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Star Wars Art: Posters

Title: Star Wars Art: Posters
Introduction: Roger Kastel
Forward: Drew Struzan
Publisher: Abrams
$40.00 USA/ $45.00 Can.T

This stunning book is the fifth book in the Star Wars art series. This one, as the title mentions, deals with posters from all the movies, TV shows, and some of the games, from all of the eras of the franchise. Concept posters are included among those that were actually released/ produced. 

There are some truly amazing and talented artists featured throughout its' pages, including Roger Kastel, Ralph McQuarrie, Boris Vallego, and more. The pieces presented here are jaw-dropping! Produced for this beautiful coffee-table, I can and do look over and over and over at the pages. Each poster artist's (unless unknown) is named next to his piece. The last couple of pages have short bios for each and everyone of these artists. The intro of the book is written by Roger Kastel, while the forward is by Drew Struzan both of whom, of course, are featured in here.

This is one of my favorite art books ever! And, I don't just mean Star Wars related ones! I have always loved the art for this classic sci-fi franchise and as such this book was much needed in my life. Star Wars Art: Posters is must have addition to any fan of it's library.


Bound to Vengeance

Title: Bound to Vengeance
Director: J.M. Craviato
Writers: Kieth Kjornes and Rock Shaink. Jr.
Cast: Tina Ivlev, Richard Tyson, Amy Okuda, Bianca Malinowski, Stephanie Charles, Dustin Quick
Year: 2015
Min: 93

Eve (Tina Ivlev), who is chained in the basement of a house, hits her captor, Phil (Richard Tyson) with a brick. She manages to successfully free herself, but soon realizes that she needs to go back inside the house, which is in the middle of nowhere (of course!), to get the keys for the van parked outside. She looks throughout the house and stumbles upon pictures of various other girls, all of whom are also held prisoner but in various other houses and buildings. She soon forces Phil to show her where each of the girls are located, but it doesn't take her long to realize the nightmarish conditions that they are each held captive in.
I am a sucker for a good revenge film and Bound to Vengeance more than fits that bill. This solid and well crafted exercise in savagery is one of the year's best horror flicks. Writers Kieth Kjornes and Rock Shaink. Jr. manage to tell a story that sucks you right in, even if the road isn't completely new. Despite this it does manage to feel fresh enough where it never comes off as a rehash of anything you have seen before. There are enough interesting elements in the story to make it shine and standout.
Craviato's directing works well with the script slowly tying in nicely edited flashbacks with the present. They converge strongly with each other, as well as play off of each other with a nice contrast. We get to see Eve in "happier" days. It also adds a stronger punch to a revelation towards the end of the film. The director also masterfully builds suspense and tension. This reaches its maximum peak at the nail-biting climax. It becomes almost unbearable as your heart will be racing faster and faster. Craviato also does not flinch when comes to showing violence. Like most good (and bad, for that matter) revenge films, the bloodletting plays for keeps. Bludgeonings, blood spattering squibs, and impalings round out the mayhem.
But, it's the two leads who really propel the film to levels of excellence. The beautiful Tina Ivlev plays a tough and determined heroine. We feel for her and are firmly on her side. She manages to add pathos and emotion so as not be a simple revenge driven killing machine. As her character goes through an increasing emotional and physical hell there is a psychological development that she plays to perfection. Meanwhile, Richard Tyson plays a sleazy, conniving, and tricky son of bitch that makes for a villain you want to see suffer. He is perfect for this role. The supporting cast also do nice work, even if their roles are considerably smaller in length.

Bound to Vengeance is just what fans of revenge films are looking for. It ends up being a more satisfying viewing experience than the more well advertised I Spit on Your Grave III: Vengeance Is Mine. It tells a compelling and well plotted tale with a good dose of nasty violence. Accompanied by excellent performances and extremely solid and strong directing, it is one of the best revenge films in recent memory.

