is way hotter in my book, anyways):

Jill Nicolini-
Speaking of the channel 11 news, there is no hotter woman in newscasting than the gorgeous Jill Nicolini . Jill unsuccessfully attempted to be the live action Vamperilla. This is heart breaking to read, I know, but hey she did pose in the Fall 2001 Playboy College Girls Special. Edition. Whatever the case maybe, Jill is the traffic lady and traffic has never been more interesting or hotter!

Even if you don't have a car, she makes will make you care about the traffic conditions. Come on, guys she is busty, has gorgeous eyes, and is Italian. If that does not count as fucking hot, then what dear readers, does?


My 5 Favorite Superhero Films of All Time

Hellboy II came out last weekend (still need to see it), and this Friday, The Dark Knight comes out. Both have the chance of being one of the greatest superhero films, ever. But, in honor of that, I give to you, my top five and the reasons, they are in my top five.

1. - As I have mentioned before here, I was never an Iron Man, that is until I saw this film. The character was bought to life perfectly. A womanizing, alcoholic, ass-kicker, and rich guy that saves the world. What is there not to like? The acting is great, the script excellent, the action awesome, the FX killer. The pacing is perfect. In all this is a perfect film. I mean I must have geekgasmed, God knows how many times. The best superhero film, ever. End of story.

2. - This would be king, had not been for a little bit of a slow start, but mostly because of Katie Holmes, who has ZERO acting talent. She really is what stops this film from being perfect. That said, the movie is dark and stunning, with some great villains, acting, set design, action, and dialogue. Plus, Bale IS Batman.

3. - What can be said about a sequel that tops the excellent original? The character interaction is great. I love Wolverine going all berserker. And, there are lots of hotties, including, one of my favs, Kelly Hu. An awesome movie, that sadly, was followed by a disappointing third film. In fact the only that sux in this film is Halle Berry.

4. - This could have been a train wreck, but the killer FX and action give it a must see quality, as does the acting (well with one exception...). This and the sequel got the persecution of the X-Men, right. But, Berry sux in this one, too.

5. T- Now, I know some of you, if not most of you, are shocked at this pick, but hey this is my list, right? First and foremost Punisher is my fav superhero, period. And, with that said, sure this film changed some shit from Frank Castle's origin like making him an FBI agent and moving the action from New York (where most Marvel Comics take place) to Florida, but one change was good, IE, killing ALL his family, not just wife and two kids. Thomas Jane WAS the Punisher, in this film, much in the same way Robert Downey Jr. IS Iron Man. Much, of the film is taken from the classic Welcome Back Frank storyline. The humor was in the book, as was the supporting cast of Frank's neighbors. The graphic violence helps to give this highly underrated film an extra-kick in the ass. Not very excited for the reboot picture that comes out later this year, though...


Whatever Happened to Kobe Tai?

Remember Kobe Tai ? She, along with the lovely Asia Carrera , was the biggest Asian porn star of the 90s. A former Vivid Girl Kobe made a big name for herself, and rightfully so.

Kobe was born in Taipei, Taiwan on January 20, 1972 of Taiwanese and Japanese heritage. She was adopted under the name Carla Carter by an American family from Arkansas.

She started in the porn biz in 1996 under the names Blake Young and Brooke Young but eventually took on the name of Kobe Tai. She got signed to Vivid Entertainment , and her first Vivid film was Vivid Raw #2. She was the first Asian Vivid girl and as such got a huge following . Though she worked with both men (including doing anal) and women, her best work, and possibly most popular work, was her lesbian stuff. As such, she frequently appeared in Vivid's highly successful and popular line of girl-girl films, Where the Boys Aren't through out the mid and late 90s, any of which are of the highest possible recommendation. In 1997 she got married to fellow porn act0r Mark Davis, however in 1999 they got divorced.

Aside from her hardcore work, Kobe also appeared on Playboy TV's The Helmetcam Show. Here is a clip with gorgeous Latin goddess Lola sucking her toes on the shoe:

Plus, she played the stripper who gets accidentally killed in the highly underrated but awesome gory, dark comedy Very Bad Things , as well as the skateboarding video The End made by Tony Hawk's production company. She was memorably featured on The Man Show. Here she shows how to pack up for travel:

And she even did background vocals for shock metal star Marilyn Manson on "New Model No. 15" off of the more glam sounding Mechanical Animals. Like most porn stars she has also done work on various porn mags like Cheri and High Society.

When she got pregnant in 2000, she left the biz, only to return in Decemeber 2001 to work with porn legend Jenna Jameson in the very hot Jenna Loves Kobe . This would be her swansong with the porn world. But, her scenes with Jenna are smolderingly hot and are a perfect way to close off an amazing career.

With her exquisite, exotic beauty and vivacious, raw sexuality and performances Kobe remains a legend and one of the most fondly remembered and beloved girls of 90s porn.