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Triple Funko Pop Review- Ash, BMO Noire, and Katniss "The Mockingjay"

Recently Hot Topic had a buy 3 Funko Pop figures for 25 bucks, which is one of the best deals that I have seen for Pop figures (outside of clearance prices). So, I had to partake! As such I bought these three figures: Army of Darkness Ash, Adventure Time BMO Noire, and The World of the Hunger Games Katniss "The Mockingjay". And, I decided to write mini-reviews for all three of them! Read on!

Army of Darkness Ash- Based on his look from the third Evil Dead movie, Army of Darkness comes this figure of the often beaten upon hero. With the popularity of the excellent new Starz series Ash Vs. Evil Dead this figure from 2014 has become popular again and a little harder to find than he used to be. It's a great looking toy with excellent detail. I love the position he is captured in . With his left hand chainsaw and his "boom stick" in his other hand, he is ready to beat up some Deadite ass!
 The packaging is very cool and the back has the movie poster.
 I LOVE the little scar on his face, which is just like the one Bruce Campbell's character has in the film.

If you are fellow Evil Dead fan you need to own this one! Your best bet is to get it online, since I haven't seen it at a store or comic or horror con in a while. Thankfully, it is still available at a cheap price.

Adventure Time BMO- This Hot Topic exclusive variant of my favorite Adventure Time character is based on the fourth season episode "BMO Noire". It is inspired by 1940s film noir and has BMO looking for Finn's missing sock. It was the first all black and white episode, so hence the grey and black color scheme on this amazing figure. I have the regular BMO Pop, but I had to own this one, as well!
 You can see the others from this Adventure Time series. I really need more of them, since I only have BMO (both the regular version and, of course, Noire variant), Fiona, and Gunter.
 Of course, the box states that this is a Hot Topic exclusive.
The sad face makes this figure awesomely cute. If you are a big Adventure Time fan, and in particular a BMO fan, like I am, then this is a must have. Truly and excellent variant of an already excellent pop.

The World of the Hunger Games Katniss "The Mockingjay"- Based on the scene where she reveals this beautiful dress, in the second Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire this stunning and cute figure has truly amazing details and colors. This ranks among the best Pop figures that I have seen.

By the way, this is NOT a Hot Topic exclusive. It's a pre-release exclusive which means they get it before everyone else does. I have seen other figures available at FYE but not this one... Yet.
 And, you can see those other figures above. This is a very nice series! I love all the versions of Katniss that they are putting out, and as such, I need them all!
 The background of the box has fire to go with the Hunger Games theme. I and, I would imagine, Beavis approve!
The colors and detail are just on point here! I mean this is a truly amazing looking toy! I can't stop eyeing it!
 Look at the make-up and jewelry on her! Wow. Just wow!
Even the top of her head looks great with the blue feathers! And the braids, I mean everything is amazing!!!! As such this toy gets my highest recommendation to own. No Hunger Game fan can be without this Pop. Go get it and may the odds be forever in your favor!

I hope you enjoyed this review. Would you like more like me to do more reviews  like this or do you prefer if I just stuck to video toy reviews? Let me know in the comments section below!

Ash (to Katniss): "Gimme some sugar, baby"
Katniss (replying): "No! Where is Peeta?"
BMO (chimes in with): "Where is the sock? And, where is Peeta?!"