**** out of ****


Triple Funko Pop Review- Ash, BMO Noire, and Katniss "The Mockingjay"

Recently Hot Topic had a buy 3 Funko Pop figures for 25 bucks, which is one of the best deals that I have seen for Pop figures (outside of clearance prices). So, I had to partake! As such I bought these three figures: Army of Darkness Ash, Adventure Time BMO Noire, and The World of the Hunger Games Katniss "The Mockingjay". And, I decided to write mini-reviews for all three of them! Read on!

Army of Darkness Ash- Based on his look from the third Evil Dead movie, Army of Darkness comes this figure of the often beaten upon hero. With the popularity of the excellent new Starz series Ash Vs. Evil Dead this figure from 2014 has become popular again and a little harder to find than he used to be. It's a great looking toy with excellent detail. I love the position he is captured in . With his left hand chainsaw and his "boom stick" in his other hand, he is ready to beat up some Deadite ass!
 The packaging is very cool and the back has the movie poster.
 I LOVE the little scar on his face, which is just like the one Bruce Campbell's character has in the film.

If you are fellow Evil Dead fan you need to own this one! Your best bet is to get it online, since I haven't seen it at a store or comic or horror con in a while. Thankfully, it is still available at a cheap price.

Adventure Time BMO- This Hot Topic exclusive variant of my favorite Adventure Time character is based on the fourth season episode "BMO Noire". It is inspired by 1940s film noir and has BMO looking for Finn's missing sock. It was the first all black and white episode, so hence the grey and black color scheme on this amazing figure. I have the regular BMO Pop, but I had to own this one, as well!
 You can see the others from this Adventure Time series. I really need more of them, since I only have BMO (both the regular version and, of course, Noire variant), Fiona, and Gunter.
 Of course, the box states that this is a Hot Topic exclusive.
The sad face makes this figure awesomely cute. If you are a big Adventure Time fan, and in particular a BMO fan, like I am, then this is a must have. Truly and excellent variant of an already excellent pop.

The World of the Hunger Games Katniss "The Mockingjay"- Based on the scene where she reveals this beautiful dress, in the second Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire this stunning and cute figure has truly amazing details and colors. This ranks among the best Pop figures that I have seen.

By the way, this is NOT a Hot Topic exclusive. It's a pre-release exclusive which means they get it before everyone else does. I have seen other figures available at FYE but not this one... Yet.
 And, you can see those other figures above. This is a very nice series! I love all the versions of Katniss that they are putting out, and as such, I need them all!
 The background of the box has fire to go with the Hunger Games theme. I and, I would imagine, Beavis approve!
The colors and detail are just on point here! I mean this is a truly amazing looking toy! I can't stop eyeing it!
 Look at the make-up and jewelry on her! Wow. Just wow!
Even the top of her head looks great with the blue feathers! And the braids, I mean everything is amazing!!!! As such this toy gets my highest recommendation to own. No Hunger Game fan can be without this Pop. Go get it and may the odds be forever in your favor!

I hope you enjoyed this review. Would you like more like me to do more reviews  like this or do you prefer if I just stuck to video toy reviews? Let me know in the comments section below!

Ash (to Katniss): "Gimme some sugar, baby"
Katniss (replying): "No! Where is Peeta?"
BMO (chimes in with): "Where is the sock? And, where is Peeta?!"


Animality's Brutal and Bloody Video for "Blood Spattered Brain Matter"

I recently discovered Nashville death metal act Animality via their Twitter. And, I REALLY liked what I heard! Their Twitter described their sound as "for fans of Cannibal Corpse, Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, and Thy Art Is Murder" That perfectly sums them up! They are brutal but with great crunching hooks.

From their web bio:

Since 2010 Animality has been paying their dues in the metal game. Playing shows and writing gut wrenching tunes like there is no tomorrow. Deathmetal as brutal as the old school ripping through today's music scene with a modern edge. The release of the first album "Species" has gotten many raving reviews on the absolute brutality, from such bands as Enfold Darkness and Wretched. Bringing forth an upcoming sophomore album, this beast is an unstoppable force of metal mayhem at its finest.

