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Tila Tequila Season Finale- Kristy Is a Mega-Bitch


So last night was the season finale to A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila. It all ended very fucked up.

First off, she got rid of Bo. I have to say that although, i was never a fan of Bo, I really felt sorry for the guy. He was a nice guy (who got his jaw broken!), after all.

Ah, but Kristy, she wins and well...

I should have guessed what would happen when she told Tila that she was not sure she was ready as she had never been in a relationship with a woman before. But, Tila was like, "I understand" and stuff.

But, soon, Kristy, by herself, in the car, questioned whether she liked men or women. And, then they showed a clip of Tila walking crying before the commercials, so I was like, "Hmmm, i know where this is going..."

So, when Tila told her she won, she was like, "Oh, I can't accept this, I am not ready for this, blah, blahg, blah". Tila was starting to tear up and then the water works came. I have to say I felt terrible for Tila. She had her heartborken by this stupid blonde bitch.

Sure, Kristy is hot and all, but she is a stupid twat. She clearly used Tila to get on TV. Thanks to her Brittany lost. She should have won. If Kristy had doubts, she should have spoken from get go and not let Tila keep letting her pass through every round. She should have been honest. I appreciate honesty; I am sure Tila does, too.

Next week the three of them meet up again. It looks like Tila will rip Kristy a new one. Either way, Kristy's lying, using ways have earned her this blogs' first ever: BITCH OF THE MONTH award.

So, here is a very special FUCK YOU to Kristy!

Tila still rules. By the way, she was in New York City, at TRL (bleh!), yesterday, but alas, I was at work, so I could not. Well, that and TRL sux ass.

Anyways, I wonder if there will be a third season. Only time will tell...