Animality is Brian Roberts and Luke Cobb shredding the masses on guitar, James Blue wielding the low end on bass, Spencer Moore slamming down seemingly prequantized hits on drums and Sam Schneider spitting manic energy as vocalist. These 5 bring a whole new realm of intensity to the metal world. Engaged in many soon to be released projects, this kraken is taking everything by storm.

The video to "Blood Spattered Brain Matter" is fucking awesome!! Filled with gore and splatter, this the prefect accompaniment to this savage track off of their 2015 EP, which you can get at the band's Bandcamp page: https://animalityband.bandcamp.com/
You can watch the video below:

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Velvet Sinn #1

Title: Velvet Sinn
Issue Number: 1
Publisher: Big Boy Studios
Genre: Action/ Superhero
Cover Price: $5.00

Dillion Harper is a stripper whose stage-name is Velvet Sinn. She has psychic visions of a little girl being kidnapped. having been trained to be an amazing fighter and having an innate desire to help the helpless, she knows what she needs to do. So, she dons a cat mask and suit  and goes t0 find and rescue the girl. There she encounters the kidnappers, whom she proceeds to whoop their asses.

Adult actress Dillion Harper's comic-book is a fast-paced, fun read. The action is brisk and moves right along. It's really cool to imagine that the alter-ego of this girl-next-door porn star cutie is an as whooping and, of course, sexy superherione. It's highlighted by a very fun and sexy art style that gives it a cool anime look. It really fits the story and is enhanced by bright colors that make it all pop.

The comic was released last year, and I just picked it up this past Sat (Nov. 14, 2015) at Exxxotica NJ after I had interviewed her (I will be posting that soon, so keep your eyes open for it!). I am very glad that I did, since I really enjoyed the hell out of it. If you are a fan of both fun to read action oriented superhero comics and of Dillion Harper, herself, I highly recommend you that you get yourself a copy.

You can order a copy of Velvet Sinn for $5.00 by emailing velvetsinn@gmail.com.
And, be sure to follow the beautiful Dillion Harper on Twitter @dillionharper.

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(Video) Legendary Yoda Star Wars Force Trainer at NYCC 2015

At New York Comic Con, I got to get an up close look at one of the coolest toys of the year: the amazing Legendary Yoda Star Wars Force Trainer by Spin Master! This interactive toy is just awesome! You can see for yourself in the video below

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All camera work, and video editing by Negative Pop.


Remembering the Original Leatherface- RIP Gunnar Hansen

It is with heavy heart that I write that Gunnar Hansen, whose most legendary role was that of Leatherface in Tobe Hooper's horror masterpiece The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, has passed away at age 68.

I found out the heartbreaking news this morning and was devastated. Gunnar was born on March 4, 1947 in Reykjavik, Iceland. He came to the US when he was five. He made his acting debut in what would be his most legendary role, that of the aforementioned Leatherface. Hooper's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre remains the single scariest movie (as well as a personal favorite of mine) that I have ever seen, and it is in no small part thanks to Hansen's performance.
Said role would make him a horror legend and lead him to do many horror conventions. It is at an old Fangoria Weekend of Horrors that I met him, when I was a kid. I remember him being so nice and friendly in person. It was clear to me that he loved meeting his fans.

He also starred in various other horror films, a couple of which were undoubtably directly inspired by Chain Saw. My favorite of those has to be Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, which I only just saw this year. Also worthy of mention is the fun, sexy, and bloody Chainsaw Sally.

He died of pancreatic cancer yesterday, Nov. 7, 2015 and will be surely missed. RIP, Gunnar and rev up that chainsaw in heaven. One more thing, FUCK CANCER!


Twitching Tongues- Disharmony (Album Review)

Musician: Twitching Tongues
Album Title: Disharmony
Genre/ Subgenre: Melodic Metalcore/ Sludge/ Doom/ Alt-Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
This LA based quintet have made their Metal Blade Records debut with one of the most interesting and adventurous releases, I have heard all year. As such Twitching Tongues- Disharmony takes various sounds and influences and come up an album that while recognizable in its varying styles is still original enough to stand as it's own thing.

The album opens up with a haunting keyboard intro for the title track (and first single off the album). This perfectly sets up the tone of the album as it ruptured by the screams of old lead signer Colin Young. From there the song crushes and rips going through various tempo changes all of which are nothing short of being utterly crushing. Pretty every song here is a solid track from the full fledged crushing speed of "Insincerely Yours"  to the more slow and sludgy sound of "Love Conquers None". My personal favorite track is probably "Cannibal"a haunting song that builds up speed as it goes further along. It is alternately beautiful, dark, and straight out pissed off.

Musicianship is top notch and solid. Guitars effortlessly go between the melodic, the crushing, and the driving. Drumming by Michael Cesario does a good job of pounding and beating your head in. Young is a solid vocalist offering both the ability to carry a melody and acid spewing, sludgy growling.  As it mixes melodic metalcore, doom/ sludge, and alt-metal, with thrashy overtones this isn't album that easy pigeonhole nor does it fall neatly into one sub-genre. That's what is really becomes is the album's biggest attribute. It defies pure categorization and stand as it's own thing.

An exciting and original patchwork of various styles and influences, Disharmony is an album that stands as band that is determined to break away from being just one thing. As such, Twitching Tongues are adventurous and exciting. And, in a world where metal bands seem content with just churning out the same old thing over and over, this is a great accomplishment. Thus give us true harmony to be found in this Disharmony.

 ***1/2 out of *****

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Udpate for Nov 2015 and Thoughts on Some TV Shows

Aside from the usual reviews, previews, interviews, rants, list, and whatnot, I like to keep you guys updated on what is going on my life pertaining to this site and my writing (freelancing and otherwise). As you may have noticed this site took on a new look last month thanks to amazing help of Negative Pop. We split the site into it's major themes: horror, geek, music (which I based on the hits I have been getting, you guys have been loving!), and adult. Let me know what you think of the new look and features. So far, I have been getting very positive feedback!

I also now have a contributors profile over at Horror Freak News. I have been writing for best-horror-movies for a couple of years now, and they have newly redone site (the aforementioned Horror Freak News), which I think looks amazing. It's pretty exciting to be on their contributors section, section with my real name, mini-bio, and social media links! I am very excited to continue to write for them, and as always, all articles and reviews that I do for them, I will link here!

I have only added four new shows to my already existing viewing habits on TV. Here are their names and my quick thoughts on them.
Blindspot- The best new network show, by far. It's fun, energetic, stylish, and exciting. The gorgeous Jamie Alexander makes for a great and compelling heroine as she tries to solve the meaning of her tattoos. 
Scream Queens- This show is the very definition of uneven. Sorority girls, and other campus people, are terrorized by a brutal mass murder. A combination of humor and horror, many times the jokes don't work and the characters are unlikable. It looks nice though, and sometimes it is funny. But, well, it's best summed by me saying I love some stuff and hate others. On the pretty girl side of things, I will say that my favorite is the beautiful Billie Lourd. She is the daughter of Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher and definitely has her mother's good looks. I will also say one more nice thing about this show: it's waaaaay better than American Horror Story: Hotel, which I stopped watching. Again. Fuck that show.
Supergirl- After a decent first episode, I did enjoy the second one more. I think it will only get better. The FX are pretty damn good, the action and fight scenes are exhilarating, and Melissa Benoist is perfect as Supergirl! I am seriously crushing on her major league!! Not, as good is Calista Flockhart as her bitchy boss. Sorry.
Ash Vs. Evil Dead- We have only had one episode far, but it was great! Bloody and funny as hell, it's really hurt only by bad CGI. Bruce Campbell is, of course, great as Ash, and this is a real treat for fans of the franchise. And, yes it is in continuity. The new best show on all of TV. 



All pics courtesy of Mile High Media and Sweetheart Video:

I am not even gonna try and hide my excitement for this film. This has been one of my most, if not in fact my absolute most, anticipated release of the this year, since I first heard about it. And, that is not me bullshiting you. Read on:
From the Mile High Media press release:

Sweetheart Video’s Acclaimed Series Now Features Superstar Dana DeArmond in 4 All-Girl Scenes

MONTREAL, Quebec (November 4, 2015) – “Dana DeArmond Loves Girls” is the newest star showcase to release on DVD from Sweetheart Video. Produced by Mile High Media, “Dana DeArmond Loves Girls” features superstar Dana DeArmond in four all-girl sex scenes with the gorgeous ladies of her choosing.

Adhering to the formula for the acclaimed series, director Dana Vespoli gave Dana DeArmond the opportunity to select her co-stars. The powerhouse performer chose Dahlia Sky, Chanel Preston, Abella Danger, and Veruca James.

“Dana DeArmond Loves Girls” showcases DeArmond’s incomparable energy, passion, and larger than life personality, as she devours four gorgeous ladies. “Dana picked a great array of beautiful women that fans will love almost as much as her,” says Vespoli. “Sparks were flying from the moment everyone showed up on set ‘til long after the cameras stopped rolling.”

Previous volumes of the “Loves Girls” series include “Mia Loves Girls” with Mia Malkova, “Jessie Loves Girls” with Jessie Andrews, “Remy Loves Girls” with Remy LaCroix, “Lexi Belle Loves Girls,” “Asa Loves Girls” with Asa Akira, “Inari Loves Girls” with Inari Vachs, “Dani Loves Girls” with Dani Daniels, “Sinn Sage Loves Girls,” and “Allie Haze Loves Girls.”

Sweetheart Video’s goal is to create original, innovative girl / girl erotica for the discerning viewer.  Sweetheart films are storyline-driven, carefully cast, and always containing real sexual encounters between women who truly want to be together.

Mile High Media hosts membership sites for its acclaimed studios.  SweetheartVideo.com provides consumers with all of the passionate girl / girl scenes Sweetheart Video is known for, direct on their computer.

About Mile High Media:
Mile High Media has been a pillar of the adult industry for over 20 years.  The Canadian managed company began as a Canadian licensee for American adult movies, ensuring it distributed only the highest quality content.  Understanding the diverse and ever changing needs of its consumer base, Mile High determined the best way to provide a wide array of superior entertainment was to produce its own.  In 2003, Mile High launched Doghouse Digital, the first of its acclaimed lines catering to specific niches.  Growing market trends and demand led Mile High to create Sweetheart Video (lesbian line), Sweet Sinner (couple line), Reality Junkies (reality gonzo line), Hardcore Parody (parody line) and Icon Male (Gay romance line).  With over 2000 titles, Mile High’s studios yield some of the most viewed adult movies in the world, available on all platforms, including broadcast, IPTV, VOD and mobile applications.  Mile High is committed to evolve alongside consumers tastes, reflecting new developments in technology and entertainment.  This philosophy led AEBN.net to name Mile High the 2012 Studio of the Year.  For more information, visit www.MileHighOnline.com, www.Facebook.com/MileHighMedia, or www.Twitter.com/MileHighMovies.

There is no doubt in my mind that this will be one of the best all girl releases of the year and is an absolute must have. It was just released today, Nov. 4, 2015. You can get it at the link above or here: http://www.adultdvdempire.com/1761122/dana-dearmond-loves-girls-porn-videos.html?partner_id=42272314